Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





3. Episode 1

2 years ago, before the events of "Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches"...


It was in a warehouse.


Shiraishi, in a off-the-shoulder white dress and high heels, tried wiggling her hands free of the ropes, but to no avail. Her legs were also tied together, not allowing her to run. She was gagged with a cloth.


She sighed, "I deserved this." She thought.


A girl walked towards her.


"How are you enjoying this?" She smiled. Shiraishi growled. The girl then took out her gag.


"Ha ha ha." She laughed, "You should have never mess with my gang members, bitch. You should never ever touch my stuff and ruin the shit out of it!"


"You were doing bad!" Shiraishi screamed, "I can't just sit down and see you destroy the school!"


The girl slapped Shiraishi, "You're one of us. How could you betray us?"


"I was forced to join you, you bitch!" Shiraishi said, "You threatened me!"


"You're still in our gang anyways!" The girl shouted, "And that's what you get for getting too social!"


She took out a sword.


"What do you think you're doing?" Shiraishi asked in fear.


"Oh, it's nothing." The girl said, "It's just a policy of my gang. You backstab, you die. And you're going to die."


"Please, Kameko!" Shiraishi cried, "There's a way we could talk!"


"There's no way, especially when you're the sister of the guy I fucking hate to the fucking core!"


As she was about to slice Shiraishi's head, someone shot Kameko's back. She groaned in pain as she turned back and saw a man.


"Stop what you're doing." He dropped his gun and took out a sword as he walked towards Kameko.


"You son of a bitch." Kameko sighed.


"Let go of her, Kameko." The guy said, "I promise I'll do whatever you want. Just let her go."


"Ha ha ha." Kameko laughed, "Really bent of asking me to release her, aren't you, Kento? Then, I got one condition."


Her gang appeared at her back as she prepared to fight with her sword.


"Fight me here, and whoever goes down is the loser."


The guy thought for a while, then looked at Shiraishi.


"Don't do this, Onii-san." Shiraishi begged, "I'm sure there's a way we could talk her through."


"I'm doing what's best for you, Shiraishi." Kento sighed, "You need to study harder to top the schools like I used to do. You still have a bright future in front of you. "


His gang then appeared behind him.


"And I don't have a future the moment I've stepped into the dark side. I've failed terribly as your older brother. Now it's time for me to pay it back."


"No, Onii-san!" Shiraishi cried, "Don't do it!"


Kento took his sword, "I'm ready, Kameko."


"I see." She smiled, "Let's start then."


Kento charged forward with his sword. Kameko also charged forward with her sword and both of them jumped as they clanged their swords against each other.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return of the Dark Phoenix


Episode 1


16 years later...


Shiraishi sent her kids to their beds and sang some bedtime songs to them. When they finally slept, she walked out of the room and slowly closed the door.


She looked at the clock.


"It's eleven thirty," She thought, "Why isn't Yamada back?" She distracted herself by taking the broom. She took her phone and played a song. When the song started, she used the broom as a guitar and started singing.


"You say that I'm messing with your head

All 'cause I was making out with your friend

Love hurts whether it's right or wrong

I can't stop 'cause I'm having too much fun


"You're on your knees

Begging please,

Stay with me

But honestly

I just need to be a little crazy


"All my life I've been good, but now

Ah, I'm thinking "what the hell"

All I want is to mess around

And I don't really care about

If you love me, if you hate me

You can't save me, baby, baby

All my life I've been good, but now

Whoa, what the hell

What? What? What? What the hell?


