No Escape from 1D

All Catherine has ever dreamed about was to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Her best friend Sue tried to get tickets to celebrate Catherine's Sweet 16 birthday, but they were sold out.
Catherine's step brother Zager, ended up getting the tickets for her. What she doesn't know , is her brother sold her, and now she is forced to live being One Direction's slave.
She hates her brother for betraying her, and will do what it takes to keep trying to escape One Direction, in order to get back home to her best friend. Or will she end up falling in love with one of who she calls her captors, and learn to accept living with them?


Author's note

Made a trailer for my fanfic! :)

11. She's Not Afraid

I wake up with a terrible headache. I had this weird dream, that One Direction kidnapped me.

Once I open my eyes, it's then I realize that, I'm laying in an unfamiliar bed. This bed is bigger then mine or Sue's bed. I also noticed that my hair is down, and no longer in my braid I had it in. The bedroom I'm in dark, except from the small light shining through the curtains of the window. So I can't see every detail of the room. I don't recognize the ceiling of the room, or the walls. The walls are all wooden. As I start to roll over on my stomach, I noticed I can't move my hands, as well as my feet. What the hell, why can't I move. 

I sigh, knowing Ron is pulling some kind of stupid prank on me, and Jackson put him up to it to get revenge on me. I'm going to kick Jackson's ass, when I get out of these ropes. I try to scream for Ron, but then noticed tape is covering my mouth, only muffles can be heard.  I hear the door squeak open, and can see light shine through from the hallway.  I keep squirming around, trying to get the ropes off of me.   


"She's awake." I hear a familiar Irish accent speak.  

I look up confused, and see Niall Horan standing beside the bed. Louis Tomlinson is standing by the door. I must still be dreaming. Inside my head I keep chanting to myself to wake up.  

"Liam! Your kid's awake!" Louis shouting, made my headache worse.  

I groan, and roll my eyes, knowing now I'm not dreaming, and this is really happening. What the hell do they want with me. Of all the girls, why me.  

I hear Liam Payne walking through the door.  "Just because she kicked you in the balls, makes her my kid now." He chuckles at Louis.  

I look at them even more confused. I'm not Liam's kid. I'm not any of their's.  

"No, but you are Daddy Direction. So you can untie her."  

Liam sighs. "Whatever."  

I didn't realize I was even crying, until Niall wiped away a tear with his thumb.  

Niall sits on the bed next to me. "It's okay Catherine. We're not going to hurt you. Nothing to be afraid about. Just calm down."  

I laugh inside my head. I'm not scared of these Backstreet Boys. I'm pissed the fuck off. Those tears are steam coming out of my eyes, from anger. I just want get out of these dam ropes, so I can get away from them.  

Niall rests his hand on my shoulder to get my attention. "If you promise not to scream, then I will take the tape off of you. Okay?"   I nod my head.  

"Careful Niall, she bites." I hear a deep husky British accent.   

I look and see Harry Styles, leaning on the wall next to the door.  Man he looks pisses off. I remember now that I put up a fight with them, and bit Harry's arm. I can't help but to silently laugh a little at the memory of his pain. He deserved it.  

"Right. And promise, not biting." Niall adds.  

I roll my eyes annoyed. I just want this fucking tape off. I nod my head yes again, to let him know I understand.  

Niall rips the tape off my mouth, making me grunt in pain. "FUCK!"  

"Sorry love." Niall raises his eyebrows.  

"Don't call me love. I'm far from loving any of you. I fucking hate all of you. Now let me go!"   

I hear a loud smack, and feel pain on my left cheek. I look up confused, and pissed to see who just hit me. I see Louis standing in front of Niall.  I try to roll away from him, but Louis grips a fist full of my hair, forcing me to look in his angry eyes.  

"Don't you ever talk to Niall that way. Never talk to any of us that way. We are your guardians, and you will show us respect. You've already pissed off me, and Harry. Keep on pushing our limits, and we won't hesitate to punish you. Got that?"  

"I get that you're all a bunch of psychotic freaks, who kidnap me. I know my idiot brother put you up to this, as some kind of stupid prank. So you can just let me go, and I won't tell anyone."  

They all look at me confused, and are trying to hide their laughter.  

Louis sighs. "We didn't kidnap you. We only tied you, because you kept fighting us..."  

"I wouldn't have fought you, if you didn't take me away from my best friend..."  

"Hey! Don't interrupt..."  

Liam pulls Louis' arm off of me. "Alright. Louis, that's enough. Obviously, she still doesn't understand what is going on. Let's untie her, and have a meeting about this in the living room."  

"Couldn't we just explain it to her, while she is still tied up. She didn't take the news well the first time, and my balls are still bruised to prove it."  

I can't help but to snort out a laugh. "Big baby. I didn't kick you that hard."  

"Little fucking brat..." Louis starts to grab me again.  

Thankfully, Liam steps in front to stop him. "Louis calm down. We all talk to her in the living room."  

"Whatever." Louis storms out of the room.  

I look over at Harry, who is glaring, and smirking at me. I roll my eyes, and stick my tongue out at him. He just chuckles at me, rolls his eyes, and leaves the room.  

