Terror's Agony

Jack Ridley has fought off his fear by striking it into the heart's of others, but nothing scares him more than the putrid stench of terror that clings to the air like a lifeline whenever he lets his wrath run wild.

The steady burn of his cigarette isn't the only thing that could go up in flames.
A fire has started within him so monstrous that not even the devil on Jack's shoulder can reap what he sows.

How do you fight your fears when the only thing left to fear is yourself?


7. Chapter 5-Fear

I am fear, and yet again, I've won the game of life, or in this case, Jack's life.

Jack became dependent on me, he needed the constant pain that I caused, the dull ache that he could only pretend wasn't there.

By not giving him this pain, he decided to give it to himself in the most finalizing way possible.

By not being there, I drove him to his own death.

How beautifully ironic.

Jack could never get the images out of his head, the ones of his father killing his mother when he was only 7 years old. He couldn't erase the blood or the body that caused a silence he had never heard before. It was as if the very essence of everything around him was utterly shocked at the menacing audacity that the killer held.

Did Jack know that there was a little 8 year old boy living in that house presently? Did Jack know that this boy gets the mail every morning? Imagine his suprise when he see's Jack's bloody body on the sidewalk right in front of his families destroyed flower garden.

Jack unknowingly passed his fear on to this little boy, he passed me on to this child, and I will not show mercy on him like I had with Jack.

I will never go away.

I will never stop.

You will never escape from your fears.

You are your fears, and you will someday be me.

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