"So what if I go out on a million dates

You never call or listen to me anyway

I'd rather rage than sit around and wait all day

Don't get me wrong, I just need some time to play


"You're on your knees

Begging please,

Stay with me

But honestly

I just need to be a little crazy


"All my life I've been good, but now

Ah, I'm thinking "what the hell"

All I want is to mess around

And I don't really care about

If you love me, if you hate me

You can't save me, baby, baby

All my life I've been good, but now

Whoa, what the hell


"La la la la la la la la

Whoa, whoa

La la la la la la la la

Whoa, whoa

You say that I'm messing with your head, boy

I like messing in your bed

Yeah, I'm messing with your head

When I'm messing with you in bed


"All my life I've been good, but now

Ah, I'm thinking "what the hell"

All I want is to mess around

And I don't really care about

All my life I've been good, but now

Ah, I'm thinking "what the hell"

All I want is to mess around

And I don't really care about

If you love me, if you hate me

You can't save me, baby, baby

All my life I've been good, but now

Whoa, what the hell

La la la la la la la la"


She then threw the broom onto the floor and bow down to an imaginary audience.


After a few minutes, she went to the couch and closed her eyes to rest, but she accidentally slept.


Yamada came back and saw her sleeping. He carried her to the room and placed her on the bed. He kissed her forehead and covered her body with a blanket before he went to bathe.


The next day, Yamada and his two children went to school and work while Shiraishi mopped the floor and went to clean clothes.


Shiraishi then went to the market and went to bought some ingredients for dinner. As she was picking a fresh vegetable, a hand touched hers.


"Damn it." The guy muttered, "I was late. Again."


He then lifted up his hand, "It's okay. You can take it. I'm to blame for being late again. I always oversleep when I have no work."


Shiraishi passed the vegetable to him, "Take it. You've must been wanting this for a long time."


"Shiraishi?" The guy was surprised. He turned to look at her, "It's really you!"


"And you are?" She asked.


"The guy who had a crush on you and went to jail."


"Oh." She smiled, "It's you, Han."


In Shiraishi's house, she poured tea for Han as he sat down on the couch.


"How are you, Shiraishi-kun?" Han asked.


"I'm fine." Shiraishi said, "How are you? I heard from just now that you're a businessman."


"Yeah, and I'm successful." Han smiled, "I sell new cars. And I make money out of it."


"Such a good life." Shiraishi said, "You must be living in a good house."


"I'm living in my own house," Han said, "So don't worry about it."


"Oh yeah," Shiraishi sighed, "Have you ever heard about my brother since you are out of jail?"


"Sadly, no." Han said, "I only heard his sentence was 16 years."


"You weren't involved in the fight years ago, aren't you?" Shiraishi asked.


"Nah. I was busy taking care of my mother. Sadly, she died a few months ago."


"My condolences." She said.


"Thanks." Han replied, "And I think I should get going."


"Well then, take care, Han." Shiraishi said, "There's one more question I hope to ask you."


"What is it?"


"What's my brother's gang pseudonym?"


"I forgot." Han quickly said.


"Okay, thanks, Han. Hope to see you again."


"You will." Han then walked out of the house. He then called someone.


"Hey, I read your message. You said that bitch's coming back?"


In a prison cafeteria, prisoners took food from the chef and sat down at their own tables. Some threw food at each other while some others talk loudly and rowdy.


A guy in sunglasses walked towards a table and started munching on some apples and pears. He then brought his rice with vegetables and ate it.


A bully was walking through the hallway when he saw the guy eating. He snickered and walked to the cafeteria.


The guy was scooping rice with his spoon. He placed the rice into his mouth and chewed. As he was about to do it again, someone pushed his face into the rice.


He got his face out of the rice.


"You must be a pussy, aren't you?" The bully laughed, "You didn't even stand up and hit me."


The guy continued eating and ignored the bully.


"Hey, are you hearing me talk?" He pushed the guy's face into the rice again.


The guy used his hands to remove the rice from his face, "Don't make me do something violent."


"Violent?" The bully laughed so loudly the prisoners looked at him, "You're making me choke so hard!"


He pulled the guy's hair and continuously pushed his head in and out of the rice until the plate dropped on the floor.


The guy stood up and turned towards the bully.


