The Creeping Darkness A novel

Madeline Doran Smith is a thirteen year old girl who was kidnapped by Graham N. Pryce, a psychopath intent on collecting victims across America. When she struggles to fight back, she begins to get revenge on her captor.


2. The Creeping Darkness-Part Two


Three year's later...

Madeline shook her head. She checked her I-phone. She had 31 messages. She checked them all. Suddenly she heard her mother say: "Brian and I are getting pizza tonight since we're at the Camp's house tonight. You can have Mrs. Jones to babysit you". Madeline sighed. Mrs. Jones was fifty year's old; she was an old fashioned tyrant when it came to strict behaviour. "Fine, Mom! I'll behave", she said. And she sighed deeply, as the Grandfather clock tolled five o'clock PM.


Graham Pryce gripped a large butcher knife in his right hand. He had been breathing hard. He was overly anxious since the last time he was on the loose. He knew that the girls he had kidnapped were dead; he breathed harder and harder. The first time he had thought of kidnapping was when he was fifteen in the year nineteen ninety-nine. Missy Taylor, a cheerleader, was dating Chad Matthews, the football player. She ignored his advances. "Got to kill you, Missy; got to teach you a lesson", he warned her. And he gripped a hammer and brought it downward towards her skull. Once she was unconscious, he dragged her to the basement, and the seeds of crime was born.


Madeline heard it.

The front doorbell was ringing.

"I'll get it!", she said.

She saw Hart Jim Daniels smile at her.

"Hey, Madeline. Hungry!", he said.

"Yeah, Mom thought that it's better to have Mrs. Jones arrive to keep me on the good girl side", she smiled.

Suddenly she saw her mother.

"Good evening, Hart. I paid by using my app", she said.

"All's good and well", Hart stated.

And he smiled, and headed back to his car. 

Then drove away.


Graham felt it.

The buzz. 

It was something that was like a rush. He headed to the Archer's House. He scanned the Indiana roads; he scanned the houses, as a feverish feeling of death coursed through his veins. To him, he was ​death. There wasn't any police cars on patrol. Graham grabbed the butcher knife in his right hand. By five-thirty PM, he noticed Carol Archer opening the back door. He knew that all of the women were alone. Some were with their children, and husbands; some were single...and preferred to be that way. Indiana wasn't like New York in the nineteen seventies, and nineteen eighties. The crime rate wasn't like out of a Brian Garfield novel; the crime rate was low in this city. He followed her. Before Carol could scream, he stabbed her in the chest two times. The smell of blood caused her to fell next to the stone steps; the blood was dripping downward. "Now you're mine", Graham said. And he forced her into his van...and drove to his own house.


Melanie smiled. 

She grabbed a clean plate from the kitchen. Then she put some pizza slices on it. And opened the fridge. Inside she took out some apple juice. And poured it in a glass. Once she closed the door, she ate in silence...unaware of the imminent danger she was about to face.


Melanie finished eating. She saw a high-definition cable television in the middle of the room; she saw the Netflix remote control. She checked the movies on it. She saw '​The Collector​' movie in the 'Classics' section. And she watched it as darkness consumed her.


By seven o'clock PM, Madeline heard a noise. She noticed bright lights outside the lounge room; she saw Arnold Fraser open the driver's-side door. She walked towards the front door; she opened it. "Good evening, Madeline. I thought it was you". She shook her head. "Good evening, Arnold. Aren't you seeing Debra Westwood?", she asked him. "Yeah. But she is with Tom Sanderson now", he answered her. "That's too bad. Would you like some pizza?". She asked him. "Sure. There's been talk about the Indiana kidnapper", he said. Melanie stopped in her tracks. "What do you mean by that? Is there a kidnapper here?", she said. "Yes, and he's dangerous". She shook her head. "Let's see the movie". And he smiled. And they watched the rest of it, just as rain begun to fall.


Mrs. Jones shook her head. 

"I don't approve of the movie", she said. She glanced at Madeline. "I read the book in fifth grade. It's about kidnapping and obsession". She saw the rain pour down. After the movie ended, Madeline headed to the toilet. Arnold smiled at her. "How are you doing? I wanted to come by just in case something happens to Madeline". Mrs. Jones smiled. "Fine. I've heard about Graham Pryce". Arnold blinked his eyes. "I read about him. He kidnapped girls years' ago". Madeline washed her hands, then she opened the bathroom door. She walked down the hallway, and sat down on the red sofa.