I'm now left alone with Niall, and Liam. Out of all of them, Liam is now my favorite. He hasn't done any idiotic thing to me, like the rest of the morons have.  

Liam sits beside me."I need you to listen to me. Okay?"  

I nod my head."Okay."  

Liam rest his hand on my shoulder. "We will untie you, but you have to promise me, not to fight any of us. We promise not to harm you. We just want to talk. Dare try to hurt any of us, and we will have to tie you back up. Do you promise to stay calm?"  

I sigh and nod my head."I promise."  

Liam smiles."Good." He looks back at Niall. "Can you help me untie her?"  

Niall looks at me, but doesn't show any emotion.  "Yeah, sure."  

Liam gently sits me up, and unties my arms. Niall unties my wrist, and when he's done he quickly unties my knees. After he's done helping Liam, he leaves the room. Liam finishes untying my arms, he gently lays me back down, and moves down, to untie my feet.   

I sigh in relief as the last piece of rope unravels off of me.   

"There ya go. Now, I can show you around."  Liam offers his hand out to me.  

Not sure if I can fully trust him, I hesitantly hover my hand over his.  

He smiles at me. "I promise, you can trust me. I will always protect you."  

It's like his words hypnotized me or something, because my hand immediately took hold of his. Made me feel like a magnet. I find it weird, because it usually takes me awhile to trust anyone.   

Liam helps me off the bed, and leads me out of the dark bedroom, into the lit up hall way. Once my eyes adjust to the light, I carefully study my surroundings. It kind of looks like, I'm in some kind of cabin. I wonder how long I been out for.  

I look up at Liam. "Where am'I exactly, and what day is it?"  

"Knoxville State Park. We rented a cabin to stay at, instead of a hotel. Wanted something different. And it's still Saturday."   

"Oh. Okay."  I'm a little surprised. I know exactly where I'm at. Ron and I were here earlier today. If I can get my phone, maybe I can text an Uber to pick me up, and take me home.   

Liam leads me into the living room of the cabin. I see Louis, and Harry sitting down on the couch. Louis is going through my phone. Harry is reading my old sketch book, that I used as my personal diary. I see my purse sitting on the coffee table in front of them. What the hell, gives them the right to go through my stuff. I let go of Liam's hand, and stomp over to Harry.  

"Hey Chewbaca! Give me my diary!"  

Harry gives me the moment sign."One moment. I'm not finished reading yet."  

I growl, and yank my diary out of his hands."It's not for your entertainment. It's my personal thoughts, jack ass."    I pick up my purse, and put my diary back in it.  

I walk up to Louis. "And you. Give me my phone."  

Louis looks up to me.

He grins, and furrows his eyebrows. "What's the magic word?"  

"Now! Before I kick your balls again..."  

I try to take my phone away from Louis, but a hand pulls me back. I look back, and see Liam.  

"Catherine!" He gives me a stern look."What did I tell you?"  

I sigh. "No fighting."  

"Good. Now let's sit down, and talk."  Liam gently shoves me, to walk away from Louis. He sits me down on a two seater couch, and sits next to me. I lay my purse on the floor, behind my feet.   

I hear my text tone go off, and see Louis reading, and answering the texts for me.   

"Give me my phone!" I try to reach over to snatch it from Louis' hand, but Liam puts his arm out in front of me, to stop me.  

Liam grabs my wrists."Sit on your hands."  

I look at him confused."What? No. I just want..."  

"Sit on your hands. Now!"   

I sigh in frustration. "EUGH! Fine!"  

Liam lets go of my wrist, and I sit on my hands.  

Liam sighs. "There. That should keep you from hitting anyone."  

I mumble."I wasn't going to hit the idiot. I was just trying to get my phone."  

Liam gives me a stern look. "You will get it back, if you behave."  

I groan in annoyance."Okay."  

I only agreed to behave for now, so I can get my phone, and go back home. Niall walks in, and sits in the empty seat next to Louis.  To avoid eye contact with them, I just stare down at my lap. 

Liam made me shiver a little, as he stroked my hair. "Relax. As I said, we just want to talk. To clear things up, and help you understand what is going on."   


I look up at Liam."I just want to go home."  

Niall hands Liam my Mom's pink binder.

Liam flips the page to the adoption papers. "We will be going home, after our last concert in New York. We are your guardians now, so you go where we go."  

I shake my head. "No. I live with my best friend..."  

"Not anymore. You live with us now. This isn't a joke, these adoption papers are real, with our signatures." Liam shows me the papers.  

I just stare blankly at him, not sure what to think. My emotions are still very mixed up, and can't choose just one. Why would Zager do this, I'm the only family he has left.   

"I still don't believe you. My brother wouldn't do this to me..."  

"But he did." Niall adds. "You're brother is a complete dick. Has he ever shown any affection of love to you at all?"  

I think for a moment at Niall's question. Zager has never showed he cares or love me, since we moved in with Cooper. I always took care of myself. Did my own laundry, made my own meals whenever there was food available for me at the house. Once I turned 15, I got 3 minimum wage jobs, to help pay for my phone, clothes, school trips, and my karate classes, etc. I mainly always ate at Sue's house whenever I needed food. Her Mom always welcomed me over, to eat with them. All Zager has ever done was abuse me. Giving me the concert tickets, was the nicest thing he's done for me in a while.  

