Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





15. Episode 13

16 years ago...


The police brought Kento and Shiraishi to their home after the fight with Kameko. Once they reached their house, Kento brought his sister into the house while the police officers waited outside.


He told Shiraishi to sit on the sofa as he took out the first aid box. He cleaned her arm wound with anti-bacteria wipes. He then took out a money box.


"This is for college, Shiraishi." Kento pased her the box, "This money is actually for the two of us, but since I already had no future, I might as well give it to you."


Shiraishi hugged Kento tightly.


"What am I supposed to do now?" She cried, "Without you..."


"You will be fine." Kento said, "Just go through college and you'll be fine. Don't get so sad over me. If you're sad, I'll be hurt too."


"But I...I caused you to..."


"No, no, no." Kento said, "It's me. I chose this path. I ought to blame no one but myself."


He brushed his hand through her hair, "I'll miss you so much. How you study so hard everyday, your cheerful self. Your nagging. Everything about you."


Shiraishi cleared her tears. 


"It's time for me to go." Kento went to the front door, "I don't know how long I'll be away from you, but promise me one thing in case I can't get to say it in future."


He breathed in and out, "Promise me you'll lead a good life for yourself." He went out and the police officers pointed guns at him. Charles Miller handcuffed him and pushed him into the police car. 


As the police car drove away, Kento looked behind and saw Shiraishi chasing after the car, but tripped down and fell. He turned back and heaved a sigh.


Shiraishi looked up and saw the police cars drove away. She cried uncontrollably, tears flowing out from her eyes.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix 


Episode 13


16 years later...


As soon as she reached home, she walked quickly out of the car and into the house. It was a complete mess.


"Ushio-kun!" She called out, "Clean this mess here!" Newspapers and knives are all scattered over the floor.


And there's blood.


"Ushio-kun?" She called out again, this time kindly. She followed the trail of blood to her room, where the door is closed.


"You in there, Ushio?" She knocked the door.



Odagiri opened the door slowly and realized that the curtains were closed and that is what made the room so dark.


"Stop hiding, Ushio-kun." Odagiri said. She turned on the light and got a shock.


Ushio-kun and her two children are murdered, blood all around them. They are right beside each other. 


Odagiri cupped her hands into her mouth as tears came out from her eyes.


"Tell me you're joking." Odagiri went near to Ushio, "Tell me this is all just a joke to scare me."


She placed her finger near to Ushio's nose and fell down. She did the same thing to both of her children's noses. No sign of breathing.


"They're dead." She muttered, crying, "They're dead." She laid down on the floor beside them. 


Charles Miller, Mr Tan and his police officers arrived at the scene a few minutes later. They investigated the scene while Mr Tan pushed his own wheelchair to Ushio's room.


"Miss Nene Odagriri." Mr Tan read the name from his phone, "You must be Ushio Igarashi's wife. Nice to meet you."


"Nice to meet you, Mr Tan." She shook his hand.


"So, while our police officers are on this, why not you tell me what you happened?"


Charles investigated the bed and the bodies. He checked the curtains, the toilet and the kitchen. Nothing. No clues.


"Okay, noted." Mr Tan gave her his name card, "Visit us any time in the station if you had any more clues about this or anything related to this."


"Thank you very much, Mr Tan." Odagiri said before going into the toilet. Charles and Mr Tan walked outside and got into their police cars. They then drove off.


Jordan was sleeping in his own car when he heard a loud bang. He woke up suddenly.


"What the fuck?" Jordan looked at his window as he saw Odagiri slamming the door close and going into her car. 


Kento is washing the plates after breakfast. Shiraishi went to send the kids to school. 


He walked to his room after washing. He lied down on his bed and rested for a while. He thought about how he got his own house.


His parents, before they went off to Hanoi, gave him a house and a few money to him, saying that it'll help him in the future if he needs to study in a quiet and conducive environment as no one is living in his house.


He sighed. He don't study anymore. That shows he's losing out to many people outside if he needs a job.


But how is he going to study? Shiraishi knocked on his room door.


