No Escape from 1D

All Catherine has ever dreamed about was to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Her best friend Sue tried to get tickets to celebrate Catherine's Sweet 16 birthday, but they were sold out.
Catherine's step brother Zager, ended up getting the tickets for her. What she doesn't know , is her brother sold her, and now she is forced to live being One Direction's slave.
She hates her brother for betraying her, and will do what it takes to keep trying to escape One Direction, in order to get back home to her best friend. Or will she end up falling in love with one of who she calls her captors, and learn to accept living with them?


Author's note

Made a trailer for my fanfic! :)

14. Through the Dark


Catherine's POV:  


Monday's, the one day everyone hates, because it seems to be the longest day of the week.  

Being lazy today, I just chose to wear faded blue jeans, a white tank top, and my red high top converse. The tank top has the 30 Second to Mars symbol on it in black print.  After Ron washed my blood out of his varsity jacket, he gave it back to me to wear at school. He wanted to make it clear to everyone, that we're dating now.  It flatters me, the way he wants to show me off to his peers. I definitely got a lot of the girls asking, if Ron and I are a couple now. Some were jealous of me. Bitchy Alexa definitely didn't look happy that I'm Ron's girlfriend now. I don't care what anyone thinks. I'm very happy to be with Ron, and that's all that matters.   

For me, Physics is my last subject of the day. I like it, but I suck at it at the same time. Being dyslexic, makes math problems my weakness. In physics, there's a lot of math. As we were waiting for the bell to ring, the intercom come on.  

"Catherine McKeegan, please report to the Principal's office."  

Everyone looks at me, wondering why I'm being called to the office. The teacher dismisses me, to be excused from the class. This is weird, I wonder why I'm being called the Principal's office. Maybe I'm being offered to skip a grade, or something.

Since the bell is fixing to ring, I make my way to my locker first, to beat the crowd. I need to get my book bag, that has my work uniform inside. Everyday after school, I change into my work uniform to go to work. Today, I'm working at the Burger King across from our school.  My other two jobs are Aeropostale, and Build A Bear Work Shop.  

The bell rings, as I put my home work inside my book bag, and strap it on.   

"Cat, wait up!" Sue yells through the sea of students.  

She carefully sprints her way over to me, and opens her locker that's under mine.  

"Why did you get called to the Principal's office?" She asks.  

I shrug my shoulder."I have no clue. I'm fixing to go find out. Come with?"  

Sue smile."Of course."   

My best friend grabs her book bag, and closes her locker. We walk our way to the main office.  I go to the front desk, and see Mrs.Foster.  

"Hey Mrs.Foster, I was called to see Principal Bell?" I ask confused.  

Mrs.Smith smiles at me."Of course, Catherine. I will go get her. Give us one minute please."  

I smile and nod."Thank you."   

I watch Mrs.Foster go through the hallway into the Principal's office, walks backs out, and sits back down at her desk.   

Principal Bell walks out of her office to greet me. "Ms.McKeegan, your ride is here to take you home." She smiles.  

I look at her confused."Uhhh. I always ride home with Sue." I look at Sue."Is Ron messing with me, or something?"   

Sue shrugs her shoulder, and looks just as confused as I'am.  

"Ready to go home love?" A familiar British voice grasps my attention.   

Oh fuck. I squint my eyes close, wanting this to not be real. When I open my eyes, there they are. One freaking Direction is standing in front of me, who are wearing lame ass disguises. Hoodies, and sunglasses. A 5 year old, could tell who they are from far distance. Liam, and Niall are both smiling at me. Louis, and Harry are doing this creepy thing where they're trying to hide their evil glares, with a friendly smile.   

I look up worriedly at Sue, who is giving me the smile, that lets me know she has a plan to get me out of this. Just to have some fun, I will go along with this.  

I fake a smile, and look over at Liam."Sure thing. Pap's."   

Liam frowns, giving me a stern look, but covers it back up with a fake smile, remembering my that Principal is right behind him. I notice Niall biting down on his lip, to try and hide his smile from my comment, and to keep him from laughing at Liam.  

"Well then, let's go. We can give your friend a ride home too." Liam happily says.   

As the boys starts walking, they surround Sue and I, like they're our body guards. Giving us no choice, but to walk with them.   

Before I could try to protest, Louis puts his arm around me. He angrily whispers in my ear."Don't even think about trying anything."   

I do my best to keep my cool, and not let my anger take control. We walk out of the office, into the main building, where students are walking everywhere among us.  

Louis grips tightly around the small strap of my book bag, and shoves me to walk in front of him.   

"OMG! IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" Sue yells out to the students, and points to the boys.   

The boys all look at Sue horrified, then towards the screaming girls coming towards them.  Harry tries to grab Sue, but she quickly ducks down, and gets on her hands and knees to crawl away. I take my book bag off, to get free of Louis' grip. Niall tries to grab my arm, but before he can, the crowd of screaming girls surrounds him. I get pushed, and shoved out of the way. I quickly get down on my hands and knees, to crawl my way out of the chaotic mess. I find Sue, we both run off to where they can't find us. We run out of the building, into the courtyard.

Once we see they aren't following us, we stop running, hiding beside the main building.  

