Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





12. Episode 10

"You are crazy, Kento-san!" Meiko screamed, "You can't just go around and tear people's clothes apart! It'll make you a pervert!"


"I'm not. You must have a guilty conscience." Kento tore off her shirt. Shiraishi gasped in shock as there was a bomb strapped to Meiko's stomach.


"Looks like I'm spot on." Kento growled, "You act and play nice so that you can get in the house and kill us when the bomb timer is done. Genius plan, but not smart enough."


He pushed Meiko to the floor and pointed a gun at her. Shiraishi stood up, wanting to help Meiko, but Kento blocked her.


"Very well." Kento said, "I have no other choice but to kill you." 


Meiko stared at Kento in horror.


"Please, don't kill me, Kento-san!" Meiko begged, "I was forced to place this on! I was!"


"That doesn't mean you fucking snoop right into this house and try to kill us!" Kento shouted, reloading his gun.


"Please, Kento-san." Meiko continued to beg, "I want to survive. I don't want to die."


"Who did this to you?" Shiraishi asked. 


"I don't know!" Meiko screamed, "A guy took me away from our friends and he made me unconscious. When I woke up, I was asked to go to your house and when the bomb detonate, I'll have to die with everyone here in this house. Kento-san, do you have a way to remove the bomb?"


"You nuts?" Kento lowered his gun, "What makes you think I can stop the bomb?" 


"You gotta think of a way, Kento-san!" She hugged Kento, "Please! I want to survive!"


"I'll try."


Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 10


"Oh yeah!" Siwei jumped up and down in front of Kameko, "Boss, I just took another one down. She should be dead in twenty four hours."


"Good job, Siwei." Kameko said, then she turned to the back, "You sure you can handle it alone, Mr Frawes?"


"Trust me, Madam Lee." Mr Frawes took a rifle and a knife, "I may be old, but I'm still fit as a fiddle."


"Where's Jennifer?" Kameko asked Siwei.


"I don't know." He replied, "She said she went to hang out at the nightclub."


"She has nothing better to do these days, does she?"


"I'm afraid not, Boss."


"Well then, she can enjoy for now. If she ever dare to be late in our meetings, she's going to end up like Lucas."


Ushio brought Yamada and Odagiri to meet someone in the nightclub at night.


"You sure we're safe here?" Yamada asked.


"This look like a messed up place." Odagiri looked around.


"C'mon, remembered when I told you I knew Jennifer, you guys were begging me to bring you guys along. Now you guys are downright scared."


"We didn't know she'd hang out in this kind of place!" Odagiri said as she saw girls dancing on the pole.


"That's call entertainment." Ushio said.


"I'll pass." Yamada said, "And where the fuck is Jennifer?"


"She should be nearby." Ushio saw a private room door and knocked on it.


Siwei opened the door.


"My dear Ushio!" Siwei said, "Come in, Ushio and friends!"


"Where's Jen, Siwei?" Ushio asked.


"Oh, she's outside making a call or something." Siwei sat down on a chair, "We'll wait for her. Why are you lookin for her anyway?"


Outside Jordan's stall, Kento and his gang gathered.


"Jordan allowed us to use this place as a reporting base." Kento said, "And so, Shaggy, you better do your job properly on finding out Jennifer."


"I'm scared though." Shaggy said.


"Like yourself last time, pussy." Jay said, "Just go. You said you'll sacrifice yourself."


"Why, you..."


"Even I was the one asking you." Roi commented, "And you said you agree to find Jennifer."


"Good luck." Han gave a thumbs up. Kento brought Meiko and a toolbox to the stall. 


"Run along now, Shaggy." Kento said, "I gotta deal with some things here."


"Fine." Shaggy stormed off. Jay, Roi and Han laughed.


As Shaggy walked to the nightclub nearby, he saw a woman outside the nightclub, like she's waiting for someone.


Shaggy walked confidently to the woman.


