Infatuation & Intoxication

Austin Post, Miles Heizer, Raquel, and Kate attend university, years pass and they graduate. Everyone except their foes tell them congratulations. Austin and Raquel feel like rockstars until they go their separate ways, ending up all alone. What happens when they cross paths again? Will things work out or get cold, heartless, and fall apart causing tears?


1. Chapter one.

Raquel's point of view.

"I heard that theres a party tonight." My college dorm mate and best friend of countless years chirps. "We should definitely go. You can check out hotties while i get drunk."

"Sounds inviting." I utter as Kate removes me from my comfy bed.

"Mhm, now lets get all gussied up!" She exclaims.

"Eh, that seems like a lot of effort." I plop back down.

"Come on, don't be lazy." She points a 'stern' finger at me.

"Alright, mom." I playfully roll my dark brown eyes that are the same color as her's.

"Call me daddy instead." She side smiles.

"As you wish, daddy." I obey.


We laugh then prepare for the soirée. Later, theres a knock on our door. I wonder who it could be before i answer it.


"Hi, Miles." I greet.

"Hey." He steps inside, immediately sharing a bear hug and smooch with her. "Wow, you ladies look ravishing." He glances at me through his glasses and gazes at her. 

"You look pretty snazzy yourself, sir." I compliment.

"Yeah, you're looking like a tasty snack... Actually more like a whole meal." She bites her lip.

"Thank you, i'm flattered." He chuckles softly.


We chat a bit more and take a few pictures because we're slightly vain. Then we head off to the event, Miles leads the way.


His hand is linked with Kate's during the whole journey. Damn, i'm a third wheel for sure. Oh, well. When we arrive to the booming frat house, the couple rushes over to the booze.



"Vodka is love, vodka is life!" She cheers with him, she's so Russian.


I leave the drinking to them since i've had a bad experience with alcohol before. I shudder at the memory. Next thing i know, i'm being pushed onto the dance floor as a song about booties comes on.



"Twerk for us, Raquel!" Kate commands.

"Why don't you!? You're the one with the bigger butt!" I retort.

"Why don't we both!?" She suggests.

"Fine!" I give in so we shake what our mommas gave us but kind of in a ironic, funny manner.


Miles still smirks faintly as his blue eyes observe her though. After a while of being in the packed residence, i decide to sneak outside for some air. 


The duo i came here with won't notice because they're too busy grinding on each other to risqué music. They're so naughty.


Theres a guy sitting on the porch steps but he's not an obstacle. He has a cigarette in his mouth and a guitar in his hands. I'm debating if i should join the small audience that's surrounding him or not.


I eventually gain the courage to casually inch on over to him. Mid melody he stops playing his instrument and takes a gander at me. I gulp. Did i distract him from preforming his mini concert!? Did i kill the moment!? Did i ruin everything!?



"Hello, i'm Austin." He kindly introduces himself. "Who might you be?"

"I'm Raquel, its nice to meet you." We shake hands.

"The pleasure is all mine." He grins.


Kate's point of view.


"Wheres Raquel?" I ask Miles.

"I don't know." He shrugs.

"Did she get kidnapped or something?" I slur.

"I hope not." He says.

"I'm gonna go try and find her because i have separation issues." I tell him.

"Okay but hurry back. I'll miss you, baby." He pecks my lips.

"I'll miss you more, babe." I then walk off.


I search all over the place for my pal. I finally spot her once I take a peak out one of the windows. She's socializing with some dude. I'll let them carry on, i won't cock block her because i'm a decent person.


As i return to my man, i notice that a short chick is keeping him company. When i get close enough, i realize it's Mae. How expected, how annoying.


I want to accept her more than i do but it's difficult. She's known Miles for ages and she low key rubs it in my face. They often post throwback photos of them together on social media and all that jazz.


I didn't mind in the beginning but i got sick of it fast, you can't blame me though. Hm, perhaps i should confront her at last... Before i can really contemplate about it, my animosity and impulsiveness possesses me.


"Yo, Mae!" My brows are already furrowed.

"Sup?" She sighs, disappointed that she has to speak to someone other than Miles.

"I got a bone to pick with you!" I poke her passive aggressively.

"Huh, why?" She crosses her arms.

"You think you're better than me just because you have more history with Miles! Y'all are always reminiscing, thinking way back to the good old days before you met me! But guess what!? I have something you don't and that is a shit ton of chemistry with him! We're madly in love! So, ha! Beat that!" I rant, wrapping my arms around him.

"Does your girlfriend usually pick fights with people when she's intoxicated?" She turns to him.

"No, this is a first. It's adorable though." He snickers.

"Easy for you to say considering you're not being attacked." She mutters.

"Maybe i wouldn't be 'attacking' you if you'd learn how to stay away from my boyfriend!" I hiss.

"You're so insecure that you can't even peacefully let him have more than one female friend. You're such a pathetic brat." She scoffs.

"Shut the fuck up! I swear, i'll kick your little ass!" I glare down at her, she's 5'1 meanwhile i'm 5'7.

"You won't do shit to me, drama queen. Miles will stop you since he cares about me whether you like it or not." She boasts.

"We'll see about that, cocky bitch!" I raise a fist.

"Kate!" Raquel enters the scene with someone. "Don't do it, she's not worth getting booted out of here and charged for assault. You and Miles should assist me and Austin with rounding up some peeps for a game of seven minutes in heaven!"

"We're on it!" My lover distances me from Mae.


The dwarf got lucky this time but she's not off of the hook!


Raquel's point of view.


Once we gather enough humans, we head upstairs to a room with a dimly lit closet included. I put down an empty bottle on the coffee table and spin it twice causing me to nearly blush at the results...

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