"You okay?" Sue asks out of breath.  

I nod my head."Yeah, I'm fine." I smile at her. "Very clever thinking."   

Sue smiles." Thanks. Their lame disguises helped my plan work perfectly."  

I peak through the glass window of the double doors to the main building. I see a sea of girls crowding around the boys. I feel a little bad for them, but also can't help to laugh. Their fault for not putting on a better disguise.  

"Oh man. That's gonna take them awhile to get out of." I laugh.  

Sue giggles."Yeah. I don't think I want to be famous any more. It looks painful."    

She takes a picture of the mob on her phone."Now everyone will know they're here."

She shows me the picture she took.  In one of the photos you can see a girl on Liam's back, and Harry trying to pull the girl off.  Sue posts the pictures on our school's Facebook page.   

"I love evil Sue, yet she scares me at the same time." I giggle  

Sue shrugs her shoulder."I learned from the best." She points at me.  

"Yeah, I can't deny that." We both laugh.  

I grab onto my best friend's hand."Come on. Let's go find Ron, before they get out of their trap."  

She nods. "Okay."  

As we're making our way out of the courtyard, we see more girls running past us, into the main building yelling for One Direction.   

We run to the football field to find Ron. Up on the ramp, I see my boyfriend on the field, next to the goal. 

I know I'm not allowed on the field, but I don't care. In a way, this is an emergency.  I jump over the railing of the ramp, and run through the track field, into the football field. I dodge the football players, who are tackling each other. 

"Hey! You're not suppose to be out here!" I hear one of the football players yell at me. 

I ignore them, and pick up my speed, in case anyone is chasing me trying to stop me. I see Ron getting ready to catch a football. I run in front of him, catching the ball, and throwing it back to the other player.

Ron grabs onto my hand, turning me to him. "What the hell? Catherine, what are..."  

I pull him into a kiss, to make him stop talking.

I break the kiss."Ron, they're here."   

He looks at me confused. "What? Who's here?"  

"One Direction." I whisper to him. "They tried taking me again..."  

The football coach runs up to us. "Malone! What the hell is going on? Why is there a girl on the field?" The coach yells at Ron.    

Ron defends me."She's my girlfriend coach! It's an emergency."  

The coach looks at me then at Ron."Oh really? What's so important, she had to interrupt practice?"  

I started to speak, but Ron speaks for me.

"Uh. Coach this is kind of personal."  Ron talks in a low tone, so no one can over hear the conversation. "Someone tried to kidnap her again. A group has been after her because of her brother."  

The coach eyes grow wide in surprise. He walks up to me."Have you been to the police about this?"  

I shake my head."No sir. I don't want police to be involved. It's complicated."  

The coach scratches the back of his head."Alright. We will talk more about this after practice." He points to me."You just go sit on the bench, we will make sure no one messes with you."  

I nod and smile."Thank you."  

Ron wraps his arms around me, and walks me over to the bench."Was Sue with you?"  

I nod my head."Yes. She's over there." I point to where Sue is.  

Ron looks back, to see his sister leaning against the railing, and looks back at me. "Just sit here, and get comfortable. I will go get Sue to join you."  

I nod."Okay."   I watch as Ron jogs across the field, to where Sue is. She sits on the railing, and jumps into her brother's arms. Ron escorts Sue across the field, to make sure she doesn't get ran over by any of the football players. They walk up to the bench.

"Okay. You two stay here, until practice is over. Please stay out of trouble."  

Sue shrugs her shoulders."No promises."   

We both smile innocently at him. He rolls his eyes at his sister's comment, shakes his head at us, and runs back onto the field.  

I didn't notice a football player sitting next to me, until I hear a groan. He's a tall husky guy. Tan skin, black short hair, and brown eyes. He's holding an ice pack on the back of his neck. He's wearing a number 17 jersey.  

"Man, glad I'm not him." I whisper to Sue.  

She's trying hard to hold in her laugh, but can't letting out slight giggles.  

"What? What's so funny?" I look at like she's gone mad.  

"Uh. Cat. You're the reason he's hurt."   

"What? But I..."   

"You threw the football at his neck." Sue laughs.  

Oh. I remember throwing the football, just didn't know I hit anyone with it.

"Oooooh." I look over at the football player."Uh. I'm really sorry." I smile innocently.  

He sighs, rubbing the ice pack on the back of his neck."You have one hell of a good arm, for a girl."   

His comment made me smile."Thanks. Again, I'm really sorry."

I look at Sue and whisper to her."I feel so bad."  

He chuckles."No blood, no foul. We're good." He pats my shoulder with his free hand.  

I smile at him, glad he's okay, and I didn't cause a serious injury. That explains why the coach yelled at me the way he did.  

The familiar smell of grilled burgers distracts my train of thoughts. I look over towards Burger King out in the distance, across the school. Shit. I'm suppose to be at work by now. Louis has my bag, so I don't have my uniform. Guess I'm not able to work today.  I take out my phone to text my manager at Burger King. Letting them know an emergency situation came up last minute, and I can't come into work.   

I still have a bunch of un-read messages from Zager, Cooper,  and unknown numbers from Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis. I just select all the un-read messages, and delete them to clean out my phone. Same with my missed calls.   