"Hello, pretty miss." Shaggy asked, "Do you know the name Jennifer by any chance?"


"Who the fuck are you?" The woman asked, "You look like an ape that just got his hair shaved."


"Who are you calling an ape?" Shaggy went up to the woman, "I'm not an ape."


"Don't get close to me, ape." The woman pushed him away. 


"Get out of my way." Shaggy went for the door, "I will find her myself."


"No entry."


"Whatcha mean no entry?" He tried pushing the door open.


"This nightclub doesn't allow assholes of 18 years and younger." She kicked him away.


"Does it look like I'm 18?" Shaggy asked, "I'm fucking 27."


"But you act like a 18 year old kid."


"Just let me in." Shaggy pushed her away and walked in the door. As soon as he entered, he was fascinated by the girls dancing and stripping on poles.


"Damn." Shaggy knocked his head onto a wall while looking, "I'd better start looking for Jennifer."


Back in the private room, Ushio, Yamada and Odagiri are talking to Jennifer, who just came into the room.


"Jennifer, we want to ask you about something." Ushio said, "I hope that you don't mind."


"I won't, no worries." Jennifer said, "Go ahead and ask."


"Do you know about Kameko?" He asked. Siwei was about to walk to them when Jennifer stopped them.


"Kameko?" She asked.


"Yeah, Kameko." Odagiri repeated, "The bitch who killed two of my friends."


"Hmm, Kameko." Jennifer nodded, "I won't tell you anything about her. But I could tell you one thing."


She went near to Odagiri, "Be careful because she can strike anytime, in any form."


"What do you mean by that?" Odagiri asked.


"Oh, it's because she's a dangerous woman." Siwei said, "You wouldn't want to mess with her. Besides, someone already messed with her way before."


"Could you at least tell us more about Kameko?" Yamada asked.


"I'm afraid not." Jennifer said, "It's either you stop asking and drink with us. Or you get out."


As she opened the door, she saw Shaggy at the door.


"Now who the fuck are you?" Jennifer asked.


"Miss Jennifer, my name is Shaggy, but everyone calls me Shag."


"You want to have sex? With me?" 


"Of course not! That's just my name."


"Okay." Jennifer nodded, "If you're here to ask about Kameko, you can kindly fuck off."


"I'm here for you." Shaggy said. Jennifer turned to Shaggy.


"For me?" She asked. "So cute."


She then turned to Siwei, "I'ma go out with this guy for a while. Help me take care of them if they still wanna stay."


"No problem." Siwei said before Jennifer brought Shaggy out of the room.


"I think we'd be leaving now too." Ushio said.


"It's getting late." Odagiri smiled weakly, getting cold with all the air conditioners blow at her.


"We'll see you again." Siwei opened the door, "Eventually."


The trio walked out of the nightclub.


"Not only did we not get clues about Kameko," Odagiri complained, "I was almost freezing to death."


"You can't stand coldness, can't you?" Ushio handed her his jacket.




Jennifer brought Shaggy to a hotel room. She then pushed Shaggy to the bed.


"So, you're looking for me?" Jennifer asked.


"Yeah." Shaggy said, "I don't know how to phrase it to you."


"Phrase it to me?" Jennifer took out her shirt, revealing her flower bra.


"Oh my fucking god!" He thought, "She thought I want to have sex with her."


"What's wrong, Mister?" Jennifer pulled down her pants.


"Holy fuck." He thought, "I'm screwed. Guess I've to have sex. Anyway, it's only once in a lifetime."


Shaggy nodded, "Nothing."


Kento took a screwdriver and screwed the bomb off Meiko's body. He switched it off.


"It should be done." Kento said, "You're safe."


"Really, Kento-san?" Meiko asked.


"I think so." Kento wasn't sure. He still heard ticking sounds although he had switched off the bomb.


Or so he thought.


He went near to Meiko's stomach and placed his ear to her stomach. The ticking sounds were heard clearly.


