Vampire weekend was fantastic

The great master mind Artemis fowl meet his strange cousin,Hades(a girl) is staying for the week and a little bit more .


3. Vamp love

Artemis walked down the dim street lamp, Butler following him. Artemis stopped at the allyway as he heard a rat screeching. Small animals. He noticed he peered down the dark ally way and saw Hades bent down, her fangs in a live rat. She looked up and stood up faster than the speed of lighting." Artemis?" She whispered. Butler aimed the gun at her an fried but she was faster than lighting she appeared at Artemis's side." Please run away I won't hurt you!" She cried a teared slid down her cheek. Her fangs were lined with blood. She avoided another bullet."Butler stop!" Artemis yelled." Butler put the gun down slowly." First things first!" Hades said drying her tear." Why you follow me?" She asked looking accusingly and him." I won't bite you!" She whispered softly." How can I trust you?" Artemis asked. " Becuase sucking hum__ human blood is gross!" She said then just to prove point she threw up all over the street." Sorry I just don't understand how Natural Vamps feast on human blood I'm mean we are just like you actually most of us was once you!" She said wipping her mouth. She looked behind Artemis and was gone in a flash then was back with a squirrel wiggling in her mouth ." Um do you mind?" She asked. Artemis a Butler looked away as they heard the sucking a cry Bing of the animal losing it's blood. When she was done Artemis turned in saw a pack of squirrel fur on the ground with small bones." I'm so tired of eating small animals!" She said whipping the dribble of blood from her mouth." I need Sangera!" She whispered." So you don't have a death wish?" Butler co firmed." No but...." She looked behind Butler and her eyes widen. " move!" She screamed her flash knocked Artemis and Butler to the wall as four figures walked toward them. Two words.


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