"Would you mind to tear my shirt off?" The guy asked, "I need to clean my face."


"With pleasure." The bully tore off his shirt.


"Thanks." The guy turned back and cleaned his face to take the apples. When he turned around, the bully and every other prisoner gasped in shock. The back of the guy's body is a tattoo of a white dragon that covered his whole back. He slowly stepped back.


The guy turned around again, "Where are you going? I was thinking of treating you apples."


"Umm... I'm busy." The bully said, "I think I need to attend my english class."


"C'mon, free apples." The guy said, "Or free pears. Or both. Don't reject me, man. I'll feel bad."


"I know you're kind." The bully said, "But I seriously need to attend my classes."


"You can skip your lessons." The guy said, "I can tell your teacher a valid reason. Just tell me your teacher's name."


"Miss...Miss Fiona."


"Miss Fiona." The guy nodded, "I'll remember. So, come on to my table. Free food."


The bully walked slowly towards the table.


"Sit down." The guy offered him a seat opposite him. The bully shivered in fear.


"What's wrong?" The guy asked, "I'm offering you a seat. Just fucking sit."


The bully slowly sat down. The guy gave him an apple.


"Eat it." The guy said. The bully pushed back the apple to him.


"Eat it, man." The guy said, "I have too many extras. Plus it helps boost your health."


"Why...why...do...do I ne...need that?"


The guy placed the apple in front of the bully's face on the table. He then went to the bully's back.


"You seriously don't want to eat?" He asked surprisingly. The bully shook his head.


"Okay, I'm gonna feed you then." The guy stretched his hands, which made a "crack" sound.


He placed his hand on the bully's head and started smashing his face onto the apple continuously. He then pulled him out and punched him.


The bully fell onto the floor. He stood up but the guy kicked his private part and his face. The bully fell down again and tried to stand up and run.


The guy took a canteen table and whacked the bully's face with all his might. The bully flew to the female toilet's door, which is in front of the cafeteria.


He fell onto the floor, seriously injured. The guy shouted, "Damn, the satisfaction of injuring people! 12 community hours more to go before I get to make these assholes suffer again!" Everyone stared at him with fear. He then walked to the bully.


"Guess you don't listen to warnings, don't you?" He asked, "I told you I would do something violent. You didn't believe and even thought I was joking."


The guy laughed, "Matthew Cummings. School bully who hung someone during a prank. I knew your mother when I was a kid. She served me food during my junior high school days. She's kind.


"Which makes me wonder. How did she raise you? Maybe it's some weird teaching. I don't know. Anyway, when you get out of jail, remember to help me say hi to your mum. Say Mr K came to 'visit' you. I'm stuck here for a long fucking time because my sentence had been increased. Luckily I'm going to be out two days later.


"Oh yeah, I haven't told you what I did in the past to make me suffer so long in jail. This guy was pissing me off. Making fun of me and my name. He thinks my real name sounds like bento. You should know what bento is. He thinks it's funny. Of course, I couldn't stand his joke after a while.


"So what I did was to 'surprise' him. I hid in his cell and beat him to death. He didn't survive shit. And my sentence got increased.


"You're lucky you didn't get killed by me, unlike that unlucky guy. So, from now on, Matthew, whether you're in or out of jail, you address me as 'White Dragon'. You understand?"


Matthew nodded weakly.


"Good boy." White Dragon replied, "Now, if you excuse me, I gotta tell your teacher a valid reason why you did not attend the lesson. Who is it again?"


He thought for a while, then snapped his fingers, "Miss Fiona. Ahhh. I'll be off to tell her. Remember to tell your mother I 'visited' you. Also remember to wash your bloody face in the girl's toilet. Maybe the girls might feel pitiful for a pussy like you." He then walked away.


As he walked, he passed through a wall where a news article that is dated 16 years ago is clipped there. It read, "Gangster White Dragon arrested over fight with another gang over a girl."



To be continued in Episode 2

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