Vampire weekend was fantastic

The great master mind Artemis fowl meet his strange cousin,Hades(a girl) is staying for the week and a little bit more .


11. Continued from chapter 10

" I hate it when kid talk during class!" Her mind said I frown and sighed deeper." Answer...." The bell rang. The class including me ran out the room. I walked to my next class. PE. I open the gym doors and go inside the locker room. We get undress and redressed for gym. We play volleyball ball with SOFTBALLS let me say again SOFT foam balls. They bounce off you. They are SOFT! Did I mention SOFT? Anyway some bitch kept on asking aiming me. After the third Time I flipped out and caught the ball.  The snotty girl that picks on Newbies! I aimed at her with the excuse me. SOFTBALL and  a imaginary chart filled the room. Did I mention I'm smart? I saw the angle were it would hit her. I threw it at her she caught actually more like it hit her and she flew a couple feet away. I didn't mean to throw it that hard. Oops? 

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