"Well that hit YouTube fast." I hear my best friend giggle.  

I look over at Sue confused."What did?"   

You just went viral within like a minute." She says.  

"What?" I say surprised.  

Sue shows me her phone. Apparently one of the team members was taking a video when I ran out on the field. You can see me running to catch the football, and throwing it, hitting the number 17 guy in the neck, and cuts off as I'm kissing Ron. They blurred out the number 17 guy in the video, so he doesn't get humiliated. The title reads "Malone's Girl Got One Hell of an Arm."  

I shrug my shoulder."Ooops."  

Sue giggles."Now you're definitely popular."  

She scrolls through the comments. I read a lot of people commenting "Impressive", see a lot of the laughing faces, some say I must have learned to throw like that from Ron, and a few say they should let me play on the team next year, that I would be Bearden High's first girl on the football team.

I can't help but to laugh, and feel flattered at the comments.  

Sue scrolls up, and we see another video pop up under mine that reads "One Direction at Bearden High."   

We both look at each other grinning, and watch the video. In the video, a sea of girls, are screaming out for One Direction. They're pushing and shoving, trying to get to the boys. Whoever took this video was in the back of the crowd, trying to get to the front.  When the girls move we can see glimpse of the boys trying to get out of the bee hive. We see the same security guard from the concert, and a few others with him, guarding the boys, and getting them out of the school. That lets me know, they're now out looking for me again. I'm okay here for now, I hope.   

"Well they escaped the mouse trap." Sue says disappointed.  

Isigh."Yeah. Was fun to watch while it last."   

Sue puts her phone away."While we're here. Help me with my homework?" She smiles at me, giving me puppy dog eyes.  

I smile and nod."Sure. I can't do mine right now anyways. Tommo Twat is holding my book bag captive."  

"So in other words. One Direction ate your homework."  

We both laugh at her joke.   

While waiting for football practice to be over, I helped Sue with her homework.   


After 2 hours goes by, practices finally over. Ron talked it all out with his coach, to not get the police involved yet, and that his parents will take care of it. I feel bad for lying, but I don't won't anyone knowing about the One Direction thing. It's just all to complicated.  

Before we went home, we went to Cici's Pizza for dinner.  I decided that I finally need to go get my stuff from Cooper's house, to permanently live with Sue and Ron. We went home, to get some empty boxes, and my duffel bag.  Jackson lives next door to Ron, so he's going with us, in case I need help.  

I'm have a bad feeling about going back to Cooper's house, but I need to get my stuff. As we pull into the driveway, we see one of those orange Volkswagen vans parked next to the side walk, where the mail box is.  Sue and I recognize that van from the "What Makes You Beautiful" music video. That lets us know, One Direction is here.  

I sigh frustrated."Of course they would freakin be here. I knew this was a bad idea..."  

Ron cuts me off."Babe. Relax. Everything will be okay. We won't let them take you. Jackson and I will kick the pretty boy band's ass if they even try to put one finger on you."  

His words of comfort made me smile, and feel a bit better.  

Jackson, and Sue are already out of the car. My best friend is carrying my empty duffel bag. Ron gets out of the truck, and opens my door, to kindly help me out.   

I pull my copy of the house key out of my pocket, holding it in my left hand. I will be giving this back to them. Once I'm done packing, I will be free from this prison.  

Ron takes hold of my right hand, and leads me to the house. My stomach churns each step closer, we get to the front door.  

Before I could put the key in to unlock the front door, it swings open. The first thing I see is Cooper smirking down at me. 

"Well look who it is. Zager, your sister is home!" He sarcastically sings out. He looks at Ron, Sue, and Jackson. "She brought, Fred, Velma, and Shaggy with her too."He announces

Cooper is obviously drunk, like always.  

I roll my eyes at him."This is not my home jack ass!"   

I see Zager walk up, standing behind Cooper.  I point to the man who use to be my brother. "And that dipshit is not my brother." I look at Zager in the eyes glaring at him."You're dead to me."  

In confidence, I let go of Ron's hand, and shove past Cooper, and Zager. I see One Direction standing in the living room, and give them the finger. Before I could run up the stairs, I feel a tight grip on my arm, pulling me back. I turn around seeing Cooper glaring daggers at me.  

"What did you just say? You little ungrateful bitch!"  

"Get your fucking hands off of her!" I hear Ron yell.  

Before Ron could defend me, I kick Cooper hard in his groins. He grunts in pain, lets go of my arm, and falls to the floor.   I back away from him, and Ron steps in front of me for protection. He motions for his sister, to come in. Jackson walks close behind Sue, to make sure Zager doesn't touch her.   

I run up the stairs with Ron, Sue, and Jackson right behind me.   

We enter my room, and close the door behind me. 

"You two stay in here, while we go get the boxes. Keep the door locked, until we get back..."  

My door swings open, and I see Zager. Ron, and Jackson both put their arms in front of me, to keep Zager from getting to close.  

Zager sighs, and looks at me."We need to talk."  

I huff a laugh."Nothing to talk about. Just leave me alone Zager. Once I pack my stuff, I will never bother you again."   


"She said to leave her alone." Ron warns the dick head.  

Zager darts daggers at Ron "She's my sister..."  