I shrug my shoulder. "He won me the concert tickets..."  

Harry interrupts. "Actually, we gave those to him. He didn't win anything."  

"Yeah. That was our way, to easily get you." Louis adds.  

My heart sinks, at what they just told me. I can feel my face start to turn red from the sadness, and anger, of my brother's betrayal. It does make sense now. Zager would never put the effort to win me anything. He just gave me the tickets, to get rid of me. I feel completely stupid for believing him.   

Niall interrupts my train of thoughts. " We will take better care of you, then your brother ever did..."  

I correct Niall. "He's not my brother anymore. He never was."   

I take my hands out from my thighs, and hug myself. "I'm so stupid for believing him! I told him I lov..." I swallowed the words before I say it. Even remembering what I said to him pained me. I really need Sue, and Ron right now.   

I feel Liam hug me. "It's okay sweetheart..."  

"No it's not! This is some kind of fucked up nightmare, I can't wake up from..."  

"You know, most girls would kill to be in your place right now. You get live with the worlds famous boy band."  Louis says.   I look at him like he's an idiot, and so full of himself.  

Niall gets up, to sit on the arm rest of the couch, next to me. He rest his hand on my shoulder.  "What Lou means is, you're lucky we adopted you. We will feed you, dress you, and make sure you have a roof over your head. We will give you all the attention, affection, and love you could ever want. We promise to always take care of you, and protect you."  

I try to correct him."But I have that here already..."  

Niall tries to comfort me. "We will give you more..."  

I shove  Liam's, and Niall's hand off of me. "I don't want more. I'm happy here, in Knoxville. I'm not like those girls who freakishly worship you. I'm not a spoiled brat. I love living my average, not normal happy life here. You can't make me go anywhere with you!"  

Louis smirks at my statement. "We have a contract that says otherwise."  He points to the binder in Liam's lap. "You are our property, and will be going with us, even if we have to drag you." His voice sounded threatening.   I sink back in my seat, and glare at him. 

"You Backstreet Boys don't scare me."  

Louis gets up from his seat, and walks over to me. He has his arms folded across his chest, and stands in front, to tower over me.  I just glare at him, to show him no fear. He looks down, and steps on top of my feet with his. His weight, was making me wince in pain. I look down, and it looks like my feet are swelling up under his. 

He squats down to meet my face."If I were you, I would keep your sarcastic insults to yourself. Guess what. I'm in charge of your punishments. You really don't want to piss me off more then you have. Keep being rude, and disrespectful, I have more punishments in mind, then just a spanking. Do I make myself clear?"  

Wanting him off my feet. I give in, and nod my head.  

"I said. Do I make myself clear?" Louis raises his voice.  

I roll my eyes."Yes."   

"Yes what?" Louis asks me sternly.  

I look up at him confused, not understanding what more he wants from me.  

"It's yes Sir. You treat us with respect." Louis corrects me." I will ask you one more time. Do I make myself clear?" 

I nod my head."Yes Sir."  

Louis smiles in satisfaction."Good."  

Once he steps off my feet, I pick my legs up, putting my feet on the couch. Louis is now my least favorite of the group. Only reason why I obeyed him, is because he still has my phone. I need to be good, so I can get far away from them.   

I didn't even notice Niall had left the room, until he walked back in, and hands me a small gift bag.   

"I bought you some birthday presents." He smiles in excitement.   

Niall makes me smile."Thanks."   

I take hold of the gift bag, and sit it in front of me. I honestly don't feel like opening presents right now. My birthday just feels ruined now. My sweet 16, turned into the worst birthday ever.  

"You're welcome. There's more in the kitchen." Niall says cheerfully.  

Of course there is.   

"You didn't have too..."  

Niall cuts me off. "It's our way of showing you, how well of guardians we can be. Hoping, you will give us a chance?"  

They all look at me, waiting for my answer. 

I sigh."Okay. I guess I will give you guys a chance."   

They all smile at me. Liam puts his arm over my shoulder, and pulls me into a hug. "That means a lot." He kisses the top of my head. 

That made me blush a bit, and smile.   

Niall puts the gift bag in my lap."Go on. Open it. This one is from all of us."   

"Okay."    I take the tissue paper out of the bag, and see a jewelry box.

I take the small box out to open it, and my eyes grow wide in surprise at what I see. It's a very nice silver charm bracelet. In the middle of the bracelet, is a heart filled with small sapphire stones, and across the heart is a small silver banner, that has the words "One Direction" in graved on it. There is only one charm on it, and it's the shape of Tennessee's state. In the middle of that charm is in graved "Knoxville". I never held anything, that had a real stone in it before. It's beautiful. I was in my own little world, still staring, and studying the small sapphire stones inside the heart.  

"Wow." Is the only words I could find to come out of my mouth.   

"Yes, that's real Sapphire." Niall slightly chuckles.  

He snaps me back into reality, as he helps me put on the bracelet, putting it next to the bracelet Sue made me.   I smile at them.

"It's beautiful. Thank you."  I wasn't sure what else to say. I honestly feel like I don't even deserve this kind of gift.   

Liam pulls me into another hug."You're welcome."  