"I'm sorry, Meiko." Kento sighed. "I think the bomb's still inside. In fact, it's in your stomach."


"What?" Meiko cried.


"I'm terribly sorry." Kento looked down. Meiko cried and hugged him.


"I know I'm all to blame for this." Kento sighed, "You guys were just livin' your life great until you met me. You can blame me all you want."


"No." Meiko pulled away.




"I know you caused us trouble," Meiko said, "But you helped me a lot. You put in lots of effort just to try to deactivate the bomb. I can see that from the hours you spent trying to unscrew the thing on my body. That shows me you're willing to own up to your mistakes, and change for the better. I like that."


"Thanks for the compliment." Kento smiled.


The next morning, Shiraishi held a party at her house. Her friends appeared at the party and chatted happily over work and gossip. 


Kento called Roi for him, Jay and Han to bring the big metal human-sized box from Han's garage.


"You crazy, Boss?" Roi asked, "You know this metal shit is heavy."


"Just try to bring it over." Kento said, "I need to carry out the procedure later."


"Fine." Roi sighed.


Meiko was happily talking to the other three witches: Noa, Sarushima and Odagiri.


"Where were you yesterday?" Sarushima asked, "We were so worried about you." 


"Yeah. When you disappeared," Noa said, "We were worried sick like hell."


"It's okay. I'm fine and I'm right here." Meiko smiled.


"Glad to know that." Odagiri said. 


"Girls," Meiko sighed, "Don't blame Kento any longer."


"Why?" Noa asked, "I thought you used to hate him."


"You'll see through his actions." Meiko said, "Remember to gather outside later."


As Noa, Sarushima and Odagiri were talking, Meiko walked out of the house.


The metal box was outside.


Kento was waiting with Roi, Han and Jay. 


"Are you sure you want to proceed with this?" Kento asked, "You can actually go for an operation. It has chances of succeeding."


"It's okay." Meiko said, "I think I've lived enough to see this world."


"You have a chance of surviving, Meiko." He commented, "Why? Why do you rather be dead?"


"As I said, I lived long enough." She looked at the skies, "If the chances on the operation are low, that's worse. My friends know that I died suddenly. At least now, my friends would know I'm going to die."


Kento nodded, "I respect your decision." 


Everyone gathered outside.


"Hi, guys." Meiko cleared his throat, "I'm very sure you're confused why you're invited here. Let me tell you then. I'm going to die soon. Here."


"Die?" Noa screamed.


"Yes." Meiko said, "I have a bomb in my stomach. I've been thinking for a while. I could go for an operation, but the chances are low. If I die suddenly, it's worse. I rather you guys know of my death than to receive it suddenly.


"According to Kento, I have 3 minutes left before the bomb in my stomach detonates." Meiko pointed at the metal box, "But no worries, I'll be in that metal box.


"Before I go in," Meiko said, "Any last requests?"


Noa, Sarushima and Odagiri hugged her for one last time. 


"We'll miss you." Noa cried. Meiko then went into the box and locked it. 


"Everyone, stay back." Roi shouted. 


1 minute left. Kento shook his head and looked at the rest of the people. Most of them were crying. Only Shiraishi and Yamada didn't.


As soon as the timer hits 0 seconds, Meiko exploded. There were big dents on the metal box.


The gang stood up and carried the box away. Everyone except Yamada, Shiraishi and Kento were still crying.


"I didn't expect it to happen this way." Kento said, "I thought the timer is the bomb."


"It's okay, Onii-san." Shiraishi comforted him, "It's not your fault. You didn't want this to happen, right?"


Shaggy woke up a few minutes later in the hotel room. As he looked around, he saw Jennifer sleeping beside him. She's naked.


He checked his own body.


"Naked?!" Shaggy ran to the toilet to bathe before rushing out.


"Oh shit, I'm actually going to be dead for this." Shaggy thought, "I fucking screw shit up."


To be continued in Episode 11

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