Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





13. Episode 11

"You said what?" Roi was surprised. The gang gathered in Shaggy's basement.


"Did you say you just had sex?" Kento asked, "With Jennifer?"


"I didn't realize!" Shaggy cried, "She was too sexy!"


"You just got yourself into hot shit." Jay shook his head, "Probably you can go and kill yourself now."


"Please!" Shaggy begged, "There gotta be something you guys can do to help me!"


"What can we help you in?" Kento asked, "Nothing. We told you to get information. It certainly does not include fucking a woman."


"So that means I'm dead if she's pregnant?" Shaggy asked.


"Of course." Han said, "Since she works for Kameko, she can use that against you and you gotta start working for them."


"And most likely our gang is going to get fucked up by her because of you." Roi said. 


"Fuck!" Shaggy screamed. 


Shaggy's phone then rung. Shaggy answered the call.




"This is Jen Jen, my sweetie." Jennifer was on the line, "Let's meet up for lunch, shall we, darlin'?"


"No... I mean, yes!" Shaggy said. He then ended the call.


"Who's that?" Jay asked.


"Jennifer. She invited me to lunch."


"Then this might be our chance." Kento said, "Our chance to catch Jennifer and ask her to spill the beans."


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix 


Episode 11


Yamada went for work in the morning after the death of Meiko. He sat down and did his work until lunch.


As he was about to leave for lunch, Ara Li called him to her office.


"Ms Li." Yamada greeted, "What can I do for you?"


"Oh, it's a simple request." Ara said, "You see, I'm always alone when it's lunchtime. I just wanna talk to somebody while I eat. So, do you mind eating with me?"


"Sure." Yamada said, "No problem."


"Good." Ara smiled.


"Finally." She thought, "This should work as according to plan."


Yamada bought his lunch and brought it to Ara's office.


"So, Yamada, you told me you had a family?" Ara asked.


"Yeah." Yamada placed rice into his mouth and chewed.


"I see. Do you feel that your family is blessed?"


"Yea." Yamada said.


"Oh, I just wanted to ask you. Hope you don't mind." Ara took out a circle-shaped clock that has a mouth. "I don't have a family."


"It's okay, Ms Li." Yamada replied.


"Look, Yamada." Ara sat beside him, "I wanted to test something out. Would you mind?"


"I don't think so." Yamada said, "Is it safe?"


"Of course it is." Ara smiled, "Would you help me kiss this small clock?"


"Why would I kiss a damn clock?" Yamada asked.


"Oh, as I said, it's a test." Ara explained, "I got this small clock from a fortune teller. He said if I kissed the clock, I'd get good luck all year round. But I don't need it because I had no one. So I decided to give it to you to use now."


"I don't need luck." Yamada said, "I got a pretty and good wife and have two cute kids. I ain't needing any of those. Besides, I don't trust fortune tellers."


"Just trust me on this one." Ara placed it closer to his mouth, "It really brings good luck."


"No, thanks." Yamada was about to stand up when Ara pushed the clock to kiss his mouth. Yamada was unresponsive for a while, but then stood up and looked at his arms and legs.


"It's real." Yamada said, "It's real!"


"Told you I would keep promises, Jerald." Ara removed her mask to reveal herself as Kameko.


"We'll go according to what we had practiced." Kameko said, "And you know we can't afford to fuck it up. If we manage to make that bitch leave him and make her depressed, you'll have this body as your reward."


"I'll do my best, Boss." Jerald nodded in Yamada's body, "I feel much more alive in a body now!"


Kameko gave an evil smile, "Time to keep the drama going."


The gang paid respects to two of their gang members in the cemetery before lunchtime. Robert Riser, their former boss who got killed by Kameko. And Ma, a previous gang member who died due to cancer. 


"Boss," Kento placed a flower in front of his grave, "How have you been? The gang just reunited after a few years. Usually, you'd be there to cheer us on to continue gang activities like chasing people for money and killing them if they refuse to pay up. You'd treat us lunch and dinner after that. Now you're actually dead. And we can't enjoy time like we used to. Fear not, Boss. We're going to defeat Kameko like we promised you before you died. The gang and I wish you a prosperous living in Heaven."


Kento went in front of Ma's grave, "How are you, Ma? Remember the first few time we got together, you were the only kind one to me. Everyone was just not giving a shit. Except you. And Boss of course. You and him taught me a lot and I've definitely learnt a lot from the both of you. I remembered you used to crack jokes on happy and sad times. Remember the first time you received news that you had cancer? You were crying. For the first time. I realized your pain. We all cried with you. Still, you chose to live with it. And you went off one day without telling us. We were devastated, you know? Still, the gang and I wish you a good time in Heaven." He then placed the flower in front of the grave.


"It's time we should move along." Kento said, "Shaggy's late for his 'date'."


Shaggy went to the restaurant that Jennifer asked to meet in. He could not find her anywhere though.


His phone then vibrated. He received a message. He checked it.


"Meet me at the alley behind the restaurant - Jennifer."


Shaggy walked to the alley and saw Jennifer waiting, anxiety on her face.


"Jennifer!" Shaggy ran to her, "Why did you ask me to come here?"


"My dear," Jennifer took Shaggy's hands, "I feel that someone's following us."


"Following us?" Shaggy asked.


"Yes. I feel that White Dragon's gang is right here stalking on me." Jennifer started to pull his hands and run, "We gotta leave this place. I hate to meet that gang. Especially the fatso. He asks stupid questions."


Shaggy growled softly.


"The fatso?" Shaggy asked.