"I'm gonna have to get use to your hug attacks." I giggle, and pull out from under Liam's arms.  

Liam chuckles."Yes, you will."  

Niall takes my hand, and gently pulls me up from the couch. "Follow me."  

I nod, and follow behind Niall, as he walks out of the living room, and we're now in the kitchen. My eyes grow wide in surprise once again, as I see a table filled with presents. I never in my life, had this many presents before. I'm that kind of person who doesn't even care about presents. To me the best present anyone could ask for, is spending time with the people you care about most. That's why I never ask, or expect much. To me, this is too much.  

I shake my head."You really didn't have to do all of this."   

Niall puts his arm around me. "It's okay. And living with us, you will eventually get use to us buying you stuff."  

He walks me to the table, and pulls out a chair for me to sit in. I see Liam sit in the empty chair next to me, Harry sits in the chair next to Liam, and Louis sits next to Harry, across from me. Niall pushes another gift bag in front of me.   As time goes by, I opened all my presents. Some of it was very nice jewelry, sunglasses, and some purses. They also gave me the newest iTouch, that they already had set up for me. They downloaded all of their music on it. Including  Ed Sherran's music, Big Time Rush, Little Mix, and 5 Second of Summer's music on it. With the iTouch, they me iTunes gift cards, so I can choose other music I want, and a pair of back bluetooth headphones.  Most of the gifts were One Direction merchandise. Apparently they want me to be a tester for their merch. Basically all of their shirts, beanies, etc. After I was done opening all the presents, Niall carried in a birthday cake, and sat it on the table in front of me. The candles were already lit, and they all sang me happy birthday. This time, I actually had a wish I could make. As I blew out my candles, I wished to get out of here, so I could go back home. I know they're being nice, by trying to welcome me in. Living with them though, it's just not me. I want to stay in school, graduate high school, and get into a good University. I want to study Criminal Justice, so I can work as an FBI Agent. I always pictured myself selling my art work as a side job. I want to get married, and have a family of my own. I don't belong in the famous Hollywood lifestyle.  

As I'm thinking, I start playing with my price of cake, instead of eating it. I'm honestly not really hungry right now. I feel too depressed to eat. I just want to be alone.  

"If you don't eat that, then I will." Says Niall.  

I look over at him, and see his piece of cake is already gone. Geeze, it was there like a second ago. He eats even faster then Ron does.   

I smile and slide my plate to him."You can have it. I'm not hungry."  

I was fixing to ask Louis for my phone again, but why bother. He probably still doesn't trust me. I don't feel like getting in another argument. I just get up from my seat, walk out of the kitchen, into the living room, and sit down on the couch.  Would have been a good opportunity for me to run out of here, but not without my phone. I pick up my purse, and pull out my old diary. The same one Harry was reading earlier. All it has is a rubber band that keeps the book closed, so not very secure. At least with my new one, no one knows where the key is to open it, and that's the locket around my neck. At least now there's not much embarrassing things to know about me in this one. I mainly wrote, and drew about Ron. I have some stories about mine and Sue's adventures as well.  I start flipping through the pages, to remember good memories.  

I get startled a little as I feel someone behind the couch, and lean against it. I see a hand in front of my face, that's holding my phone. Noticing some of the certain tattoos on the hand, that let me know it was Louis.   

I was fixing to take my phone, but my instinct stopped me, wondering if this was some type of test or something. I look up at Louis confused.   

He sighs in annoyance. "You want it, or not? I mean, you been good so far, so you can have it for now."  

"Oh. Ummm. Thanks." I take my phone from his hand, and put it in my purse.  

"No problem. Disrespect any of us though, and you won't be seeing it again. Understand?"  

I sigh, and nod my head. "Yes Sir."

I hated saying that so much, made me feel like a freaking robot. I just said it though, so I can keep my phone.  

Louis smiles in satisfaction. "Good. Glad we're on the same page."  

His words hit me hard. Made me feel weak. I bite my lip to keep myself from saying any sarcastic insults out loud. To keep my mind occupied, I put my old diary back in my purse, and pull out my new one, so I can draw. Drawing always helps me to be relaxed.  

Louis jumps over the couch, and sits down next to me.  

I sigh in annoyance. "I wish to be alone."  

"Wish denied."  Louis mocks. 

"We can't trust you alone just yet." He explains.  

I groan."I don't need a babysitter."  

Louis silently growls. "Want to keep your phone?"   

nod my head yes.  

Louis gets close to my face. "Then I suggest you keep your mouth shut, and stop complaining."  

Oh, how much I wanted to call him a dick head to his face. I bite down on my lip, to keep hold of my tongue.   "What I thought." He sits back, and pulls out his phone.  

Such a dick head.  

"What was that?"  He voice sounded stern yet threatening.  

My eyes grow a little wide in surprise. Shit, I said that out loud.   

I look over at Louis, and fake a smile. "I... I said. So dope. Means... You're cool?" I accidentally said in a high pitch questioning voice.   

Dam. I hate myself sometimes. Especially when I randomly say my thoughts out loud, without meaning too.

  Louis rolls his eyes, and let's out a chuckle at my reaction. 

"Nice try. Since you obviously, didn't mean to say that out loud. That's a strike one."  