I cut him off. "I'm not your sister! Not anymore."  

"Go fuck yourself, and leave us alone!" Sue steps in front.  

Zager looks dangerously at Sue, and grins. "I'm gonna make you swallow those words, you bitch."   

"Bring it dick twat!" Sue yells out in confidence.  

My eyes grow wide, as well as Ron's, and Jackson's.  

Before Zager could grab Sue, Ron shoves her back into Jackson's arms. 

"Don't fucking dare put one finger on my sister!"   

I quickly step in front of my boyfriend,before Zager could throw a punch at Ron. 

I feel Zager grab a fist full of my hair, and quickly pulls me from my friends. He clamps his free hand over my mouth to shut me up.

"Knew that would work. Now. Let's go have a chat little sis."    

keep shaking my head no, trying to get out of his grip. With one hand, he picks me up by my waist. He starts to leave my room, but in an instant, I get thrown to the ground out in the hall way. I look back confused at what just happened. Ron just tackled Zager to the ground, and they're wrestling each other. 

I hear footsteps running up the stairs.  "Catherine! Are you okay?" I hear an Irish voice. I feel a pair of hands, help me up to my feet. I look up to see Niall Horan. 

Still in shock at what just happened, I just stay quiet, and watch, while Niall is checking me for any injuries.   

Liam, Harry, and Louis are pulling Ron off of Zager.   

"Hey! Stop! That's enough!" Liam yells.  

"He fucking threaten my sister, and grabs my girlfriend! That fucking piece of shit deserves to get beat!"   

"Calm down!" Liam yells, shoving Ron back.  

Louis helped Zager up,and blood is dripping from his nose.  

I feel a very tight grip around my right wrist. I get pulled away from Niall, and see Cooper's evil angry eyes stare into mine. As much as I want to get away from him, I don't dare move, in fear he could break my wrist if I do.   

"Let go of her!" Ron yells. He tries to run over to me, but Liam and Harry both hold him back. "Get off of me. He's hurting her!"   

I feel two pairs of hands on the arm Cooper is holding. I look up seeing Niall, and Louis trying to pull Cooper off of me.  

"Dude, let her go! Your breaking her arm." Louis yells at Cooper.  

"She deserves it!" Cooper yells back. 

He tightens his grip more, making me whimper out in pain.  

I could see Niall getting mad. His blue eyes turned grey. He punches Cooper straight in the jaw, and pushes me back into Louis's arm.  

"She deserves a better fucking home!" Niall yells.  

Whoa. That was kind of awesome to watch. I know to never piss off Niall. I think everyone thought the same thing, because it was an awkward silence.  

Louis gently pushes me over to Harry, and pulls Niall back from Cooper. I pull away from Harry, into Ron's arms.  

"Come here Baby, everything is okay." Ron hugs me.

I didn't realize I been crying, until he wipes a stream of tears off my cheek. My boyfriend inspects my wrist."Shit."

I start to look down, but Ron stops me."No, don't look at it. Just keep looking at me. Okay."

 "Nice going you fucking ass hat! You broke her wrist!" Ron yells at Cooper. 

All Cooper can do is just grunt in pain. I look over at Zager, who is shirtless. I see he used his shirt to clean up his bloody nose. I'm confuse at why he's not helping his best friend. He comes over to me instead.  

"Let me see." Zager orders.  

I shake my head no, not wanting him to touch me."" I hug into Ron.  

"Catherine, please. I promise, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to check your wrist."  

As I look in his eyes, I can tell he's not drunk. He's actually sober for once.   

I look up at Ron."It's okay." I assure my boyfriend, to let me go. 

Ron nods, and lets me go. Zager walks up to me, and gently takes hold of my hand.  

"So I take it that he's your boyfriend now?" Zager looks at Ron, then back at me.  

I look up at the eyes that belong to my brother. I smile, and nod my head."Y...yes."  

Zager smiles."I guess it's about time."  

I flinch, as I feel pain, from Zager pressing on my wrist.  

"Sorry." He stops pressing it. "On a scale of 1 to 5, how bad is the pain?" He asks me.  

"F... Four." I whimper out.  

Zager nods."Oh okay. It's feels like it's just a sprain. Can you come with me down stairs? I'll wrap it for you. I would also like to talk to you alone. Please?"  

I sigh, and nod my head."Okay."

I look back at Ron."I will be okay.  

My boyfriend smiles at me."Okay."

He kisses my forehead."Scream, if you need me." He whispers in my ear.  

I nod my head, and smile to let him know I understand.  

I walk over to Zager, where he is already standing by the stairs, waiting for me.

As I walk past Cooper, I pretend to accidentally step on his fingers.  "AHHH! FUCK!" Cooper grunts in pain.  

I shrug my shoulder."Whooops." I sarcastically say.  

I hear Sue, Ron, and Jackson laugh. I look back to see Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam trying to hide their smile, and not laugh at Cooper. I smile in satisfaction, that even they know he deserved it.  

I look at Zager who sniggers, trying not to laugh at his friend's pain. 

He shakes his head, and motions me to start walking down the stairs. "Come on. Let's go Cadillac."  

I smile at that nickname. I haven't heard anyone call me that, since our parents left. My step Dad use to always call me that.  

