Vampire weekend was fantastic

The great master mind Artemis fowl meet his strange cousin,Hades(a girl) is staying for the week and a little bit more .


2. Dinner time

Went it was near dinner time Hades asked if she could help with the chicken." Sure just make sure you wash it!" Angelina said then walked out leaving Gades totally alone only that's what she thought. She leaned towards the bloody chicken. Her fangs were halfway there when she froze and sniffed the air. She could smell Artemis close by. She followed the sent until she was a few feet from him. He dare not move." Hey Hades hon I'm honna need you to go out side and help Butler with unpacking!" She yelled. Hades froze." Yes ma'am she said left the bloody raw chicken sitting in the sink. Artemis let of a relief sigh the minute he knew she was gone.  He went to his office and looked up on his computer," Vampires". A whole             

bunch of websites floated on the        

screen. One stook out." Young vamps and the Powers at VVV.comVorld vide Veb! Artemis realize he never thought it was true. He read on." Young vamps tend to feast on a nice called Sangera and animal blood when they up it tends to become a habit. Some vamps to suck human blood but that human will die or become a Vampire. Vamps do not know vamps until the age of  ten when the two teeth fall out and painful fangs start growing. Every vamp gets a letter two a Vampire party where they receive a small cooler and Sangera! Yes vamps do hunt at night! Some of the small dead animal laying in parks with two bloody holes in there neck have been attacked. If you related to a vamp that doesn't mean you are a vampire. But it does mean you have vampire blood in your family. Some vampires have a blood stone there wear to not burn up in ashes or suck blood of people. This stone is always mistaken for a ruby! Inside the stone contain vampire blood."  Scrolled down." Vamps have strength other than any human and can  sniff out the faintest dents. They hear the toenails of a mouse chipping. They turn into bats. And there faster than lighting. They don't show up in mirrors or photos". The web site ended and Artemis got up. The only to find out the truth was to Catholic in action! 

That night Artemis waited until tewlve o clock stricken before he got dress and motioned Butler silently to follow him. Artemis peeked into Hades room. She was not ther and the window was open. He ran to the window and looked down. He saw her sprint across the field and into the dark city.


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