God he annoys the hell out of me!  

Louis snorts out a laugh. "You're not the sunshine through my clouds either, sweet cheeks."   

I slap a hand over my mouth. I swore I said that one inside my head. What is wrong with me. Eugh! He makes my mouth like a loose cannon. Just ignore him Catherine. Pretend he's Jackson, and just ignore him. I let go of my mouth. I take a deep breath, and sink back into the couch.  I really need to talk to Sue, and Ron. I put my diary to the side, on the arm rest, and pull my phone out of my purse.  I turn on my phone to check the time, and it reads 11:37pm. I slide it open, and see that Louis changed my wall paper. It's a selfie of him, and Harry.  

I roll my eyes. "Gross. Why is Larry on my phone?"   

I purposely said that to get on Louis' nerves. I look up at him, and see him glaring down at me.  

He fakes a smile. " You're phone is a fossil. Needed to bring life to it somehow. You're welcome. "  

"You're brain is a fossil."  I mock him.  

I go in my pictures, and change my wallpaper to a picture of Ron.   

"Who's that? Looks like Harry."   

"My boyfriend. And no he doesn't. Ron is way hotter, then Harry."  

"Who's way hotter then me?" Harry walks into the living room.  

"She said, I'am."  Louis says with a big smile on his face..  

Harry looks at Louis, then at me with a grin on his face.  

I fake a gag. "Eugh! I never said that."  

"So you think I'm hotter then Lou?" Harry chuckles.  

"Gross. I never said that either. You guys aren't my type. Plus too old for me."  

Louis dramatically put a hand over his heart."Ouch. That hurt. And honey, we're not that old."   

Harry chuckles and shakes his head."Plus. If you're a true directioner, you would know I don't care about age. It's just a number."  

"So you would date a Grandma?" I asked jokingly.  

Harry shrugs his shoulder."I dated a woman who was 40 once, so yeah. If she has a nice personality."   

I gag at the thought of dating someone who's old enough to be my parents, or grand parents. That's just too weird for me.   

I hear chuckles from both Louis and Harry.   

"Someone has high standers." Louis laughs.  

"Don't be too harsh on her Lou. She's still just a kid." Harry walks up to me. He tries to pet my head, but I try to back away from him, causing me to lean on Louis. Harry playfully scratches the top of my head, and misses up my bangs.    

"Stop it." I slap his hand away. I sit my phone in my lap for a sec, to fix my bangs back in place.   

Harry snatches my phone. "Awww. She has a picture of me as her wallpaper."  

"That's not you dumbass. That's my boyfriend, Ron." I sit my purse down on the ground, and I stand up on the couch. I try to reach, and grab my phone.  

Harry holds the phone up high in the air, out of my reach.  

"So I'm your imaginary boyfriend?"  He smirks at me.  

I look at him like he's stupid. "You just called yourself imaginary."  

My comment smacked his smirk right off his face. Harry had to think back for a minute, to re-call what he said wrong.  

I jump on the couch, and grab Harry's arm to pull it down.  I yank my phone out of his hand, and sit back down on the couch.   "Anyways. Ron is real. I'am wearing his jacket. He was the one standing in line with me."I remind them.  

"So he's your long lost twin Hazz." Louis chuckles.  

Harry laughs, and plops down on the other couch. "My Mom has some explaining to do."  

I roll my eyes. "He can't be your twin either. He's 17, you morons. God, you guys are so annoying."  

Liam walks in."Lou, Hazza, stop annoying her.  

I smile at Liam, and he smiles at me. He goes to sit next to Harry.  

"But we're suppose to be annoying. Otherwise where's the fun." Louis smiles. He stretches his arms around my shoulders.   I just sigh, and roll my eyes at them.   

As I'm going through my phone, I feel something wet and slimy in my right ear. I look up and see Louis' finger in my hear. Oh gross, he just gave me a wet willy.  

I smack his hand away. "Ewww! Louis! What the hell?" I wipe his sliver out of my ear.   I get up, and move to sit next to Liam.  

Louis and Harry both burst out laughing at my reaction. Liam is chuckling a little, trying to hide his laughter.  I roll my eyes at their immaturity, and sit back in the couch.  

Niall walks in the living room. "Louis, Harry. Stop tormenting Catherine. We want her to like us."  

"Don't know what you're talking about Nialler." Louis chuckles.   

"Yeah. We're like two perfect angles." Harry gets up to sit next to Louis.They both smile innocently at Niall.  

I roll my eyes at them. "More like two perfect demons." I mock them.  

Liam, and Niall both laugh at my joke. Hearing them laugh, made me smile a bit. Harry, and Louis just glare at me.  I ignore them. 

Niall goes to sit next to Liam. I start to go through the text messages I missed. I see birthday texts from my soccer coach, my karate teacher, my bosses, and some of my other friends.   

Louis stretches his legs out on the couch, over Harry's lap.  "So how long have you been dating this Harry look a like?"  

"Harry look a like?" Liam and Niall both asks at the same time.  

I sigh. "Not that it's any of your business, but Ron just asked me to be his girlfriend last night. So a day."  

I show Liam, and Niall the picture of Ron.   

"Wow. That's weird." Niall says.  

"He does look exactly like Harry, when he was 16." Liam says.   