"You're back." He said. Shiraishi sat beside him.


"What are you thinking?" She asked.


"Oh, I was thinking of studying again."


As Kento was about to continue on, he got a phone call. It was from Jordan.


"Yo, Jordan." He answered the call. 


"Kento, you have a friend that is a girl and has purple hair, right?" 


"Right. What the fuck's her name?"


"I heard it's Odagiri."


"And why did you call me?"


"Oh, well. She's going to do something bad. Better come to the rooftop of Sakura High. I don't know what's she going to do there. I'm following her so that I get to see what's she doing."


Jordan then hung up.


"Jordan!" Kento said, but then Jordan already ended the call. 


"What happened, Onii-san?" Shiraishi asked.


"Follow me." Kento got up from his bed.


Odagiri stepped on the bench on Sakura High's rooftop and was about to jump down when Jordan rushed in.


"Miss!" Jordan screamed, "Don't jump down! It's dangerous."


She turned around and saw Jordan, "It's none of your business."


"I know it isn't!" He said, "But jumping down will injure yourself."


"I know what I'm doing." 


"No, you don't!" He replied.


"Yes, I do!" Odagiri said, "Now, get out of here and pretend you didn't see me do anything."


"Odagiri!" Shiraishi screamed as she came up to the rooftop with Kento, "What are you doing?"


"Why did you come?" Odagiri asked, "I wanted to have sit here and be alone."


"Sit here and be alone?" Kento asked, "I don't think that's what you are planning to do. You could've done it somewhere else other than this high place."


"We all know Ushio and your children are killed," Shiraishi added on, "Onii-san and I heard it from his prison warden. But don't just take your life because of this."


"It's just so hard!" Odagiri cried, "My family members! All my loved ones! They're just taken away from me suddenly!"


"We all know you're stressed out and devastated." Kento shouted, "But there's no need to commit suicide. You can come down and we can talk."


"What's it got to do with you?" She asked, "You are the motherfucker who caused so many of our friends to be dead!"


"It's not..." Shiraishi was about to continue talking when Kento covered her mouth.


"Yes, it's my fucking fault!" Kento shouted, "I know my presence is annoying and shitty. I know since I came, your friends started dying. Your family starts dying along. You have no one close to you left. Then I have an option left for you."


Kento went near to the bench and carried her down.


"What are you doing?" Odagiri asked.


"If I die, Kameko will stop attacking any one of you anymore." Kento explained, "The reason she return and killed all of your friends is because I have a feud with her. It snowballed and it became what it is today. Her main aim is to kill me. So if I die now, she'll stop killing, and nobody else will suffer any longer."


"Onii-san!" Shiraishi ran forward to the bench, "What will happen to us without you?"


"Lesser trouble." Kento said. As Kento was about to jump over the celling, Odagiri pulled him down and slapped him.


"And why would I let you jump down?" She asked, "If you're dead, what will happen to my best friend here? She's a target to your enemy. And she's not protected under great care without you around. How could you let your sister suffer again?"


Kento looked at Shiraishi, then turned to Odagiri, "I won't commit suicide then. But promise me one thing. That you'll not commit suicide again too. If you break your promise, just know I'll kill myself too."


Odagiri looked at Shiraishi and nodded, "I promise."  


Shiraishi smiled and hugged Odagiri.


Outside the ramen stall, Jordan showed Kento the phone that he took from Odagiri's car.


"This was taken from the car." Jordan played the clip of Odagiri tied up and struggling.


"And why would you show me this?" Kento asked, "It's not like I have a fetish of her or something."


"But ask yourself this question," Jordan said, "Why is this in the car? "


"Good question." Kento nodded.


In the evening, as Odagiri went to buy something, she saw three kids bullying two elderly people. She went forward and pushed the three kids away.


"Are you okay?" She asked the elderly people. They nodded and thanked her before walking away quickly. The three kids then dragged her to behind a shop. 


They punched her stomach and kicked her legs many times. She screamed for help but no one heard. 