I walk down the steps, with Zager following me. We walk into the kitchen. I pull out one of the chairs from the table, turning it sideways, and sit down.  I watch Zager as he grabs the first aid kit, and bandages. He walks over to me, and pulls out a chair to sit in front of me.    Curious to know how bad it is, I look down at my wrist. My eyes grow wide at what I'm looking at. My wrist is purple, and red spots around it.   

"Ugh. Gross." I look away.  

"Good thing I remember what to do." Zager chuckles a little.  

While Zager was finishing up high school, he was taking courses to be an EMT. He had to quit when he was 19, because he was having a hard time taking care of me, and juggling school at the same time. He still remembers the basics they taught him, before he dropped out. He would always know when I had to go to the ER, after I caused an injury, if he couldn't fix it, or didn't feel like it.  

I watch Zager as he takes the ace bandage wrapping my arm.  

He sighs. "You know the real reason why I put you up for adoption, right?"  

"To get rid of me?" I sarcastically answer.  

Zager rolls his eyes."No. It's to protect you." He points to my wrist. "So this won't happen again. I don't want him to hurt worse then he already has."  

I huff a laugh." Since when do you even care about me?"  

He gives me a stern look."I always have. You just don't see it..."   "

Yeah, getting drunk, and beating me helps me see it."  

He frowns at my sarcastic comment."I...I didn't mean to ever hurt you like that. Listen, Cooper just got into my head. I made stupid mistakes. I'm really sorry. I know Dad would kill me if he was hear, for the way I treated you. I'm so sorry for ever hurting you Catherine."

"You should have talked to me about this. I can live with Sue, you didn't have to put me up for adoption."   

Zager sighs." I... I know. But I wanted you to be in a good home. I know for sure, and can trust that they can provide that for you. I also thought you would love living with them, since they're your favorite band..."  

I shake my head."No. Zager. I don't want to live with freaking One Direction. I want to stay here in Knoxville, to live with Sue, and Ron. This is my home, no where else. You can't make me leave...."  

"Catherine, this is for your own good!" He yells out in fustration.

His tone of voice, made me sink back into my chair.  

I follow his eyes, and see Cooper. I just ignore the dumb fuck.

As Zager is done wrapping my wrist, he stands up, and walks over to the fridge. He takes out two ice packs. 

He throws one to Cooper."Leave. I'm trying to talk to my sister."  

"All the sudden you're the heroic big brother. Saw that one coming. Just don't screw shit up!" Cooper storms out of the kitchen, and down to the basement, slamming the door behind him.  

I can now clearly see that Zager is also a victim here. He's become Cooper's puppet. I never saw that until now.  

I make a suggestion."Why can't we just move out..."   Zager shakes his head."I can't leave my best friend..."   

"Just like I can't leave my best friend, and my boyfriend." I point out.

"They're my family. If you take that away from me, I won't ever be able to forgive you."

"How long has that even been going on? How long have you been dating?"  

"For three days. He asked me out on my birthday. Why does that even matter?"  

"Because it's inappropriate for you to be living under the same roof as him..."  

"Whoa. Wait. You do not get to play over protective big brother here. That's not your role anymore. You're just a puppet, following his Master's strings!"   

Zager looks at me shocked."What did you just say?"  

I didn't realize what I was thinking, accidentally slipped out.   

I try to cover it up."Zager, I... I didn't mean to say that...."  

"You think I'm the puppet here? You're wrong. That's your role. You're the puppet, and we're your masters. You're only 16, so you do what I say! Go pack up your shit. You're moving with them today, end of story. Go!"   

I stand up crossing my arms."I will go pack. But I'm not moving in with One Direction. The Malone's are my family now. You... You're not my brother anymore. Just stay out of my life."  

"Will be easy for me to, with you finally gone. You know, it's your Mom's fucking fault my Father is dead to begin with! If he didn't marry her, he would still be here! Every time I look at you, I see her. You fucked up my life, just as much as she did. Selling you, was worth it. Now I have the money, to get my life back. I can go back to school, since I no longer have to take care of you. I will be glad when your out of my sight!"   

The words he just spoke hit me hard. He actually blames my Mom, for our parents death. I don't even want to breath the same air as him, after what he just said.   

"I hate you so much. Go rot in hell!"  With out another word, I run up the stairs to my room. I slam my door shut, and lock it, not wanting Zager to barge in.  

I forgot I had people in my room, til I heard British voices having a conversation.  

I look behind me, and see my fiends are packing my clothes.

Liam, and Niall are sitting on the edge of my bed looking through one of my photo albums. Louis, and Harry are both observing the poster of them I have on a wall, next to my bed. It's a very old poster from Pop Star Magazine, when One Direction first became popular. It is a little weird seeing 4 out of 5 of the boys in the poster, standing in your bed room.  

"Okay. I get why some think I'm gay. I looked like a twink back then. What was I thinking." Louis laughs. Making the other boys laugh at his joke.  

"I still look handsome as hell." Harry stands next to the poster, doing the pose his younger self is doing.   

I roll my eyes at them. I walk over to them, stepping on top of my bed, walking between Niall, and Liam. I reach for the poster, and rip it in half, only leaving Zayn on my wall.  I take hold of the other half of the poster with the boys on it, and tare it to shreds.   

