Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





14. Episode 12

"Ah, finally!" Kento washed the last part of his toilet, "I'm finally done with this bullshit." He kept all the brushes and sponges. He then washed his utensils and plates before wiping them clean and putting them back into the cupboard.


Kento was getting ready to have his beauty sleep. He had been cleaning his house since six in the evening after he came back from capturing Jennifer. He switched off all the lights in his house and walked up to his bedroom.


He yawned and went straight for bed. Some minutes passed by. He was sleeping soundly when he heard his doorbell rang. He ignored it and tried to sleep again.


Again, the doorbell rang. Kento sighed and covered his ears with his blanket. The doorbell rang again, and again. The doorbell then rang continuously. He grumbled and woke up.


"I swear, whoever's pressing the bell like it's nothing is going to get fucked." Kento wore his spectacles and walked down to the living room. 


Shiraishi is still spamming the doorbell button. Her two kids were sleeping, heads on the luggage.


As she spammed the button, Kento opened the door and looked at her.


"Miss Urara Shiraishi," Kento sighed, "I don't think it's appropriate to spam my fucking doorbell at this time."


She went to hug him and cried, tears flowing out like crazy. Kento ran his hand through her hair and patted her back.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 12


"You mean Yamada had sex with another girl?" Kento asked in his house, "Literally?" 


"I don't know why." Shiraishi sniffled, "I just feel betrayed. I was about to tell him about my work..."


"Wait, you're still working?" Kento asked.


"I volunteered to help my friend." She sighed.


"Okay, you can stay here as long as you like." Kento sighed, "Just don't make so much noise after ten. It's when I need to sleep."


"Thanks, Onii-san." She hugged him again. Kento smiled at her. 


The next morning, Kento and the gang went to play blackjack. The five looked at their two cards.


Han drew a card and passed the turn on to Shaggy. He kept his cards. Roi kept his cards too. Jay drew two cards and then passed the turn on to Kento. He drew a card and then ended his turn. Each of them bet a thousand yen, and Han is the banker.


They then opened their cards. Han and Kento scored a total of 21 points each. Jay, Roi and Shaggy have lower points.


"Time to pay up, bitches." Han smiled as the three paid him money. Kento reshuffled the cards.


Han started first again. Before he drew any cards, Kento threw his cards on the table, revealing a double "Ace".


"What the fuck?" Roi was shocked, "You cheating, Boss?"


"It's just that luck's on my side." Kento replied as Han gave him five thousand yen. Roi took a card and kept it. Shaggy kept his cards and Jay drew a card.


Everyone except Kento opened their cards. Jay got lower points than Han, Shaggy got higher points than Han and Roi exceeded 21 points.


"Whenever Han's the fucking banker," Roi said, "We hardly win."


"Why not Han and Boss do Bluff?" Jay asked, "They have the most luck and we would definitely see them compete against each other with luck to see who's bluffing. The first to win three is the luckiest."


"Let's do it then." Kento said.


Han and Kento split the cards equally and took half of the cards each. Han started first.


"Three sixes." He placed three cards down, facing the blank sides.


"One five." Kento placed the card down. 


"One six." Han placed down the cards again.


"I bet that's a lie." Kento flipped the cards and saw that it was a seven.


"Fuck you." Han took the cards and placed it in his hands. Kento started first this time.


"One ten." He placed the card down.


"Five nines." Han placed the cards on top.


"Three eights." Kento placed the cards on top.


"That's a lie!" Han opened the cards and realized that Kento told a lie.


"Not bad." Kento took the cards, "The last round will determine who's the lucky one." 


The two then played the game for ten minutes, and after that it still hasn't ended.


"One three." Han placed the card down.


"One four." Kento placed his card down.


"One five!" Han placed his second last card down, "Almost!"


Kento stared at the card for a very long time. He stared at Han, who was ready to put his last card down.


"I think it's a lie." Kento flipped open the card. Jay, Roi, Shaggy and Han gasped in shock as he flipped the card.


The card was a six.


"And I won." Kento smiled.


"So, the luckiest award goes to Urara Kento!" Jay said. Everyone clapped their hands.


"Stupidest game to see who's lucky." Han teased, patting Kento's back.


"Next time you should just ask me to generate a random number." Kento joked, "I'mma submit the number to the lottery and I might win jackpot."


Both of them laughed.


Tanmaki and Tsubaki are eating breakfast in the streets. 


"How's life goin' on for you?" Tanmaki asked Tsubaski.


"Oh well, it's actually fine." Tsubaski said, "Anyway, have you ever wondered who's the White Dragon?"


"From some sources," Tanmaki said, "White Dragon is a leader of the gang. He did lots of murder which led him to jail."


"That's all?" Tsubaski asked, "Nothing else?"


"Unfortunately, no." Tanmaki said.


They then walked to Sakura High, where they saw Ito flipping through some books and marking some of them.


"Look what Ms Teacher is doing." Tanmaki said.


"Oh, hey, guys." Ito looked at the two guys, "Anything I can do for you today?"


"We need you to search about White Dragon." Tsubaski said.


"And that's for?" Ito asked.


"You know, up to now, we don't trust this guy." Tanmaki explained, "We all know that. We all don't trust that faggot. So we need to find out about his background. So that we have evidence that he's bad."


"He might have caused the death of three of our friends." Ito continued flipping and marking books, "But I don't think he's bad. There's a reason Shiraishi and Yamada believes in him."


"And it's only her." Tsubaski talked back, "It's like us friends against Shiraishi and Yamada. He might not have shown his true colors yet. We might not know and it might be too late if he turns bad."


"We need to prepare." Tanmaki said, "We can't be defeated."


"Sorry, but I can't use school computers for this reason." Ito said, "Go and find other people."


