It Lies in the Fog



1. One

A foggy or misty morning is always expected here in Allagash, Maine. Especially in the end of winter through the beginning of spring, so nothing having to do with the Fog was ever really unexpected or dangerous, but one does have to be cautious in the heavy fog. There are many reasons I could list, but that would take all day. The top three that come too mind however are very important. One- Pay attention to your surroundings. Depending on how heavy the fog is, the more you’ll have to pay attention. You don’t wanna run into anything! Two- Make sure you know where your going. It can be real easy to get lost in something where you can’t see. Three- And this ones kinda silly, but be careful! You never know who or what lies in the depths of the fog....

Evonne’s POV

It’s currently six fourth five in the morning, and I’m just about to head out the door and onto school, when I notice that this mornings fog was a little heavier that usual. But I decide to shrug it off and head out. I shut the door behind me and pull my backpack onto my shoulders. Still drowsy from just waking up and getting ready in a little bit of a rush, i was aware of the fact that I needed to be extra careful, since my senses weren’t fully heighten. On my daily path to school, as soon as I walk out the door, I walk to the park across the street from my house, through the ditch  and pass a couple of houses before I reach the school. But as Im walking through the park, I can’t shake an ominous  feeling drifting in the fog. I stop at the ditch and take off my glasses, for they where getting all clouded. I clean the clouds off of my lenses with my shirt and put them back on. For a split second I could’ve sworn I saw something ahead of me. Large and ruffed. But then it was just.... gone. At this point I could feel my heart racing faster, and I started to get a little bit more nervous. So I picked up my feet and walked faster towards school. I passed the park, and I passed the ditch. Only thing left where the houses. The crunching of pine tree needles beneath my feet where just above a whisper, but the cracking noise of sticks behind me confirmed my suspicions. I was definitely being followed. In the distance I could hear the faint ring of the late bell, but that was the least of my worries. My main concern was on whatever or whoever was following me. The cracking noise of sticks started to get closer. And closer, and the next thing I knew was  that a heavy and strong force was knocking me down to the floor. My glasses flew from my face as I hit the ground, and I desperately patted my hands around the ground trying to find them. I saw a blurry vision that looked like my glasses. I reached out to grab them, but a blurry blue-gray figure stepped on them, followed by the sound of breaking glass. This is it... I thought. This is where I die.... tears began to flow down my face. A low growl came from the large blue-gray figure. I closed my eyes waiting for death.... but it never came. I opened my eyes and there was no blue-gray figure in front of me. Just the blurry color of the sky. I sat up and pulled my backpack from over my shoulders, still crying, and pulled out my extra pair of glasses. At this moment I was so grateful mom made me carry around an extra pair. I put my extra set of glasses on and saw before me that the mist was gone. The only thing that remains in front of me were my broken glasses in a big muddy footprint. I picked up my glasses, and dashed towards school. Cody and Alva where never going to believe this without proof. 

Cody’s POV

"I’m telling you, there’s something out there! Hiding in the fog!" Evonne says, desperate for belief. "There’s no way! Maybe you just saw a raccoon." Alva says trying to think realistically. "A raccoon can’t break your glasses into a million pieces." Evonne states, holding up a set of totally broken glasses. "And don’t say it was my imagination because an imagination can’t do this either!" I sighed. "Ok look, at lunch we'll go off campus to go see the giant footstep you found your glasses in. Okay?" Evonne nods and says, "Fine. As long as it’s not foggy we can do that, because I am not going out there again and re-living that experience!" 

"Are you afraid that the big bad monsters going to get you??" Alva asks teasingly.

"YES!!!" Evonne shouts, stomping her foot.  

I shut my locker and we all head off to second period together. "Okay, I know I almost just died, and that I should be grateful for what I have in life, but I really don’t want to go to language arts." Evonne complains. "Are you going to keep going on about that?" Alva asks Evonne annoyed. "Until you believe me, Yes."  

I pull open the door to our next class and we each head to our seats. "You girls are late." Miss Siren, our language arts teacher, says in a almost happy voice. I always thought that she enjoyed picking on her students. But Evonne likes her. She says that Miss Siren is her favorite teacher, I don’t know why but that’s what Evonne says. "Sorry Miss Siren. It won’t happen again." I tell her in a hopeful manner. 

As the bell rang for lunch, I looked over at Evonne and her face light up. I just hope I won’t have to hear her story for what seems like the Twenty seventh time today. Honestly I just think that she’s becoming more and more desperate for Alva and I to believe her 'true' story. Well that’s what we’re going out to look at, to find out if she really was telling the truth. But I highly doubt it. Evonne quickly gathered up her stuff and jumped from her seat. "Cmon Guys! It’s time to go!" Evonne rushed. "Hah!" Alva chuckled, before her expression went serious. "Rush me and I’ll purposely go slower." "Okay, okay." I chuckled as Evonne gave me an .... rare stare. Especially coming from her. 

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