Loving Athena North

Athena North is a bad ass and keeps getting kicked out of her boarding schools. Her parents send her away to “West Gate boarding school” as a last resort. Here Athena learns about love and real friendship. Can Athena keep her dark side from resurfacing or will her new friends make her worse? Read on to find out more!

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3. T H R E E

The next morning is a cold one. There’s a thin layer of frost on the grass. I’ve been her over a week now and I haven’t been kicked out. To celebrate this rare event my parents brought me a Rolex and a new Range Rover. To me this was nothing- when I turned 13 I was brought a zoo and a dress made of rubies. They’re both so extra it actually hurts.

I change into my dreaded uniform and March down stairs to the mess hall. I search the jungle of kids to see Justin waving me over.

“Sup dude” I say taking a grape from his plate.

“Walk to Math with me?” he says.

“Yep” I smile.

Justin and I chat happily until there’s a loud clatter of plates shattering and metal biting the floor. I look over and it’s the crazy girl that showed me to the library. She’s standing there and a bunch of venomous bitches are laughing and pointing at her. I watched her pathetically trying to pick up the pieces of smashed plate and cutlery. Then one of the girls kick a piece of the food at her and this gets everyone laughing at her. There’s, I think, now beans in her hair and there are tears trickling down her face.

With that I push my chair back and calmly walk over to her. Everyone’s eyes are on me, watching me like a hawk. I don’t care though. I kneel down next to her and help put everything back in the plastic tray and shove it at the prissy girls. They take it and scream, dropping it onto the table.

“What are you doing” the leader of the snakes snaps. The hall is deadly silent and Justin sits there stifling a laugh.

“I’m stopping you bullying an innocent girl” I barge past her with the girls hand in Mine.

“Oh and getting revenge” I turn around and pick up some mushy substance off the floor. Before she can react I jam it onto her died blonde hair. She squeals and starts pouting. As I walk out of the hall there are a few cheers and then a few “who was that?” And “She’s a solid 10 mate”.

When I get out the mess hall I turn to the broken girl beside me, “Are you okay?”

“Um yeah I’m... Thank you!” She bursts and hugs me. Surprisingly I hug her back.

“I’m Athena”

“I’m Juliette” she smiles.

“Now let’s get you sorted for first period.” I laugh. I take her to my room and sort her out. I also restyle her hair and put a bit of make up on her. The whole time we talked and laughed as if we’d know each other for years! I knew me and Juliette would be friends from then on or at least allies.

“If your having trouble with bullies again, I’ll sort them out okay” we hug and then we depart. Me to Math and her to French.

I arrive late to Maths, barging through the door. All eyes are on me.

“Excuse me Athena” Mr.Bradley starts, “I’m teaching”

“and I’m listening” I say taking a seat.

“And I don’t like your sass, stay behind after class” he says sharply.

I roll my eyes and put my head back in annoyance. He sets us the work to do and there’s a light mumble of talking. And guess what they’re gossiping about? Me and the mess hall drama. Oh joy.

“Hey what you did this morning was pretty cool” a shy blonde says, turning around. I smile a “this is awkward and it’s funny how no one stood up for her in the first place” smile.

“I’m Kia by the way”

“I’m the infamous Athena, at your service” I laugh. Again I whizz through the work and end up getting really bored twenty minutes in.

“Yo sir can u check my work” I call out to him but he doesn’t listen.

“Hello? Earth to Mr.Bradley?” Everyone starts lightly laughing at this.

A way to eager snob puts her hand up, “Sir! I’ve completed the work”

“Well done Wendy” he walks over and marks it, “U might wanna go over this before you ask me to mark it again” he says mumbling to her. Lol she got them wrong.

“My.Bradley” I call out louder but he just ignores me.

“Mr.Peters can u explain to Athena why I’m not answering” he barks.

“Ah mate put ya hand up” a tall tanned fitty speaks up and nods my way.

“Fucking hell” I mouth to him. Mr.Peters,Callum, laughs at this.

I dramatically put my hand in the air and cough to signal I was waiting.

“Ah Miss.North how can I help” he says sarcastically like he was purposely trying to get under my skin.

“I’m done” I say bluntly. He marks my work and then addresses the class saying that I’d finished the work and got a 100% and that maybe I should be the teacher not him. I roll my eyes and then stifle through another eternity of maths, watching the busy little heads doing a well easy piece of math.

“Athena” Mr.Bradley calls out as I try and sneak off.

“Shit” I whisper, “Yeah” I say louder.

“Take a seat at the front” he leans against his desk. I roll my eyes and slump into the chair.

“How can I help” I say with my fakest smile.

“U have exceptional talents when it comes to maths” he takes his reading glasses of reviewing his beautiful blue eyes.

“I’m aware” I say biting my lip. He’s so flipping hot! He lightly chuckles before adding the fact he’s been looking through my files.

“Ah my fascinating history book” I smirk and cross my arms over my chest.

“Yes fascinating is one word to describe it” he lightly chuckles. Is he flirting with me?

“Well I gotta go ya know pranks to pull,trouble to get into” I say getting up to leave.

“I hope you try and stay here for as long as possible Athena” he takes my hand. I star at it and shrug. “Adios” I say running out the class.

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