Vampire weekend was fantastic

The great master mind Artemis fowl meet his strange cousin,Hades(a girl) is staying for the week and a little bit more .


7. Let me SPELL it out loudness for you! Go away!

Chasing Jason around. I tried to reverse the spell but I not a enchanteress. That's is part of the reason Jason failed. He is a vampire. I ranked my brain. I had to go to school we had to in two hours. Artemis would be back with his family in a hour! Then it hit me. But I didn't like this idea. Cathy read my mind." Do it!" She screamed as the little monsters record everything. Food flew everywhere and glasses broke." But she is so bratty!" I cried stubbornly."I swear to god Hades I will physically___ make you not well. I will hurt you!" She said struggling to find the right words to express her fraustration. Would have laughed if a females voice hadn't beat me to it."Isn't this adorable!" A voice of trickery echoed."please tell that isn't Connie!" I said but a pair of purple eyes appeared in front of me. Then a girl came out of thin air. Dressed in head to toe in purple. She had wond that sparked with power." I think someone called my name!" She chirped in her usual annoying high pitched voice." one called your name ". I answered." Oh come on .it can't be that bad!" She said in a voice that you would use with a baby."Your right it worse than bad!" Cathy screamed. With a wave of her wond Connie made all the vegetables and mess disappear. The

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