Loving Athena North

Athena North is a bad ass and keeps getting kicked out of her boarding schools. Her parents send her away to “West Gate boarding school” as a last resort. Here Athena learns about love and real friendship. Can Athena keep her dark side from resurfacing or will her new friends make her worse? Read on to find out more!

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4. F O U R

I meet Justin at drama and he opens the door for me, “Always the gentlemen” I roll my eyes at him.

“Always a lady” he smirks. We walk in and discover we have to act out a romance scene. I look at Justin and frown in disgust.

“Fucking hell” I whine as he waltzes over to me. “I’m offended” he makes a “o” shape with his mouth.

“Shut up” I snap.

We stand in our pair and Justin puts his hand on my lower back. I elbow him hard in the rib that makes him hunch over slightly. He laughs at me, “One day you’ll love me”

“Maybe, maybe not” I flip my hair and turn to the teacher.

She tells us we have react a compassionate scene of love and that if we fail to do it we get an ‘F’. Unlucky how she thinks I care about my grades.

“Does she actually think I care?” I say as we start “practicing” the scene.

“A lot of these kids take drama as a life form so yeah she does” he laughs. Justin says that we should have an argument and then he’ll say something corny, then I’ll walk over to him and then we have to make out. Urgh as if the cafeteria rumours aren’t enough.

Everyone performs until finally it’s us. I look at Justin and he just winks.

—The scene—

“For God Sake Athena!” He booms so loudly even I jump.

“What! Get away from me you scum bag!” I yell back.

“Don’t you get it! We’re all going to die and your just sat here arguing with me!” He shouts. Justin Beiber can flipping act, u can actually see anger radiating off of him.

“AN ARGUMENT TAKES TWO PEOPLE” I scream. Everyone just watched are performance memorised, even the teacher has been captured.

“OH SHUT UP!” He snaps loudly.

“MAKE ME YOU PRICK!” I scream back.

He’s silent and then marched towards me. I take a step back but he grabs my waist and pulls me into a kiss. His lips bash against Mine and there’s an urgency in it. I surprise myself by kissing back with just the same force. I run my fingers in his hair and he holds me skin close to him.

“Okay! That’s enough of that” the drama teacher pulls us apart. I smirk and take a seat.

Everyone stares at us gob smacked. I laugh as Justin sits next to me.

“Well That should get a fucking Oscar” he whispers into my ear. His hot breath hits my ear, sending a tingle down my spine.

“Fuck yeah” I laugh.

After class we sneak out down to his grandfathers stables. As soon as we get there he pushes me up against the side of the stable. His face is centimetres from mine and he has one are bent by my head and the other around my waist.

“What....” I begin but am shut up instantly when his lips crash into mine. I’m flustered and take a second to respond. I kiss back wanting more. He runs his tongue along my bottom lip, as if asking entry into my mouth. I smile and his tongue plays a dangerous game with Mine. He fights for dominance with my tongue and he easily wins.

“I’ve wanted to do that ever since we met” he breathes heavily.

“Oh really” I smirk. He stands back but still close enough for his hot breath to hit my face.

“Yep” He smiles.

“Justin I..” I trail off frowning.

“I know I know. Your a punk ass rocker who doesn’t have strings attached”

“No Justin I meant..” he looks me in the eye, holding my gaze.

“U meant what” he whispers seductively. I instantly feel my groins calling for his touch.

“Don’t worry” I say pulling him by the collar into a kiss again.


After our totally hot make out session we decide to ditch 3rd period. We go to his room for a bit. It turns out Justin’s just like me. Way too much money to be bothered with everything and everyone.

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