"There's a fatso in the group." She told him, "It must be Shag or something."


As they were running to an open end, Han blocked their way.


"Where do you think you're running, Jennifer?" He asked. Jennifer turned to the back but saw Roi and Jay.


"You faggots!" Jennifer prepared to fight, "You forced Kameko to retreat years ago! She could've taken over Sakura High if not for you!"


"She would've destroyed it when my sister enters it." Kento landed directly behind her, "And you definitely know that ain't happening."


"Bitches!" Jennifer tried to fight, but Kento kicked her face and body. Han pulled Shaggy away while Roi and Jay whacked her.


"You did a great job attracting her here." Han said.


"She was the one that ran here." Shaggy sighed, "Although I feel sorry for her, she called me a fucking fatso. She told me she hated the fatso in the gang the most."


"That was you." Han smacked Shaggy's stomach, "Now this is you. You're no longer fat."


In Shaggy's basement, Roi, Jay and Han pointed guns on Jennifer as she sat on the floor, bruised on the face.


"Look, Jennifer." Kento said, "I don't wish to waste your time. Nor would I want to waste mine. You tell me Kameko's plan and we'll be kinder to you."


"I won't open my mouth." She grumbled.


"Please, Jen dear." Shaggy begged, "We need the information. If Kameko's not stopped, we're officially dead."


"You!" Jennifer turned her body as to not face Shaggy, "I loved you with my heart. Yet you betrayed me. You were actually working with this motherfucker."


"I'm not a motherfucker." Kento said, "Your boss is."


"I know." Shaggy said to Jennifer, "I know I betrayed you."


"Of course you did! You're the damn fatso!"


"Wait, how'd you know?" 


"Roi told her earlier." Jay said.


"Fine." Shaggy said, "I know I betrayed you. I know you love me. You had sex with me and you're probably going to get pregnant because we both didn't wear condoms."


"You..." Jennifer clenched her fists.


"I love you too, Jen. You're pretty. And I guess we can get to know each other better. Please, if you were to tell us Kameko's plan, I'd marry you. That night you told me you're lonely and you wanted a family. Once the baby comes out, I'll take good care of it together with you."


"WHAT?" Roi, Jay and Han screamed at the same time.


"You nuts, Mister Shaggy?" Kento asked.


"You sure you're going to promise me that?" Jennifer asked.


"Yes. My promise." Shaggy said. Jennifer went to hug him.


"I really really love you!" Jennifer screamed in joy, "I can't wait to spend time with you!"


A few minutes later, all of them sat down and gathered at a table.


"Okay." Jennifer breathed in and out, "Kameko's planning to ask my clan mate to injure someone real bad. And here's a major clue: it's one of your friends. Not your gang."


"That must mean Shiraishi and friends." Han said.


"Then that's settled." Kento said, "Thank you, Jennifer. You can do whatever you want with Shaggy. Make sure to let him be safe to come back to the gang."


"No problem!" She cuddled in Shaggy's arms. He sighed.


Jerald, in Yamada's body, drove to Yamada's house and unlocked the door. No one's at home.


He went to look at the family portrait.


"He has two kids and a wife." Jerald said, "Sadly, I'm going to break them up."


Yamazaki and Leona went out together for dinner.


"So, you want to talk about Kameko?" Yamazaki asked.


"You're somehow related to her, aren't you?"


"I offended her. That's all."


"If that's the case, she wouldn't want to destroy Sakura High so much till the core."


"You seem to know she wanted to destroy Sakura High." Yamazaki sipped his coffee.


"I talked with Kento the other day when he was just released." She said, "He told me she wanted to kill Shiraishi and anyone related, including the school."


"Fine, then. I'll tell you a story." He placed down his coffee, "Kameko and I used to be friends. Normal ones. We met through Kento, of course. Through lunch. We talked sbout a few stories. Then, one day, I heard something over lunch.


"Kameko beaten the shit out of a boy over him making fun of her hairstyle. I was kinda pissed at her. Which kind of asshole would punch a guy just for making fun? She could've ignore it, but she just had to punch the girl. What's worse is that the boy's face got disfigured."


"I spread this news over the school website and soon it soared to social media. It became famous for a while. People were looking at her like she's a devil. She had to quit the school and changed her hairstyle for people to not recognize her and for the news to die down. That's what made her hate me quite much and wanted to burn Sakura High to the ground."


"What a petty bitch." Leona sighed, "She never learns her lesson, does she?"


"She's back stronger, though." Yamazaki replied, "We must be prepared to fight her. I can't delay the fighting any further."


Shiraishi came back home from her work in her business suit and heels. She had to help a friend to promote some products, which worked out quite successfully.


"Yamada-kun!" She called out ,"I'm home."


No response. All she heard was a soft moaning. She walked to her room and realized the door is closed.


She opened it and got a shock. Yamada and Ara are having sex on the bed, naked.


Yamada looked at Shiraishi shockingly, "It isn't what it seems like, Shiraishi."


"How could you?" She asked angrily. She started packing her clothes into a luggage  and brought her children along with her.


"C'mon, Shiraishi." Yamada got out of the bed, "We can talk about this."


"There's nothing to talk about!" Tears start coming out of Shiraishi's house as she grabbed the luggage and the kids outside of the house. She hailed for a taxi and went in.


"Shiraishi!" Yamada shouted. The taxi then went off. He then smiled.


"Good job, Jerald." Ara came out, "Mission accomplished. I'll be checking on her to see if she wants to commit suicide. I think I'm looking forward to it."


To be continued in Episode 12

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