Vampire weekend was fantastic

The great master mind Artemis fowl meet his strange cousin,Hades(a girl) is staying for the week and a little bit more .


9. Can't tell me what to wear!

Once Artemis got back Interduces them to my cousin. I also grabbed one of those realistic Whigs that are so real you don't notice that that's not the person's head. I gave to Cathy. She wouldn't put it on unless I died it pink. Finally her ears we're covered. We  got a ride from Butler who looked worriedly at Jason. He whispered something to me." Is he one of those people who are so dumb they belong in Disney comedies?" He asked." Actually somethime when he speaks I swear there laughter". I whisper back. " what you talking about?" Jason asked." About how I think you need a  Brain Scan!" I lied. "Please don't make me. "Mom makes me get one every week!"  Jason said. Me and Butler looked up to the sky as the unmistakable sound of laughter filled the air."Just like a comedy!" I muttered. "I sure they do son". Butler said to Jason as more laughter filled the air. Cathy,Artemis, and Jason didn't seem to hear the comedy laughter. "Jason". I asked." Yes?" "You should start digging you grave because this is a blessing you've come so far in life!" I said. He looked confused."Though it's not a blessing because that must mean your life is ending ". I added." I thought Vampire live for hundreds of years ". He said. I put my hand to my eyes in shock. "You are so stupid. How will you pass the PPT test?" I asked. Cathy and Jadon both laughed but not really they fake laughed and chanted."P-P-T test" then sighed. The limo stopped and Artemis thankfully demparted and the dumby followed. Butler guided us to the front desk were the principle sat. She had blonde hair in a tight bun like it was painful. Her glasses sat at the edge of her nose. Her green startling,cold eyes pierced my soul. The song from "Don't push menu Cococa Jones. Appeared in my head." Lookin at you lookin at me your eyes kind cut like a dagger." Echoed in my head. She had perfect pearly white teeth that strength into a fake smile." Miss Fowl And Miss Tollinn! What a pleasure meeting you. I expect wonderful things from you! Promise me you won't disappoint me. I don't like disappointing children or say we say Ladies". She said."I'm not a lady I'm a girl with spunk!" I muttered underneath my breath. The principal didn't hear." You are Hades. And you are Cathrin?" She said pointing at us." Call me Cathy please". Cathy said. I made sure Cathy's tail was stuffed in her pants. " Mr.Butler is there anything we need to know?" Ms. White asked." Uh... Yes Hades doesn't like to be touched neither does Cathy. They will fight back and Hades is fast to anger Cathy you can anger but she has a bark bigger than her bite!" Butler said. I glared at him." I do not have Anger issues. Your going to be the one with issues!" I hissed. Cathy erupted with laughter." And Hades get sun burn easily, she can't touch the water, she is very strong to !" Butler said. " I soppose so is Cathy."

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