Carol shivered.

She saw Graham Pryce.

"Good evening, Carol. I've seen you before. Now it's my time to shine, so to speak. Besides, there's all kinds of things to do, you know. Besides, kidnapping you is my spark. It's my way to proving to the authorities what I can do to girls...and women. I won't let anyone to die easily; I prefer to watch them die in the dark dungeons". Carol screamed. "Let me go, you bastard". Graham smiled. "Now, that's not fair, Carol. I have been in control for more than a decade. And all of my victims have never screamed, or escaped. Other kidnappers have failed because they think too much about their ego. My ego is intact". He smoked a cigarette; he let the fiery embers scorch the red carpet in the dim hallway. He wasn't the kind of kidnapper who let loose with violence. He was more particular in the ways of the act of kidnapping; the act was sudden...and more brutal. He knew how to pick up his victims. It was something that was in his blood. And now he was holding a butcher knife in his right hand; he was in his zone. "Please! Please! Don't hurt me! Please!", Carol pleaded. Graham grinned. "Behave, or die!", he ordered. And she remained silent, and all of the power that she had was gone from her voice.


Madeline shook her head. 

"Kidnappers aren't rare", she said. She held up a paperback copy of James Patterson's "Along came a spider​", and she shivered. Mrs. Jones read a romance novel by Danielle Steel, and relaxed. By eight-thirty PM, the rain was getting heavy. Madeline stared at the lightning. It was creating a light show. And then the lights dimmed...and the house was plunged into darkness.


Missy was crying. 

She stared forlornly at the dark shadows.

And she knew that her life was forfeited by the insane kidnapper in Indiana.


Madeline saw the cable television news on channel ten. Natalie Gorman, the pretty news anchor, spoke in a clear voice: "​Graham Pryce, the serial kidnapper, from Indiana, kidnapped Carol Archer, the twenty year old daughter of Colonel John Archer, and his wife, Vickie Archer. The Archer Family have posted a three million dollar reward for her safe return. FBI Head Tom H. Carroll, Jr., has said that they will arrest Graham Pryce for kidnapping, and attempted murder. In other news...​". Madeline shivered. "Will they catch him?", she asked Mrs. Jones. "Undoubtedly", she answered. And she returned to reading 'Changes​', and enjoyed the quiet solitude of the early evening.


Graham Pryce was agitated.

He walked outside in the rain. He didn't care about pneumonia. He had the drive to move on; he moved to his own beat. He walked along Thomas Street towards the Indiana Toll Road. He saw cars zooming faster and faster. Then he reached Madeline's house. And was confident to kidnap another girl before he was taken away for his crimes.


Madeline saw him.

The kidnapper. 

She screamed.

And, as the glass broke in the lounge room, Mrs. Jones screamed. Seconds later, she saw Madeline kick Graham in the balls with her right foot. Graham screamed. But he didn't stop; he took her with all of his strength. And he took her before anyone could do anything to prevent him from taking more girls in Indiana.


Carol heard it.

The door opening.

"We have another girl for all of you to enjoy", Graham said. He laughed. Then he walked away, and left them alone.


"Who are you?", Carol asked.

"Madeline. I don't want to be here. Graham Pryce must be stopped. He kidnapped me from my own house. I need to be home", she answered.

And she cried.

And she vowed to get her revenge on the kidnapper.


Graham stared at Madeline.

"You're too pretty to die", he said.

"I want to leave. And Carol too".

"That's impossible", Graham said.

"Look, my uncle is working for the FBI. When he hears that I'm missing, I'll stab you dead with a knife and say it was in self-defence". She gazed at him. She saw the shackles were in Graham's right hand; she saw the dark areas of the dungeon. And shivered. She saw several drops of blood on the hard concrete. "Now, don't let me...", he begun to say. He held onto his butcher knife in his right hand. Madeline kicked the bottom edge of the weapon with her left foot. It clanged onto the ground. She grabbed it, then she stabbed Graham in the chest three times. Blood spilled everywhere. And, as he screamed, his lifeless body crumpled near the front entrance of the stone steps. And the horror ended.


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