The Creeping Darkness A novel

Madeline Doran Smith is a thirteen year old girl who was kidnapped by Graham N. Pryce, a psychopath intent on collecting victims across America. When she struggles to fight back, she begins to get revenge on her captor.


3. The Creeping Darkness-Epilogue


​The end was nigh for Graham Pryce.

​He was arrested by the FBI. He stared at the high-definition television cameras. He didn't say anything as he was forced to wear  a orangey-red prison uniform. He was chained up to his black boots; he looked as if he would talk. But he didn't. "How many girls and women did you kidnap, Graham?", Robert Zach, the Indiana Court TV reporter asked. "356", he answered. And he smiled, and he was forced into the silvery coloured prison van...and knew that the terror had ended.

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