"Well that hurt a little." Harry sarcastically says.    

I point at Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam. "Get out of my room!"  

Louis tries to correct me."Uh. Technically it's not your room anymore..."   

"GET OUT!" I jump off my bed, in front of them.  

They eyes all open wide towards my tone. The boys all raise their hands in low surrender.  "Okay. Okay. We're going."   

Once they leave, I slam my door behind me again.   I

keep trying my best to hold in my tears, but I can't anymore. What Zager said really hit me hard. I lay on my bed, holding my Mr.Gaff (a giraffe plush my Mom gave to me), and cry into it. Sue has seen me at my worst, I'm not so sure about Ron. He might have only over heard me, when my parents died. This is the first time Jackson has seen me like this, I'm sure this is awkward for him, but I don't care right now.  

"Can you guys give us some alone time?" I hear Sue ask.   

Once I hear the door close, I know we're alone. Sue lays on my bed, hugging onto my shoulders from behind to comfort me.

"It's just us now. You can let it all out."  

do just that. I let out all my frustration, and anger in the form of tears. It then becomes sadness. I miss my parents so much. My step Dad, was the first man who taught me what a Father is. My Mom wasn't just a Mother to me, she was my best friend. If she was here... if they were both here. None of this would be happening. I just don't understand, why bad things happen to good people. It's not fair.   

After I let out all my tears, I sit up on my bed. Sue sits next to me, resting her arm around my shoulder.  

"If it's okay to ask. What happened?" My best friend asks.  

I wipe away my tears."Zager blames my Mom for our parents death..."   

"But it's not her fault..."  

"He said if his Dad never married my Mom, he would still be here. That's why he thinks it's my Mom's fault. I just wish they never got on that stupid plane. I wish they were still here. Everything is so fucked up now." I lay my head down on Sue's shoulders.  

She pulls me into a hug." Whatever happens, everything will be okay. You can fight through this, you're very strong."   My best friends comforting words, helped me to calm down.   

We hear a knock at the door, and the sound of Ron's voice. "Is it okay to come in? We have boxes."   

I nod my head to approve my best friend to open the door. I sit back in the corner of my day bed, against the railing, and cuddling my giraffe. Sue walks to my door to unlock it, and let them back in.

Ron sits the empty box down against a wall, and walks over to me. He sits on the edge of my bed.  

"You okay sweetheart?" He awkwardly asks me.  

I nod my head."I guess. Zager is a jack ass. I never want to see, hear, or speak of him again."  

"Who's that your talking about?"   

Knowing he sarcastically asked that, and said that to let me know he's on the same page as me.  I look up smiling at my boyfriend.  He brushes his thumb on my dimple.

"There's that cute beautiful smile we all love." He kisses my cheek.    

I let go of my giraffe, and wrap my arms around you boyfriend, hugging him. He wraps his arms around me, pulling me into a bear hug.   

The sound of someone clearing their throat interrupts us. We both look by the door, and see Niall.

"Um. Need any help packing?" He asks me.  

I shrug my shoulder."Uh. Sure."  

"Okay. Cool." He happily walks in my room.  

Louis walks in behind Niall. "We need to get going soon. Thanks to your announcement..." He points to Sue." Some of the students at your school followed us, and found out where we're staying. So we will be making our trip to South Carolina, once you get your stuff back."   

I cross my arms over my chest, sand scoff at him."Well then go ahead, and go. I'm staying here."   

Louis gives me a stern look."No you're not. You're coming with us. You don't need to pack much clothes, we have that taken care of. Just pack things that you can't re-buy..."  

"So I can bring my friends?" I smile cheekily at Louis.  

He snorts a laugh."No. Nice try tho."  

I frown."Whatever."  

I don't waste my time arguing with One Direction anymore. I get up, and start packing my stuff to take home. Sue, Ron, and Jackson packed up my shirts that have meaning. Like my shirts from family vacations with my Mom, Girl Scouts, sport team jersey's, Theatre club shirts, and church events. The type of shirts you can't just re-buy. I packed up all my trophies, medals, and awards in a box. Found all my Disney VHS, and packed them in a box. Along with my Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movies, and Olsen twin books. Anything from the 90's and 80's that was a gift from my Mother, I packed it up in a box. I did pack the Princess Diana TY beanie baby in a book bag, along with my favorite comic books, and Mr.Gaff. My laptop is also in my book bag. Thanks to my Mom, I've collected rare comic books. Like the first ever Wonder Woman issues. Most of the comic books I own are all Wonder Woman. For my entertainment, I added the X-Men, and Spiderman comic books to my collection. The photo albums, and home movies that I could find, I packed up in a box. In another book bag, I packed up some the scrap book my Mom made of my Baby firsts stuff, three photo albums, and my Mother's cook book. They're recipes in there that belong to my great grandmother. It was passed on to my grandmother, who passed it on to my Mother, and now it belongs to me. My Mom started teaching me how to cook when I was 11 years old. I was always horrible at it, and gave up when Zager told me I suck at it. I stuck with just making cereal, and sandwiches. I still keep the cook book, because I know my Mom would want me to keep it. So when I have a kid, I can pass it on to them. 

