Vampire weekend was fantastic

The great master mind Artemis fowl meet his strange cousin,Hades(a girl) is staying for the week and a little bit more .


14. I have the worst timeing

 I lay on my bed when I heard something down stairs. Munching sounds. I was really annoying that vampires could anything a 5mile distance and including dog whistles. I snuck down stairs to hear Artemis' voice. I scrunch up my nose. A disgusting smell floated through my mind. Far from human. I peeked around the corner to see three thing. A girl with big ears in a jumpsuit and a small __man with humungous teeth. Eating.  I gaged . And shuffled into view " what are you doing here?" He asked ."What do think?" I said grabbing my jackets. The girl looked a Artemis ' questioning. " huh__ Holly this is Hades!" He said through gritted teeth. She held out her hand. I suddenly felt hungry. I snapped at it and she pulled it back." Don't touch me!" I hissed slipping on my shoes."Hades please don't eat her!" A voice said . I turned to see Jason walk out sleepy. He had on shoes . Walked out the door. I yawned my sharp fang showing. The little man  examinedmy teeth." Your not a  human are mud girl?" He asked." Howed you guess?" I asked sarcastically." Of courses Hades human!" Artemis said. Cathy was the next to come out she was on all fours sniffing a new sent. She locked my face. I wiped it away disgusted ." Sorry!" She she and darted out the door. " Get away from her Holly!" Then man said." Oh please! There's nothing to worry bout!" Artemis said. " Really cause doesn't smell human either!" Holly she pointing he peeshooter at me. She fired and a bullet hit my shoulder. It didn't hurt.i plucked it out." Should I throw it back at them?" I asked."No!" She exclaimed. Just then a squirrel ran through the kitchen followed by Cathy and Jason. I chased after them grabbing the squirrel's tail I held it closed to me as Jason landed on top of me trying to get the Squirrel we sunked our fangs into. Tugging on to it on both ends . It tore in half. And Cathy gulped it down befor it hit the floor. I pouted. Cathy growled when Jason tried to steal a bite." Cathy don't look at me that way  !" Jason snapped then looked at me nastily. " this close to whipping you off the face of the earth!" I snarled. I ran to the kitchen were Holly looked at me disgustlying. I motioned to Artermis. " better the squirrel than him". I said." You wouldn't!" Artemis said." No I wouldn't I not a hand on you. But accidents do happen".


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