Blue Jay: A Miraculous Ladybug Story

A girl named Jasmine recently moved to Paris because she is a famous musician and her parents died so she has to move and live with her aunt Natalia. Little did she know that so much would change just from this one move.


2. The Breakup and The Birthday

The next morning I wake up to my phone notifying me that I have a text message and it's from my boyfriend and the message says, 'I'm sorry about your parents death and I didn't want to do this. But I'm afraid that I have to break up with you.... Sorry, but we can still be friends.' I reply, 'It's alright and sure we can gladly be friends still.' I send the message and play the song 'Heartless' 



I sing the song and tears start coming out my eyes. I go to my closet and flip through the different outfits when I finally see one I like I take it down and put the outfit on. 

There's a knock at the door and I quickly wipe my eyes and say, "Come in." Adrien opens the door then comes in and closes it, he asks "Are you alright, it sounded like you were crying." I nod my head and go through my things and takes out the things my ex boyfriend gave me "I'm fine, just getting rid of stuff with things wrong with them." He looks at me then the things I'm throwing out then back at me again and says, "What's wrong with them? They look perfectly fine to me." I look at him with tears in my eyes then says, "These were things from my boyfriend until he just texted me and broke up with me..." I sit on my bed and cries a bit more then he hugs me and rubs my back. When I calm down he lets me go and stands up then says, "We'll get rid of these things later on. But right now you should come down for breakfast since you skipped dinner last night and you probably didn't eat on the airplane." I nod my head and smile then runs out my room and shouts back, "I'll beat you!!!!" he runs after me and says, "You had a head start, I'll still make it first!!!" I touch the wall then I see his hands on the wall by my head and I clear my throat then he moves his hands away and blushes then says "S-sorry.." I smile then walk into the dining room first and whisper to him, "I win" He chuckles a bit then Nat comes over and ruffles my hair then says, "Happy Birthday kiddo." I smile and hug her then Adrien says, "I didn't know it was your birthday." I nod my head and sit down then starts eating. 

After breakfast I walk outside and look around then Adrien grabs my hand and runs off while saying, "I want you to meet my friends!!!" I nod my head and run with him. He stops running when we reach the park and I accidentally run into his back and I say,

"Ow, my nose."

He turns and says "Sorry."

I nod my head and reply, "It's alright." 

We forget we're still holding hands and walk over to his friends. When we get over there the guy says, "Aww. Adrien has a girlfriendddd." He blushes and pulls his hand away. "Nino, be quiet!!!" When Adrien regains his posture he tells me, "This is Nino, the girl with brown hair is Alya, and this blue haired girl is Marinette." I wave hi and right before I'm about to introduce who I am Marinette and Alya  squeal then say,

"IT'S JASMINE!!!!!"  

I giggle a bit and say, "Yep, that's who I am."

They hand me a piece of paper and a pen and ask, "Can we get an autograph cause you're like more famous than Adrien!!!"

I giggle then say, "We're friends so what's the point of an autograph when I'll be hanging out with you two a lot, anddd we can take pictures together."

They pull out their phones and we take pictures together. I look at Adrien and see he's pouting then I whisper to the girls, "Looks like someone is jealoussss." We giggle and sit down as two different people run over from different directions. The boy picks up Marinette and spins her around. The girl runs over and hugs Adrien. Adrien pushes her away, while Marinette on the other hand kisses the guys cheek. Marinette looks at me and says, "This is my boyfriend Nathaniel, and Nathaniel this is Jasmine." I feel a crack in my heart but pretends everything is alright and says, "It's so nice to meet you!!" I look at the girl who hugged Adrien and I ask, "Chloe? Chloe Bourgeois!!!" I hug her and she says, "It's so good to see you again Jasmine!!!" We do a secret handshake and giggle a bit. 

---- 2 hours later ----

They left a bit ago and now me and Adrien are walking home. Right before we get there Adrien covers my face with a blindfold and holds my hand and guides me home and I ask, "What are you doing??" Then he says, "Just wait a minute." I calm down and walk with him while holding his hand. When we get to the house he takes the blindfold off. As soon as I get it off I see everybody and they yell, "SURPRISE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" I smile and cry tears of joy and says, "Oh guys, you didn't have to do this." They smile and Nat comes over to me and says, "It was Adrien's idea." I turn and look at him then hugs him tightly, "Thank you so much Adrien, I needed this after earlier." He blushes then says, "Oh don't worry about it. Besides, you haven't seen the best part yet." He whistles then someone brings out a barrel of the things my ex gave me and they dump it in the fire pit then Adrien gives me a match and says, "You do the honors!!" I look over at Nathaniel and he looks hurt but I shake it off and light the match then drops it on the pile. I smile then shout, "LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!!!!" Nino turns on some of my music and everybody dances around. I go and sit on a bench and watch them while smiling. I pull a picture and look at it, it's a picture of me and Nathaniel. Someone clears their throat and I look up and see Nathan then says,

"Oh, it's you."

He asks, "Why'd you burn all the stuff I gave you?"

I look at him and says, "It's cause you broke up with me. I didn't want to burn it, that was Adriens idea. He's been really helpful to me." 

He walks away then walks over to Adrien and punches him. I run over right when he's about to hit him again and he hits me by mistake and my cheek bleeds then I say, "Why'd you punch him?! Just because he helped me get rid of the stuff you gave me or is it because he makes me happy and you thought I'd be miserable after you dumped me?" I help Adrien up and walk away with him before he can even respond to me. I think to myself, 'I'm glad no one else saw that.' I sit Adrien down and get a wet towel to clean his face. He takes it from me right when I'm about to clean his face then he cleans up the blood on my cheek then says, "So Nathaniel is your ex?" I nod my head then clean up his face when I'm done I say, "We better get back out there." He stands up and we walk back outside. He wanders off and I sit on the steps when a older man walks up to me and says, "Happy Birthday Jas. Here's a gift from me ad don't put it on until you're alone." I nod my head then say, "Thanks!!" I open it and smiles a bit then look up and he's gone. Marinette walks over and looks at the bracelet then looks at me and says, "Pretty bracelets and what happened to your face?" I tell her, "Oh I fell on the steps not that long ago." I give her a reassuring smile and she smiles back and walks off. 

A while later everybody leaves and I look around and start to pick up the mess, I hum a song while cleaning up. When I'm done cleaning Adrien walks over and says, "Happy Birthday." and he kisses my forehead then goes to his room. I blush then quickly run to my room. I pick up my pjs and go to the bathroom. I turn on the water and takes my clothes off then gets into the shower and hums a song while washing my hair. When I'm done I get out and put the pajamas on and walks to my room with wet hair. I pick up the box that man gave me and puts the bracelet on then a blue bird like creature comes out and says, "Hello Jasmine, my name is Fleur and I am your kwami." We talk for a bit then go to sleep.

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