Tsubaki and Tanmaki were walking back home.


"So, what should we do now?" Tanmaki asked, "We need to quickly find out information."


"How bout' the library?" Tsubaki suggested.


"No problem!"


"No problem?" Kameko stood a few meters away from them.


"You!" Tanmaki screamed, "You're the bitch! You're Dark Phoenix, the leader of a gang called Phoenixes."


"You're smart, Shinichi." Kameko threw a shuriken blade at his forehead, "Too bad your smartness goes to waste."


Tanmkai fell onto the floor, blood oozing out from his forehead, dead.


"You're next, Tsubaki." Kameko smiled. He ran away into a car and drove off in a fast speed. He looked behind to see Kameko waving. He turned back and got crashed by an oncoming car. His car over-flipped for a few times before stopping.


Shiraishi slouched on the couch and looked at the birthday photo that she took with Kento years ago. Kento came back from his gang meeting and saw her looking at the photo.


"You took it from my table?" He asked her. She nodded. He sat beside her.


"I really miss this day." Shiraishi said, "It was one of the best days of my life. You always go for school camp on the week of my birthday that I got to celebrate it on my own. Then, on one year, you skipped the camp just for me. For my birthday. We had a fun time, and we then took this photo. 


"And I lost it." She laughed, "I was so devastated I stayed in my room for quite long."


"I still found it in the end." Kento said.


"Yeah, I know that." She said.


"You shouldn't get so upset over losing a photo." He said, "And I still think you should talk to Yamada and settle this out. I feel like helping, but I'm in no position to do that."


"I'll try." Shiraishi said.


Odagiri prepared to go work in her business suit and skirt while Ushio is preparing sandwiches for her.


"Bring this to work." Ushio gave it to her, "In case you feel tired."


"Thanks, Ushio-kun." She kissed his forhead, "I'll see you tonight."


"See you." Ushio waved goodbye as Odagiri wore her heels and walked off. She got into her car and drove to the supermarket to buy a cup of coffee.


As she queued at the register, two men who were reading newspapers were watching her move very clearly.


Odagiri sat in her car and ate the sandwiches and drank her coffee. After a few minutes, she's done eating. She drove off, a car following behind her.


As she drove, she realized she forgot to bring her work-related documents. She made a u-turn back.


The car following quickly u-turned and drove up to her car. As they came to a traffic junction, the two men barged into her car and pointed a gun at her. 


Odagiri drove to a pier where they wanted her to drive to. The men then asked her to step out.


They tied her hands and arms with ropes. They took more ropes and tied her ankles and thighs. They gagged her with duct tape and threw her in the backseat. One of the men placed a phone on top and switched it to a camera app. It was facing Odagiri. They locked the car and threw the car key into the sea.


"That should do the trick." One of the men said, "The rest is up to him." 


Odagiri tried to wriggle free of the ropes, but to no avail. She tried muffling for help, but no one heard her.


She moved left and right and tried moving her legs but could not as it was tightly tied. She used her head to break the windows, but it did not work. She then used her heels to bang the doors, but it did not work too. She tried dragging the ropes against the seats too, but the ropes didn't budge. She sighed and continued trying.


Ito and Yamazaki visited Tsubaki in the hospital.


"How did he end up here, Doctor?" Ito asked, "He don't remember us. He even starts acting crazy at times."


"He got into a car crash." The doctor explained, "After further examination, we realized that he had brain damage."


"Brain damage?"


"Severe brain damage." The doctor said, "He must had a bad car crash."


"Okay. Thank you, doctor." Ito said before the doctor walked off. 


"This is real bad." Yamazaki said, "We found Tanmaki dead. And Tsubaki had severe brain damage. This must be Kameko's doing."


"So we should consult Shiraishi's brother?" Ito asked


"We might have to." Yamazaki said, "But for now we would have to start fighting. It wouldn't be long before Kameko starts killing everyone. She's a bitch from the start."


"You knew her?" Ito asked.


"Don't ask me questions like that. Just prepare for training." Yamazaki walked out of the ward. Ito looked at him weirdly.


In the afternoon, Odagiri is still struggling to wriggle free of the ropes. She continued muffling but no one could hear her.


Jordan went to buy some noodles from the pier for his ramen. As he took it from his supplier, he saw someone struggling in a car nearby.


He took a hammer with him and ran to the car. He smashed the windows of the car and opened the door.


He then saw Odagiri tied up and gagged.


"Miss!" He went to untie her and took off her gag, "Are you okay?"


"I'm fine." Odagiri got out of the car, "Thank you for saving me."


"One more thing; pull down your skirt. Your...pink panties are visible."


"Oh shit!" She quickly pulled down her skirt, "Thanks so much." She then got into the driver's seat.


"Shit, my documents! I'm late for work already!" Odagiri thought, "Gotta take the documents first. At least I can tell my boss I got them." 


As she drove off, Jordan got into his car and followed her.


As soon as she reached home, she walked quickly out of the car and into the house. It was a complete mess.


"Ushio-kun!" She called out, "Clean this mess here!" Newspapers and knives are all scattered over the floor.


And there's blood.


"Ushio-kun?" She called out again, this time kindly. She followed the trail of blood to her room, where the door is closed.


"You in there, Ushio?" She knocked the door.


Jordan arrived behind her car. He saw that her car is unlocked and went to the backseat. He saw a phone on the top of the car. He removed it and kept it. 


Odagiri opened the door slowly and realized that the curtains were closed and that is what made the room so dark.


"Stop hiding, Ushio-kun." Odagiri said. She turned on the light and got a shock.


Ushio-kun and her two children are murdered, blood all around them. They are right beside each other. 


Odagiri cupped her hands into her mouth as tears came out from her eyes.


To be continued in Episode 13

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