Blue Jay: A Miraculous Ladybug Story

A girl named Jasmine recently moved to Paris because she is a famous musician and her parents died so she has to move and live with her aunt Natalia. Little did she know that so much would change just from this one move.


3. First Day Of School and The Surprise

The next morning I wake up and see Fleur laying down behind my lamp. I get an apple out of a basket and place it beside her then she wakes up and starts eating it. I giggle then change clothes.

I put Fleur in my purse and run out my room. I run into Nat and hug her then kiss her cheek. I smile and slide down the stairwell. I flip off the stairwell right when I reach the end and land on my feet like a gymnast. I giggle then walk into the dining room and grab some food then walk outside. I feel someone place their hand on my shoulder and I get scared so I twist their arm. I look at them and notice it was Adrien, I let go of his arm and say, "I'm so sorry. I had no idea it was you."  He says, "It's alright, but you better run or I'll tickle you to death!!!" I laugh then run off down the sidewalk. Adrien runs after me and I pick up the pace while carrying my backpack. I beat him to the park and stop to catch my breath then I say, "Okay, now you lead the way to school since I don't know the way yet." He nods his head and we walk to school. When we reach the school he takes me to the office and I hear someone scream, "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" someone then walks out the office with a mad expression. I knock on the door and someone says, "Come in." I walk in and the principal hands me my schedule and my locker number. I say, "Thank you." then smile and walk out the room. Adrien walks over to me and we walk to class. 

We get to class and the teacher tells me to wait here for a minute. When everybody comes in she says, "Class we have a new student named Jasmine joining us. Care to tell us somethings about you?" 

I nod my head then say, "I have a younger brother named James who is living with our grandmother right now. I moved here to live with my aunt Natalia from America because my parents died."

She nods her head and smiles a bit then says, "Alright, and you'll be sitting by Nathaniel, do you know who he is?" 

I nod my head and then walk over to him and sit down next to him. I put on my headphones and put the song Dirty Angel on and hum along with it.


I hear a scream and turn off my music and raise my head then ask, "Can I go to the bathroom?" She nods her head then I get up and run out of the classroom to the bathroom. When I get there Fleur flies out my purse and I ask her what I need to say to transform and she tells me the I say, "Fleur, wings out!!" I transform then look at myself in the mirror and smile some.

I fly out the bathroom and head towards where the scream was heard. I land on the floor and I see the principal stuck to a chair writing sentences. I walk around then hear fighting in a different room so I run there and see who Fleur called Ladybug and Chat Noir fighting. I fly over there and focus all my powers together then blast it where the akuma is. Ladybug captures the akuma and turns it back to normal. Chat Noir comes over and bows then says, "Thank you My birdie, what's your name?" I smile a bit then replies, "My name is Blue Jay." Ladybug pulls him away and says, "I need to talk to him alone real quick." I overhear her say, "We can't trust her, for all we know she could be akumatized like Volpina was." I make a noise and cry and Chat says, "Jay!!" I run off to the park and rests in a tree.

I hear someone run over and I turn back into a human right before I see them running over and it's Chat Noir, then he turns into Adrien and I gasp blowing my cover. He looks over and says, "Jas what are you doing here? I thought you were in the bathroom." I jump down then replies, "Yeah, and I thought you were in the classroom.... Chat Noir." I smile a bit and I'm about to tell him that I'm Blue Jay when Fleur pokes me. I then cover it up and say, "We should get back to class now." He nods his head then we hurry to school. I walk into class a little bit before him then I say,

"Sorry I took so long." 

She nods her head and says, "It's okay, by the way did you see Adrien in the hallways?"

"Yes ma'am, he was looking a bit sick so he went to the nurse." 

She nods her head and I walk back to my seat. Nathaniel sends me a text that says, 'He isn't really at the nurse. Is he?' I reply to him saying, 'What's it matter to you?' I put my phone away and get started on my work. Adrien comes back to class a little bit later and I continue working.

----3 hours later----

We leave school and walk home. We get into the house and Adrien runs to his room. I head to the study room and get started on my homework. I turn on some music to help me concentrate. I finish most of my work then I hear a knock on the door then shout, "I got it!!!" I walk to the door and open it then I see someone standing there hurt and they take their hood off and I gasp then I say, "J-James?" He faints and falls to the floor.

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