Terror's Agony

Jack Ridley has fought off his fear by striking it into the heart's of others, but nothing scares him more than the putrid stench of terror that clings to the air like a lifeline whenever he lets his wrath run wild.

The steady burn of his cigarette isn't the only thing that could go up in flames.
A fire has started within him so monstrous that not even the devil on Jack's shoulder can reap what he sows.

How do you fight your fears when the only thing left to fear is yourself?


26. Epilogue

It's very impersonal, the amount of information that I share in the way that I share it, but I want to connect with you. I want to get you thinking.

Have I annoyed you? Has my nature of constant reiteration and oversharing taken a toll?

That was the point, I want what I say to stick. That doesn't happen without a little repetition.

You've heard from three of my disciples, and I say that term loosely, and at this point in our relationship need I explain what you now understand? Need I remind you of the lesson Jack, Dean, and Milo died from in order to teach you?

Should I stay in your head?

Don't forget me, and don't watch someone die if you want to keep your small minded head on straight. Trust that I'll be there to force it straighter if need be.

You could have been the hero you think you are, but instead you just let me in. Thank you for that, I really appreciated our time together...

As per usual, don't think too highly of yourself, there's always something more that I can take away from you.

-Your (not-so-impressionable) Fear

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