No Escape from 1D

All Catherine has ever dreamed about was to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Her best friend Sue tried to get tickets to celebrate Catherine's Sweet 16 birthday, but they were sold out.
Catherine's step brother Zager, ended up getting the tickets for her. What she doesn't know , is her brother sold her, and now she is forced to live being One Direction's slave.
She hates her brother for betraying her, and will do what it takes to keep trying to escape One Direction, in order to get back home to her best friend. Or will she end up falling in love with one of who she calls her captors, and learn to accept living with them?


Author's note

Made a trailer for my fanfic! :)

8. The Girl

 Niall's POV:

   Tonight is the night we bring our girl home.

Her name is Catherine McKeegan, a beautiful young lady. We adopted her from her brother, since he can't afford her anymore. Honestly it looks like she's better off in our care, then his. He doesn't seem like a good brother to have. He looked drunk at the time, and Ed's cousin seemed to really hate her for some reason. Why would anyone hate such a beautiful girl, like her. Then again there's a lot of things wrong with Cooper, that Ed explained to us.       

 Considering she's a fan of ours, we already know she will love living with us. I just really hope she likes me. I been thinking about her since the first time I saw her picture, and I can't stop thinking about her. 

We will give her all the love, attention, care, and protection anyone could ever want. After we signed the adoption papers yesterday, I went shopping to get a few things, I think she would like. Today is her birthday, so I even wrapped up a few presents for her.  

Only thing I'm worried about, is getting her to go with us after the concert. She's a teenager, she may not believe us that we adopted her, and try to run away from us. We discussed as a group, that if she doesn't willingly leave with us, then we will have to make her unconscious for awhile, to get her in the van. I really hope she will be happy to be adopted by us, so we don't have to chloroform her. Hopefully things will go well tonight.    


    Right now the lads and I are getting some fresh air, before we have to go to our show. Instead of staying in a hotel, like we normally do, we agreed on staying in a cabin up in the mountains, for a fun camping experience. Paul and the security team, are staying at a hotel room, to be closer to the stadium, and their not very fond of the outdoors. Worked out perfectly. Will give us more time alone with Catherine, before we have to go to South Carolina.      


 Louis, Harry, Liam, and I are currently playing soccer at the park, that's outside our cabin.       

Louis and Harry keep joking around, and arguing about who gets to have Catherine's virginity. I wish they would stop talking about her like she's our little pet, even if their just joking. It's kind of annoying. I feel like we should let her choose, and if she chose me, I would let her wait til she is ready. 

But of course the main reason Harry and Loui wanted her, was to help take care of their sex drive.

Harry's last relationship, didn't work out. 

Louis is in an on and off relationship with Eleanor. 

Liam doesn't want any sexual relations with Catherine, and he explained he just wants to be a big brother figure to her. I think he is secretly seeing someone, and that's why he only wants to be a brother to her. 

Zayn is sadly not part of our band anymore, but he's still apart of our group. He landed a solo record deal. Since he's been back home in London to pack up his stuff, he's helping us, by getting Catherine's room ready for her. Zayn will be in and out as he's getting ready to move in with Perrie. He will just be another big brother figure to Catherine.      


Harry and Louis are making some kind of dumb bet. Whoever can kick ten straight goals, without missing, gets the virgin. Liam andI I, just stand back to watch them. Harry went first, so far made 7 goals. The eighth kick, made the ball hit the top of the goal, and it flew towards a picnic table.

"Heads up!" Louis warns the girl, sitting on the table.

Thankfully it bounced behind her, off the table, and rolls in front of her, under the bench.   

Louis yells over to the girl."Hey! Can you please give us our football?"   

We watch her hop down the table, she's kind of short, maybe 5"1. She looks pretty though. Beautiful curvy body, and long wavy chestnut brown hair, that's tied up in a ponytail. She has on dark blue jeans, a pink coral shirt, and turquoise sneakers. As I'm trying to study her face, I couldn't believe my eyes. It's her, it's Catherine.  

I nudge Liam."That's her, that's the girl." I whisper to him.

Liam looks at her to study her.

We watch her kick the ball to us. She kicked it very hard, making it fly over to Liam, and he jumps up to catch it.

"A girl who can kick. Now that's hot." Harry comments.  

We all chuckle at his comment, and agreed.  

Louis waves at her."Thanks!"  

She waves back, and smiles at us."You're welcome!"  

Seeing her smile, that definitely let me know that was her. 

She sits back down on top of the table.   

Liam shrugs his shoulders."I don't know bro. It could just be a girl that looks like her." He kicks the ball to Louis.

  "I'm going to go find out."I starts to walk my way towards her, but Liam stops me.   

"No. Not now. If that is her, what are you going to say?" He does a terrible Irish accent, that sounds more like Scottish." Hi, I'm Niall Horan, from One Direction, an we adopted you?"  

 I roll my eyes." One your accent is terrible. Two I'm Irish, not Scottish. And three, I wasn't going to say anything. I just want to get a better look."   

"Zager said his sister is single right?" Liam asks.  

I look at him confused." Yeah. So?"  

Liam points over to her direction."Then that's not Catherine."  

I look over, and see her kissing some guy. Weirdly enough though, it looks like, this look a like shares the same birthday as Catherine. The boy gave her a gift bag, with a balloon tied to it.   

"What if Zager was wrong? She could have a boyfriend, and he not know about it. It looks like it's her birthday, and today is Catherine's birthday."  

I look back over to her, and see her putting a big Stitch plush back in her gift bag. She opens some kind of note book, and starts writing in it.  

"Could be a coincidence? That girl could share the same birthday as her...  