We loaded everything all up, securely in the back of Ron's truck. All I had was my two book bags. 

I had one already strapped on my back, and I sat the other one down next to Ron's truck. I walk over to pick it up, but it's not there.  

"We put your bag in the van already." Louis announces with a grin on his face.  

I stomp over to him."Give me my bags!"  

Louis shrugs his shoulder." Okay. Go get them."  He points to the van.  

The door is open, and Harry is sitting on the side of the van, playing a game on his phone. I see my book bags, and my purse sitting in the corner behind the driver's seat. Please, I know very well once I get near the van, they will shove me inside.   

I cross my arms over my chest."I'm not stupid, like you are."   He quirks an eyebrow up, and smirks at my comment. Louis squats down to meet my face." We're giving you one choice love. Either you willingly come with us, or we can do this the hard way again."  

"Put one finger on me Tommo Twat, and I will kick you in the balls again!"  

"What did you just call me?" He angrily asks. Louis tries to grab me,but Ron quickly steps in, pulling me back away from him.  

"She is staying here." My boyfriend gently takes hold of my hand.   

Louis stands up straight. He starts to say something, but Liam and Niall walk up, standing on each side of Louis.  

"She's my kid now. She will be going wherever I go." Liam speaks to Ron. "Let's go Catherine." He holds out his hand.   

I cling onto my boyfriend."I'm not going anywhere with you. I'm staying. Please, don't make me leave them..."    

Liam sighs.!"Catherine, how about we make a deal?"  

I look up at Liam confused." What kind of deal?"  

"We promise you that if you willingly come with us, without a fight, then you'll get to visit them during the holidays, here in America."  

"What happens if I don't accept the deal?"  

"Then you will lose all your visiting privileges. So it's either leave with us, and visit your friends. Or we drag you, and you won't get to see them at all. We will give you a 5 minutes to make your decision." Liam walks off over to the van, with Niall, and Louis following him.


I lay my head on Ron's chest, thinking on what I should do. Put up a fight, and possibly stay here. Or put up a fight, that I end up losing, and won't be able to see my friends again. Or I could just go to play along, and find a loop hole to get myself out, and come back home. That sounds like a good idea.   


Ron whispers in my ear."You can go. I won't be mad or anything. I would rather you go, and get to visit you, then not get to see you at all. Distance will not tare us apart. No matter what, I will always love you." He kisses the top of my head.  

I look up at Ron, smiling, and nod my head."I promise. I will always love you, no matter what."   

I get on my tippy toes, to gently wrap my arms around my boyfriend's neck. Ron gently holds my head in between his hands, and kisses me passionately.  He wraps his arms around me, hugging me, and picks me up to spin me around. Ron carefully puts me back down on my feet.

"You should go talk to Sue. I think she already knows." He looks over  to his truck.  

I follow my his eyes, and see Sue leaning against the truck. Her arms are crossed over her chest, and she is staring at the ground. She's trying to make her long strawberry blond hair hide her red puffy teary face. Jackson has his arm around her, trying to give her comfort. Seeing her like that, is making me want to cry. Just like her, I hold it in, and stay strong.  I let go of Ron's hand, and walk my way over to my best friend. Jackson walks over to Ron, and they step aside to give Sue and I some alone time.  

Sue looks up at me."You... You're going right? So you can visit me."   

I nod my head."Yes."  

"I promise to take care of your stuff, til you get back." She whispers.  

I smile."Thanks."   

Sue pulls me in a bear hug, with our chins resting on each other's shoulders.   

"You better call me, and text me every day."  

"Of course. You'll know something is wrong if I don't. I promise you, I will do whatever it takes to come back home."  

"Home is where the heart is." She whimpers out in my ear.  

That lets me know she's starting to cry.  

"I'll always remember that you, and your family are my home." I rub her back with my left hand, to comfort her.  

"To infinity and beyond" she whispers in my ear.  

I smile, and nod my head."To infinity and beyond."  

We give each other a tight squeeze hug, one last time, and release.

Jackson walks up to me. He hands me a thin rectangular silver key chain. In graved, it has the words "BHS Seniors Class of 2016 #13", on the back is has "1st Place Regionals 04-28-15". It has a silver baseball chain next to it.  

I look at him confused, not sure what to say.

"Something to remember me by." He awkwardly smiles.  

"Thanks." I smile at him.  

I give Jackson a side hug, and he hugs me back.   

"Awwwwww." Ron, and Sue sing together.   

"My best friend, and my girlfriend getting a long." Ron happily says." That's something you don't see often."   

I look over, and see Sue taking a picture of Jackson and I. Jackson playfully pushes me to Ron. I roll my eyes, and stick my tongue out at Jackson. I put his key chain in my jacket pocket.  

"Aaaaand that ended quick." Ron chuckles.  

"You ruined the moment." Sue   giggles, and points to her brother.   

"My bad."Ron shrugs."But I can make a better one."  

My boyfriend gently pushes me in the middle, with his chest. He grabs Jackson arm, and wraps his arm around Sue, pulling us all into a group hug. My face gets buried into Ron's chest.  

"Ron" I muffle out. "I can't breath."  

"Oh. Sorry." Ron releases his grip. 

