The Creeping Darkness A novel

Madeline Doran Smith is a thirteen year old girl who was kidnapped by Graham N. Pryce, a psychopath intent on collecting victims across America. When she struggles to fight back, she begins to get revenge on her captor.


1. The Creeping Darkness-Part One


Shari Lee Clemmons saw the man watching her on Friday, November 21, 2014 in Indiana. She didn't want to scream; she was a girl who seemed to think that bad people weren't around in the dangerous city. She gripped her books in her arms, and walked towards the library. By one o'clock in the early afternoon, Shari, (who was African-American, aged fifteen), wanted to be a nurse at the Indiana Hospital where her mother, Anne Frost Clemmons, (aged thirty-seven), was on life support because of a massive stroke while she did the washing in the morning. Shari, who was a bright girl, had long, black hair, blue eyes, and tall for her age. She wore a red sweater, black jeans, a black belt, red socks, and black shoes on her feet. On her right hand was a Rolex watch. 

Suddenly Graham Pryce, (as he was named), gripped a hammer in his right hand. "Don't bloody move, girl. Or I'll hurt you like the other girls before me". He grinned as he ignored her screams, and forced her into the back of his black truck...and slammed the door.


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