"Yeah, if she has a twin she doesn't know about. Liam, I know that smile anywhere, it's her. That's Catherine." 

We hear the guy sitting next to her start singing " I'll Be", by Edwin McCain.  

"I'll go see for myself then. I'm just going to walk by to see if I hear what her name is. I need to go to the restroom anyways. Be right back." Liam walks off, and I see him walk behind Catherine, to get to the restroom.   


I walk to sit down on the side of the field to watch her, but pretend I'm starting out into the lake.

The guy she is with is actually a really good singer, and guitar player. I see he's wearing a light grey hoodie, and the name " Malone" on the side of his sleeve in maroon red letters. On the back of his hoodie reads," Class of 2016". Catherine is a sophmore in high school. If that girl is her, then that means she's dating a senior.  

My thoughts get distracted by Louis, who is cheering."Tommo for the win! In your face Styles!"   

Harry is pouting like a 5 year old." No fair! You're a pro at football. Why don't we settle this bet with something we're both good at."  

Louis shakes his head."No way. I won this fair and square. You just want to change the bet, so you can win. I won this time Styles, get over it. I get the girl first."   

I roll my eyes at him."Guys. Stop claiming her as our pet. She's human too you know."   

Louis rolls the ball over to me."You want in on this Horan?"  

I pick up the ball, and throw it back at them, ignoring his question.  

I can't help but to keep starring at her. When he's done singing,they kiss again. I keep getting a jealous feeling, but there's nothing I can do about that right now. I can hear her giggle about something. Her laugh is really cute. The way they both look at each other, I can tell they're in love. If that is Catherine, I feel a bit terrible for taking her away from love. The again, maybe I can give her that.   

A hand waving in my face, brings me back to reality. I look up, and see Harry. "You okay?" He asks me.  

I nod my head."Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry, just thinking."   

Good thing I'm wearing sunglasses, or they would know who I'm starring at. 

I end up getting an idea. Thinking of a bet, to make Louis not take her virginity.   

I stand up."Alright Tommo. If I make 11 goals, then Catherine is mine first. You both can't do anything to her, until her and I do it."  Louis and Harry both look surprised about my bet.  

Louis hand me the football. "You're on Horan."   

   I kick the ball, and make the first goal.  Harry runs in the goal, picks up the ball, and throws it to me. I make 9 goals. Two more, and I win.  

hear a high pitch squeal, and look over to where Catherine is. I hear her yell."Ron! Stop! This isn't funny!" She's being held upside down, and he's making her do a hand stand. She's struggling to keep her shirt from flying up. I was fixing to go over to help her, but I see the Malone dude gently lays her on her stomach.   

Harry gets my attention." Two more to go Horan!"He throws the ball at me, and I catch it.

I look at Louis who has a worried look, because I'm close to beating him. I kick the ball making the other goal. I'm surprised myself that I could actually beat Louis, just one more goal.   

"You're going down Doncaster." I chuckle at Louis.   

He smirks at me."We will see about that Mullinger."   

I put all my energy in this last kick. I guess I put in too much energy. I kick punched the ball, causing it to pop, and it flies over the rim of the goal, landing on top of the net.  We're all surprised at what just happened.   

Harry is laughing."That was awesome!" 

Louis looks confused. Lke he's mad, but thinks it's funny at the same time.  

I scratch the back of my head."Ummm. That counts for something, right?" I laugh.

"You popped my favorite football."Louis complains.  

I roll my eyes, and sigh. "I will buy you another football Lou."  

Harry is climbing the top of the goal, to reach over, and grab the remains of the football. 

"It can still be used as a frisbee." Harry throws it to Louis.  

Now I'm starting to feel bad about busting Louis' football."Lou I'm sorry. I promise I will get you a new one." 

Louis is studying the remains of his busted football."Yeah. You will get me a new one Horan. And this doesn't mean that you beat me. I'm still the winner. But since you got ten goals in, that means we tied. I will let you be the first to kiss her."  

I smile." Alright. I'm good with that. That means you and Harry can't do anything, until I do kiss her."  

Louis sighs." Alright. Fine."  

I hear guitar music. I look and see Malone playing his guitar again, this time he's singing to the song " Two is Better then One", by Boys Like Girls.  

I see Liam running up to us."Guys, Paul needs us for an interview before sound check. Means we need to start getting ready to go now."  

Wanting to stay here longer, we sigh in disappointment. "Okay."   

"We can't play football anymore right now anyways. Horan busted it." Louis shows Liam the flat busted football.  

I can't help but to laugh. " I said I was sorry."  

Louis makes a joke."Yeah. I will give it a proper burial later." He pats my shoulder.   

Harry and Louis walk off towards the cabin. I purposely stay behind to talk to Liam.  

"So did you hear her name?", I ask him.  

Liam nods his head."You were right. It's her."

We both look towards where Catherine is. Now she is singing, and she has the most beautiful voice I ever heard. 

I smile,"I wish I could talk to her now, but not a good idea with Romeo over there."  

"Not a good idea at all. We need to stick with the plan. She will come with us tonight, after the show. Let's not tell Harry and Louis she has a boyfriend. They may not want her anymore, if she's not a virgin."  

I sigh."Agreed. If she's not a virgin, and they don't want anything to do with her, then we will take care of her."

  "Agreed." Liam smiles. "Come on. We need to go. We will see her again tonight."   

I nod my head."Okay."   

Liam walks in front of me towards the cabin. Before walk off. I get my phone out, and take a picture of her. I turn back around, put my phone back in my pocket, and run to catch up to Liam. I'm wanting time to go by fast, so I can see Catherine again. I can't wait for to be with her. 

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