Now I can look up, smiling at my friends.   

Sue takes a group selfie of all of us. Through the screen of her phone, we can see Liam walking up behind us. Sue puts her phone up.  Holding on to Ron's hand, I turn around to face Liam.  

Liam smiles at me."Ready to go?"  

I sigh in disappointment, and nod my head yes.  

"Can I see your phone?" Liam points to Sue.  

She looks at him confused, but nods her head yes, and gives him her phone.  

Liam goes to her contacts, and types his number in her phone. "If you need another way to reach her, you can always call me." He smiles at her.  

Sue smiles, and kindly takes her phone from Liam. "Thanks."  

Liam looks at me."Alright, let's go."  

"I will walk with you." Ron says to me.  

I happily nod my head yes, and hug onto my boyfriend's arm.  We're now standing in front of the van. I see Harry already sitting in the front passenger's seat, still on his phone. Louis is leaning against the van, with his arms crossed over his chest, and is standing by the door. I see Niall sitting on the couch in the van, who is also on his phone.  

"I want you to have this." Ron hands me his iPod.  

I shake my head."But it's your's..." I hand it back.  

"Now it's yours. It's okay. I still have my iPod nano. I won't you to keep this. You'll have my favorite songs, to make you always think of me." He smiles. "I also want you to keep my jacket. It's yours." Ron slides the iPod in the jacket pocket.  

I nod my head, and hug him."Thank you."  

"You're welcome. I love you Catherine."  

"I love you Ronald."  

We kiss each other passionately one last time. Not wanting it to end, I keep kissing him, as he kisses me back. The sound of someone clearing their throat, makes us stop. 

"Okay Juliet. We have to go now." Louis points to the door of the van.  

I see Liam is already in the driver's seat. I glare, and roll my eyes at Louis.   

Igive Ron a kiss on his cheek. "Love you."  

"Love you too." Ron smiles, giving me a peck on my lips.  

Stepping closer to the van, forcing me to let go of Ron's hand, is slowly shattering my heart. A new hand pops out in front of me to take hold of. I look up, and see Niall. I sigh, not wanting to, but kindly take hold of his hand anyways. He carefully helps me in the van. Louis hops in after me, and closes the door. I sit on the right side of the window seat. Thankfully Niall sits next to me, in the middle seat, and Louis sits on the other side, next to Niall. 

I can only see my boyfriend through the window. To avoid them seeing me crying, I pull my hood up, and stare out the window. 

Liam starts the car, and drives off. I keep looking out the window, to stare at Ron, Sue, and Jackson, until we drive into a different street, and I can't see them anymore.  I now just observed my hometown, as we drive by, until we pass the sign that says "Now Leaving Knoxville."  

My heart aches so much, from being taken away from my home. It's hard for me to believe this is really happening. The pain in heart, that's not going away, let's me know this is very real.   

I pull out Ron's iPod that has his headphones wrapped around it. Maybe listening to music will help me feel better. I unravel the headphones, and plug it in the iPod. Wanting to avoid them, and have me time, I put the head phones in my ears.

I scroll through Ron's playlist. His music artist list consist of artists like 30 Second to Mars, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Protomen, Nightwish, Kamelot, The Fray, Linkin Park, Evanscence, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Green Day, Asking Alexandria, Blink 182, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, Rise Against, Nirvana, AC/DC, Queens, Guns N' Roses, Atreyu, Switchfoot, Relient K, Owl City, Alan Walker, Hawk Nelson, and many more. His favorite type of music is Rock, and some techno. He has a few favorite country songs by Nickel Creek, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Rascal Flats, Maren Morris, Jason Aldean, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Faith Hill, Keith Urban, and Luke Bryan.  Let's face it, when you're raised in Knoxville, listening to country music all your life, you can't get away from it. It's a part of you forever.   

In his iPod, I click shuffle on his favorite's music playlist. "Here I'am" by Asking Alexandria starts playing, and I turn up the volume.   


As I stare out the window, I start daydreaming. I think about Sunday, and how much fun I had with my friends, celebrating my birthday. Normally on Sunday's I would go to church with Sue, Ron, and their parents. Since I had a crappy day on my birthday, their parents agreed, I needed a birthday re-do, and let us skip church for a full day of fun, before we went back to school Monday. That was definitely the best Sweet 16, anyone could ever ask for. Birthday's isn't about the cake, or presents. It's all about spending your day, with the people you love. 

I'am very thankful to have an amazing best friend, and boyfriend, who would do anything to make sure I have an awesome day, that's memorable. A day I can always look back on, to make me smile. If it wasn't for Sue, and Ron, I don't even want to think what my life would be like without them. I would be living in Hell. I would have probably attempt suicide at some point, to get away from Cooper's, and Zager's abuse.  Ron, and Sue are both my anchors, who help hold me down. They help me have a life, that is worth living for.     

Looking at now, being apart from them. Being forced to live with a boy band, and living in another continent. Not sure how I'm going to survive this without them. I just have to keep thinking about Ron, and Sue. I will keep fighting everything, in order to go back home. Fighting everything, means I have to put up living with One Direction for now. Gain their trust, and work on a plan to escape. I will do whatever it takes to get back home. Hopefully, that will be soon.



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