"You have a look a like too." I smile at Liam.  

"Really? Who?" Liam asks.  

I go through the pictures in my phone. I show Liam a photo I took of Jackson, Sue, and Ron. Liam takes my phone to study the picture.  

"His name is Jackson.Only difference, is that he has blue eyes." I explain.  

"Weird, I feel like I'm looking at my high school picture. Except, I wasn't a jock."Liam shows the picture to Niall.

"We wanna see."Harry's says. Niall passes my phone to Harry.  

"He's like your evil clone." I giggle at my joke.  

Liam chuckles at my comment. "Evil?"  

"Yeah, he can have a douchy personality, yet has a nice little soft side. I call him a nouch."  

"So he's like a sour patch kid?" Niall chuckles.  

I giggle. "Exactly. Why he's more of my frienime. We casually buck heads."  

"If you don't get along, why are you friends with him?" Liam asks.  

"Because he's my boyfriend's best friend. So I don't have much of a choice."  

"Just curious. How long have you known your boyfriend?" Niall asks.  

I smile. "I've known him since I was 4. He's Sue's brother. We grew up together."   

"So you're dating your best friend's brother, and you practically live with him?" Harry asks me surprised.  

"Yeah. So? His parents are okay with it. Besides its not like I sleep in the same bed as him. Sue shares her room with me. Not a big deal." I shrug my shoulders.  

"A teenage girl, living with a hormonal teenage boy. Yeah, no problem..." Louis sarcastically says.  

I roll my eyes at him."It's none of your business..."  

"Actually. It is our business. You are our kid now."Niall says.  

"Sue's parents would say otherwise. I'm pretty much their third child..."  

Harry interrupts me. "So you're dating your brother?"   

"Gross. No. It's not like that. Look, none of you know my situation, so you have no right to tell me what I can, and can not do."  

Liam sighs. "We're your guardians. So we do have that right. Catherine, we're trying to our best understand your situation. You have to tell us..."  

I get up frustrated." You guys want to know everything? Fine. I don't have my own perfect family, like you guys do. My parents died when I was 13. I was forced to live with my step brother's idiot best friend. Their drunk dumbass abuse me, so I hide out at my best friend's house. It sucks being a fucking orphan, but I have to live with it. Thankfully my best friend's family welcomed me in. They're the ones who give me hope in life. I don't need to be One Direction's fucking charity case. I'm fine on my own."   

They all look at me, lost for words, after my little rant outburst. I stomp my way out of the living room, and walk my way to the bathroom. I hear footsteps, and turn my head to see Louis following me. I quickly run in the bathroom, and slam the door in his face, locking the door.   

I hear Louis bang his fist on the door. "Catherine, open the door!"  

I lean my back against the door. "What. I can't piss alone either!? God, I just want some space!"  

I hear Liam's voice. "Lou, let's just leave her alone for awhile."  

I slide down against the door, and sit down on the floor. I can hear them speaking, more like bickering at each other in low tone, so I can't hear them. Obviously, they're talking about me. Like I care anymore. I just want to get away from them.  I need to make an escape plan now. I want to call Ron, but I'm afraid their nosey asses might over hear my conversation. I'll just have to text him for now.  

"Ron, I need help." I press send.  

My phone starts buzzing, and One Direction's song "End of the Day" starts blasting loud. I need to remind myself to change my ringtone later. I see its Ron calling me, and accept the call.  

"Catherine. What's wrong? Are you okay?" Ron sounds panicked.  

I sigh."Ron, I'm fine... I can't really talk. They might hear me."  

"Is Zager hitting you again? I'm on my way to pick you up right now."  

"It's not Zager. I'm okay. They didn't hurt me though. It's complicated."  

"Who's they? Babe, what's going on?"   

I hear a knock on the bathroom door.

"Catherine, I have to piss." Harry's voice yells.  

"Use a fucking tree! There's plenty of them outside!" I yell at him.  

"What!?" Ron asks confused.

 "Not you. One of the morons I'm with..."

"Catherine, what the hell is going on?" Ron asks frustrated.  

"Just trust me." I hang up the phone.  

I quickly text Ron. "I'm at the State Park. I'm really sorry. I can only text, don't want them to hear."  

"Cat, who were you talking too?" Harry asks.  

"Nun Ya"  

"You speak Chinese?"  

I roll my eyes, at Harry's dumbass question.  

"Yes. Means, none ya fucking business." I sarcastically say.  

I hear snorts of laughter out in the hall way.   

"Shut up Niall. Don't encourage her." Harry says.  

Niall chuckles."Harry, just leave her be. Liam is finally out of the other bathroom. Go to that one."  

"Thank god." Harry sighs.  

I hear foot steps run down the hall way towards the bedrooms. I can hear Niall and Liam talking, and chuckling. They finally walk off.  

Now that there is peace, I can finally read Ron's message.  

Ron. "I'm on my to you. Who's they?"   

"I will meet you in the parking lot. It's too complicated to explain in text. I will tell you who they are, when you get here. I love you."  

Ron."Alright. I will text you when I'm there. Love you too."  

