Sun block

The New Nmpth is Outgoing and very noticeable. But she doesn't seem to interested in Apollo.


2. The flood was so not excidental

Ember finally alone walked through the forest the smoke quieting down. she found a tree and fell asleep. 

She woke up to something warm and wet tickling her toes."Ouch!" She wailed as to stood up her feet were in water. She backed away the water rising inching towards her. she started to run, fire lifting her up off the ground The water splash her fire and it went out. She ran to the nearest tree and climbed up. She saw the sun chariot. Apollo swooped down next too her."Need some help?" He asked." Uhhh! Yeah! " She crossed her arms. "First you have to do something for me." He said slyly."And what is that!?'' she asked as the water was half up the tree."Promise to at least try to be my girlfriend!" "What!Apollo! " she exclaimed."Fine then die alone". he shrugged. "Okay wait fine ill be your girlfriend but if it doesn't work out.." She warned."Prove it firefly.'' The water lapt her feet. She leaned followed and pecked Apollo's cheek. He scooped her up and lifted her in the Chariot. "Thank you!" She let out a breath of relief. "No problem princess. " Apollo held the reins. They were off. "Where are we going?'' she asked."Anywhere were you want." He tested."I want to go home."She smirked."Our date ended so soon he leaned in for a kiss, she ducked."Don't touch me, and keep you lips to you self." she warned he pouted.  

Once back home which mysteriously took till night time.

" Thanks?  Apollo." She dusted off her dress. Her Pent House Door opened. Her father peeked outside. "Apollo! What a surprise! come in.Oh and Hello Ember Sweet heart why don't You go upstairs." He said rushing them both in. Ember rolled her eyes and stomped upstairs. but then she Eavesdropped next to the stairs 

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