Vampire weekend was fantastic

The great master mind Artemis fowl meet his strange cousin,Hades(a girl) is staying for the week and a little bit more .


10. I Popped someone's arm out the socket with a SOFT BALL!

 The principal lead us to our class. I sat down in the far back and Cathy next to me."Class these are your new students! Hades and Cathy!" A teacher named Ms. Carol said. A girl unfolding of me turned around." Isn't Hades a boy name?" She asked. She had blue eyes and blonde curls." Look it up". I answered she looked surprised at that answer." You remind me of someone". She said." O__k_aay". I said uncomfortable." Do you know Artemis Fowl?" She asked. " he's my cousin why?" I answered annoyed." You sound just like him only your nicer!" She chirped. I giggled like a real giggled.  No one compares me to nice. Bossy? Yes! Rude? Often! Smart? Totally! Nice..... That's new. Cathy laughed. "Hades nice.... No





way!" She whispered I kicked her in

the shin. She stopped laughing. " Hades will you explain what the square root of pi is". The teacher interrupted.  I knew she wanted to find out if I was listening. I thing about some Vamps they can read minds. I peered out into her eyes.

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