Vampire weekend was fantastic

The great master mind Artemis fowl meet his strange cousin,Hades(a girl) is staying for the week and a little bit more .


15. Jerk!

" you know what me and Jason are still hungry!" I hissed then drugged in the refrigerator and pulled out Sanganer. I tossed one to Jason who  thanked me. I drank mine feeling great already." Is that...." Mulch asked." No. What's some?" Jason asked. Mulch shooked his head." I promise it not blood". I insured him." It is even better". Jason giggled. Like a real giggle and the he stole a sip of mine. I slapped his hand away. " how can we trust you?" Holly asked. I spit out the juice." You can't ". I choked. Cathy transformed back and smacked in the back. I cough and cough. A hair ball from the squirrel landed on the floor. I smacked my chest. " youch! That fucking hurt!" I winced." Handed language!" Jason said. I imagined the laughing from

the comedy. Sorry!" I said

sheepishly. I picked up the slimy hair

all and tossed it in the trash. " I'm

vampire!" I confused."oh so pouring

water over you would hurt you?"

Holly asked." It would kill me! God, I

tell you a dirty secret that been

eating my insides. My mom thought I

was a demon in her whom. Of

course she doesn't anymore but still the fact that I told you___ I'm the one who bit Jason . I'm the one who cries them self to sleep every night, with nightmares." A tear slipped down my cheek and Jason pulled into a hug. I cried like a little girl who what's her mommy. Stop crying and rested my head on his shoulder." Hey it's okay. I wanted that bite." He whisper." But you could have died...." I whispered. I pulled away wiping my tears." Sorry". I sniffed. Cathy hugged me a Jason tried to hugged me too. Cathy pushed him away. I smiled. " I suddenly feel very tired. I shuffled up the stairs and  into the bed. I slept all moring like my sleep schedule was back on time. Cathy snuggled up by me her tail wagging just as it did when I first met her.

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