Blue Jay: A Miraculous Ladybug Story

A girl named Jasmine recently moved to Paris because she is a famous musician and her parents died so she has to move and live with her aunt Natalia. Little did she know that so much would change just from this one move.


1. First Day In Paris

I get woken up by someone on the plane and they help me out, I look around and smile. I'm about to grab my things when someone else grabs at them and I look at the person and see my aunt and I hug her then say,

"Aunt Natalia!!!! I'm so happy to see you, it's been forever since I saw you."

She replies, "That's not true, you saw me last month!" 

"I know, but that's too longgggggg."

We laugh and hug then someone clears their throat and we look over there and they say, "Natalia, are you going to introduce us?"

Natalia says, "Sorry, Adrien this is my niece Jasmine she's a famous singer/dancer and Jasmine this is Adrien a fashion model." 

I hold out my hand and smile, "Nice to meet you!!" He shakes my hand and mumbles, "Likewise."  I shake off his bad vibes and pick up my suitcases and walk with them  to a limo then I remember something and ask Nat, "By the way. Where's my motorcycle??" Adrien looks up at us and Nat says, "It's already at the house and it's the way you left it." I nod my head and we get into the limo and I sit by the window and falls asleep then wakes up when we get to the house.


I take my stuff and follow Nat to what she says is my room. I drop my stuff on the floor and study the room then asks, "Can I decorate the room myself?" she nods and says, "Yes dear, not if you excuse me I have to get back to work." she leaves after she says those words. I open up one of my bags and gets out my decorating supplies. I start to decorate my room and I finish it 1 hour later. (room below)

I plug my phone up to my speaker and turn on the song Fireflies by Owl City. I sing along and dance with the song as I close my eyes. 'I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs as they try to teach me how to dance.'When the songs ends  the song 'Glad You Came' comes on and I fall back on my bed I hear someone clapping from in my doorway. I open my eyes and jolt up and see Adrien standing there. "Oh, it's you. What is it that you want?" He walks closer and says, 

"Would you like to have a dance battle?"

I reply, "Sounds fun and all, but I'll have to refuse. I just danced, decorated my room, and I still have to unpack my clothes. So we can maybe dance tomorrow." I smile at him and stand up then walks closer to him and he keeps backing away and as soon as he steps out my room I close the door and laugh a bit then sings along with the song. I start to unpack my bags and pull out some pictures of my parents and set them out. The more I look at them my eyes start to water then the tears fall. When I finish unpacking it's nighttime and I change into some shorts and one of my dad's old shirts that's too big for me. As soon as I lay down darkness takes over my eyes and I fall asleep.


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