Now I just have to sneak out of hear. I quietly get up from the floor, and study the bathroom more. It's all wooden walls, no windows in here. Just a toilet, and a sink. No way out.  I sigh in disappointment. I know there windows in the bedrooms, I have to find away to be alone though.   

They have to give me privacy to get ready for bed. Maybe that will be enough time for me to get out. That's worth a try.  

I walk out of the bathroom, and back towards the living room. I see the boys sitting down watching tv. Once I'm in the living room, all of their eyes gaze upon me. They look at me, as if I owe them some kind of an apology.   

I sigh and look down in embarrassment. "I... I'm really sorry."  

"It's okay." Liam says.   

Louis looks at Liam confused, then looks back at me. The way he's looking at me, and studying my every move, is kind of freaking me out. It's like he can see right through me, and knows my escape plan. Calm down Catherine, you're just getting paranoid. Don't let him get to your head.  

I ignore Louis, and look over Liam. "Can I just take a shower, and go to bed?"  

Liam nods."Yeah, sure. Go ahead. Um. There isn't another bed. So you'll be sleeping with one of us."  

"Oh. Okay. It's whatever. I just want to go to sleep."  

Liam gets up." Okay. I will show you where the shower is. Follow me."  

Liam walks out of the living room, into the hallway, and I follow from behind. He leads me into a bedroom, across from the one I was in. This room is bigger then the one I was in. Must be the master bedroom. He opens the door, and I see the bathroom.   

Liam points to the shower."There ya go. I will get you a towel, and some clean clothes to change into."   

I nod."Okay."   Liam leaves the bedroom.

I walk into the bathroom, and sit down on top of the counter next to the sink. As I'm studying the bathroom. To my hope, I see it. A window. It's up a little high, but I can climb the counter top, to reach the window, and climb out.  

I hear my text tone go off. I take my phone out of the jacket pocket, and see its from Ron.  

"I'm here. Where are you?"  

I reply to Ron's text. "Still at the cabin. Give me a few minutes to sneak out. I will be there soon."   

I hear footsteps, and quickly put my phone back in my pocket. I pretend I'm playing with my charm bracelet. 

Liam walks in. "Here you go. Um, I gave you a pair of Louis sweatpants. He's the smallest, that's somewhat close to your size. Hope that's okay." He hands me a towel, and some clothes.  

nod my head." That's fine. Thanks."  

Liam smiles at me." You're welcome."   He leaves, and closes the door behind him.

I hop off the counter, to sit the clothes, and towel down. I go over to the shower, and turn the nob. I'm not really getting a shower. I'm just turning the water on, so they can't hear me open the window. 

I quickly and carefully, climb on top of the other side, of the counter. I quietly unlock the window, and slide it open. I pull myself up, and swing my legs out of the window. I'm now sitting on the edge. I look down, and see its a bit high up. I would rather have a twisted ankle, then stay here. I'm that desperate to get out. I close my eyes, make a jump for it, and thankfully land safely on my feet. Oh my god, I can't believe I actually did that. I sigh in relief. I'm now outside the cabin. It's dark, and I can barely see anything. Only the moonlight, helps me be aware of my surroundings. I get down on my knees, and climb beside the cabin, making my way to the front yard. I can't risk them seeing my shadows through the windows. I start to make it to the front, but freeze in fear when I hear the front door of the cabin open. I quickly run back to the side of the cabin, and hide behind a bush. I squeak a little, when I feel a stinging pain in my right hand. I look down, and see blood trickling down. Fuck, it's a thorn bush. I pull up the hood the jacket, and put my hand in the pockets, to avoid getting pricked by the bush. I do my best to stay quiet, and calm.

I hear Louis voice.   "Going out for a quick smoke." I hear Louis say.  

"I'll join you." I hear Liam's voice.  

I hear the door shut, and can hear them walk on the front porch. I can't fully hear everything their saying, but their making friendly conversation.   

All the sudden my ringtone "End of the Day" goes off. My eyes grow wide in fear. I quickly silent my phone. It was Ron calling me, he must be wondering were I'm at.   

"What the hell was that?" I hear Louis ask.  

"I think that's Catherine's ringtone." Liam says.  

"If she's in the shower, then why did her phone sound so close?." Louis asks.  

"Our ears our missing with us again, from the screaming fans. I will go check on her."

I hear footsteps walk on the porch, hear the door open, and hear them walk in closing the door behind them.  

Oh fuck. I'm screwed. To make sure that doesn't happen again, I turn the volume on my phone down to silent. I put the phone back in the jacket pocket. I look up to make sure the close is clear. Quietly, I stand up, and run towards the woods next to the cabin. Not the brightest idea, but I'm afraid I'll be spotted if I run out in the open. I hide behind a tree to take a breath. I peek to look back at the cabin. I hear a bunch of yelling inside the cabin. They finally figured out I'm gone. I start to run again. Hearing the doors burst open startled me, making me slip on pine needles, and fall down on my hip, making me slide down a hill.  

"Fuck! Where the fuck is she!" I hear Louis yell.  

I stay laid down on the ground, so they can't see me.  

"She couldn't have gotten far. Let's check the woods." Harry says.   

