Vampire weekend was fantastic

The great master mind Artemis fowl meet his strange cousin,Hades(a girl) is staying for the week and a little bit more .


8. Continued from chapter 7

the broken dishes mended togather and were put away. Jason stop running. "I wasn't that afraid girls . I'm a man!" He announced. One last veggie came out running around. Jason squealed and land in my lap. I caught him."such a man". I said sarcastically. "He was making faces at me!" Jason protested. I rolled my eyes. The vegetable was the smallest of them all. It was cute. I went to go set Jason down." Wait! Could you __ cover it with something__ like a napkin?" He said terrified. I let him drop to the floor. He landed on the vegetable."done! I covered the vegetable!" I said.Connie giggled."Connie tha_thankyou". I said through gritted teeth." Your welcome ". She smiled. "Seea after school!" Cathy said.

Connie nodded then disappeared. I

realize we hadn't had breakfast yet. "

is anyone hungry?" I asked. But the

veggie sene .... I never wanted to eat

again. Me and Cathy shooked ours head but Jason of course nodded." We are not asking your opinion!" Cathy growled. He pouted so I gave in those blood bags you get from the emergency room. Vampires get sick and addictive without enough food. Next thing you know Jason would be feasting on Cathy!

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