Loving Athena North

Athena North is a bad ass and keeps getting kicked out of her boarding schools. Her parents send her away to “West Gate boarding school” as a last resort. Here Athena learns about love and real friendship. Can Athena keep her dark side from resurfacing or will her new friends make her worse? Read on to find out more!

#romance #jb #justinbieber #justin #beliber #fanfic #school #trouble #gang #sex #alcohol


2. T W O

Drama was my last lesson so when I got out of the room I made a break for my room. Hopefully there might be service.

“Oi Athena” Justin sounded almost aggressive and grabs my wrist.

“Don’t fuckin touch me” I look at him with confusion and disgust in my face, I arch my brow.

“Oh fuck off, come on let’s get outta here” he says grabbing my wrist again. I slap it away, but follow him. He smirks and then walks with me.

“Where are we going” I say agitated.

“Hey u chose to come so don’t take that tone with me” he snaps.

“Fuck me side ways, bipolar much?” I spat. He clenches his jaw and ignores me.

There’s a sharp wind blowing up and I’m not impressed- I’m being dragged round the back of the school. He leads me down a path way that’s got big trees arching over it.

“If this is when u kill me I’m going to be pissed” I say cuddling into my blazer.

“Oh shut up we’re nearly there” he says calmly. We end up facing a stable type thing.

I look at him through knitted brows. We walk closer to it and I realise there are actually horse in there. “Shit” I mutter under my breath. There’s 4 stalls. Two brown ones one black on and one white one. I reach out and stroke the white one.

“There my grandfathers” he shrugs, coming to stand next to me.

“Cool” I reply.

“Cool? Usually when I bring girls down I get a better response than that”he runs the back of his neck.

“Oh shit. Forgot to tell you. I’m not easily charmed by ass holes.” I roll my eyes. Who does he think he is? Is he actually crazy? I’ve legit known him like two hours and he thinks he can get in my pants?

“I’m kidding”he laughs.

“Of course” I say. I look at my watch it’s 5:00 already.

“Urgh I’m going back I’m bored” I mumble taking off.

“Hey, Wait” Justin grabs my arm, “When am I seeing you again?”

“Dude we live together practically.” I squirm under his grip. He smirks and we walk away.

All I’m saying is that this school isn’t that bad. The food is decent enough and the teachers are either hot or funny so I guess I’ve kinda hit the jack pot. Saying that I never stay in one place to long. I’ve surprised myself; I’ve been so busy doing actual school work and hanging with Justin that I haven’t actually gotten into trouble. This school is changing me and I’m not sure I’m happy about.

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