Two boys pulled her up. The third guy took a knife.


"This'll teach you to not poke your nose into people's business." As he was about to stab her, Kento's hand stopped the guy's hand.


"Who are you?" The guy shrugged his hand off. 


"This is my turf." Kento growled, "Why are you torturing people in my turf?"


"You're White Dragon, the ex-convict?" The guy laughed, "Seriously, you're already so fucking old, man. Give it up. The young generation will take it over."


"I didn't say you can have my turf, boys." Kento pointed at the exit, "Get the fuck out, or else."


"Or else what?" The guy asked, "We're not scared of an old man trying to beat us up."


"Show me." Kento said. The boys dropped Odagiri onto the floor. The first boy tried kicking Kento's face, but he blocked it using his hands. When the boy kicked again, Kento held both of his legs and swung him at the opposite direction.


The second boy came in and took a wrench. Kento just took out his sword from the corner of the turf and the second boy was scared.


The third boy challenged Kento to a hand combat fight. Kento gladly accepted it and dropped his sword. 


The third boy punched Kento's stomach. Kento tried to punch the boy's face, but he dodged. The boy kicked Kento's face and his private part.


Kento thought of something. He faked a punch, which the boy blocked. Kento then punched the boy for real when the boy stopped blocking and kicked his face.


To top it off, he carried the boy with two hands and forcefully broke his back by bending him. The sound "crack" was heard clearly. He then threw the boy onto the ground. The other two boys ran to him.


"You want to act like adults, I'll treat you like one." Kento took out his sword, "Leave or I'll slice you into bits and pieces."


The two boys ran away, carrying the third boy on their shoulders. Odagiri stood up.


"You okay, Odagiri?" Kento asked. 


"Yeah. Thanks for saving me." Odagiri replied, "And I know I was harsh to you just now. A little bit earlier on."


"It's okay." Kento picked up the sword, "My fault. I'll take the blame."


"This is your old gang hideout?" She asked curiously.


"Yup. This is the place where my boss got killed and my gang and I ran away to another place. This place is abandoned as hell, but my sword is still here and it's where I left it before going to jail. I was planning to leave it alone".


"But why?" Odagiri asked.


Kento placed his sword back into the casing, "This sword is what caused everything. I sliced off Kameko's hand. She's bent on revenge. And that's why this all happened."


"Who are those kids anyway? And why are they so rough?" She asked. "Ito told me kids are mature enough. They act so big."


"Kids are different nowadays." Kento said, "Maybe what your friend said is just scratching the surface. Kids just wanna act big and show their elders that they're the fuckin' boss. But don't get me wrong. Not all kids are assholes."


Kento stood in front of her, "Since you're here, I wanted you to do something."


Odagiri looked at him weirdly, "You mean..."


"Of course not that!" Kento sighed, "I created this problem. And I know I caused your family to die in a horrible way. I promise I'll help you find the murderer as fast as I can. In the meantime, you're going to punch me. Or do anything to vent your anger on me."




"Just do it." Kento said, "Just hit me. I know you feel devastated and angry at me. So go ahead and do it."


Odagiri clenched her fists, "Then don't blame me for hitting you hard."


"I won't."


She was about to hit Kento when she stopped.


"You're about to punch me." Kento asked, "Why did you stop?"


Odagiri walked away. Kento chased after her.


"Shiraishi told me everything." She sighed.


"What do you mean by 'everything'?" Kento asked.


"Your history." Odagiri said, "She told me while I was at your house with Shiraishi and you were hanging out with Jordan."


"That girl." Kento sighed. "I swear..."


"You're going to let people continue misunderstanding you, aren't you?" Odagiri asked.


"I don't give a fuck of what people think of me." Kento replied, "I only care in defeating Kameko for good and sending her to where she belong: in a jail. It's getting late. Come to my house and I'll cook dinner for you."


"How do you know I'm buying dinner?" She asked.


"Shiraishi told me." Kento said, "C'mon, let's go home." He then walked off. Odagiri sighed and followed him.


To be continued in Episode 14

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