I watch as Harry and Liam go into the woods behind the cabin. Louis and Niall, go into the woods across from me. I sigh in relief. I quietly get up, and see the soccer field a head of me. I smile when I can see Ron's truck parked in the parking lot. I run as fast as I can, not daring to look back. As I reach the parking lot, I can hear a voice yelling in the distance behind me.   

"CATHERINE STOP!" I hear Harry's voice yell.    

My heart sinks, and eyes grow wide in fear. I pick up my speed. I make it to Ron's truck, and anxiously knock on the door.   "Ron. Help me! There coming!" I yell in panic.  

Ron jumps, and his eyes pop open. Looks like I made his heart leap out of his chest. He definitely wasn't expecting me to be in panic like this. Ron leans over to quickly push open the door.  

"CATHERINE NO!" Liam yells.  

I quickly hop in the truck,and shut the door behind me.  "Hurry. Go!"  

"Cat, you're bleeding..."  

"I'm okay. Just drive!." I accidentally snap at Ron.  

He quickly drives off, out of the parking lot.   

I sigh in relief, and try to catch my breath from all the running.  I then remember I left my inhaler back at the cabin, a long with my purse. I can't turn back now.  

"Okay. What the hell was that all about? Who were those guys running after you?" Ron asks.  

I'm still hyperventilating a little, trying to catch my breath.  

Ron looks over at me, and immediately knows I'm having trouble breathing.  "Shit. Where's your inhaler?"  

I try to tell him that I accidentally left it behind, but all that comes out is. "I... acci... lef... it..."  

"Shit. Okay. Just relax babe. Close your eyes. Slowly breath in and out."  

I follow Ron's instructions. I close my eyes, and try to relax. I slowly breath in and out. Ron rolls down my window some, to help me get fresh air.  \

"There ya go. Just like that. Hang in there. We're almost home."  

I keep my eyes closed for the entire drive. I feel Ron slow down, pull on his breaks, and park his truck.  

"We're home. Stay right there. I'll carry you inside." Ron says.  

I open my eyes, and see we're parked inside the garage. Ron gets out of the truck, and walks over to my side. He opens the passenger side door, and reaches over to unbuckle my seat belt. Ron carefully scoops me in his arms, and I wrap my arms around his neck. He closes the door, and locks his truck. Ron quickly carries me into the house, into his bed room, and gently lays me down on his bed.  

"I'll be right back. Stay here." Ron says.  

I nod my head, to let him know I understand.  

I hear him run out of his room. A few seconds later he's back. He sits down next to me.  

"Here's an inhaler." Ron says.  

He shakes the inhaler, and presses it to the tip of my lips. I suck in breathing in air, hold it for thirty seconds, and slowly breath out. I do this three more times, and I'm finally breathing normally.  

"Drink some water. I'm going to go get the first aid kit." Ron says.   

He hands me a water bottle, and walks out of his room again.  

"Cat!" Sue gasps.  

I look up, and see her standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

She looks shocked.   "Oh my god. What did they do to you?" Sue whispers out. She's trying to keep it down, to not wake her parents. Sue sits down next to me, and pulls me into a hug.  

"I'm okay." I assure her.   

"I'm so sorry. I didn't want to leave you, but they made me..."  

"It's okay. It's not your fault. It's Zager's..."  

Sue pulls back from the hug."They told me that they adopted you from him. I thought this was just some dumb birthday prank. Is that true?"  

I nod my head."Unfortunately yes. It wasn't a prank. I... I ran away from them."  

Ron walks back in the room.  "Sue, you should be in bed."  

"I couldn't sleep."  Sue stands up, and cross her arms.  

Ron sits the first aid kit down on his nightstand, and lays a towel on the bed beside me. "Well since your up. Mind telling me the truth, where she really was? Obviously, you lied to me. Zager didn't pick her up. I want to know, why the hell my girlfriend was running in terror in the woods..."  

"I... I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't... Ron, I'm sorry." Sue hugs herself. Her face is pink, and I see tears trickling down her cheek.  

I speak up for my best friend."Ron. Don't get mad at her. It wasn't Sue's fault. She was just doing as she was told..."  

Ron sighs."Okay. Just stop beating around the bush, and finally tell me what's going on."  

I sigh."Okay. Zager apparently put me up for adoption. Those guys you saw chasing after me, was Liam Payne, and Harry Styles. One Direction, are my new legal guardians..."   

Ron crosses his arms.  "If you're joking. That's not funny..."  

I roll my eyes. " See. I knew you wouldn't believe me. I'm not joking Ron. I'm telling the truth. They gave me this."  I take off my charm bracelet, and hand it too him. 

Ron takes it from my hand, and studies it.   "Holy shit. It's this real?" He points to the Sapphire.  

I nod my head."Yes. That's real Sapphire."  

"What? Let me see." Sue holds out her hand. Ron hands his sister the bracelets.

As Sue is staring at the sapphire stones, she goes speechless. Her mouth is hanging open, lost for words.  

Ron runs his fingers through his hair. "God, your brother is a complete dick. I swear, I'm going to fucking beat his ass. He can't fucking do that to you. One fucking Direction can't buy you, like your some puppy. You're a fucking human being..."  

"Ron, calm down. Everything is okay. They can't find me here. It's over now."

I sigh."I'm just really tired."  

He sighs."Okay. I'll get your leg cleaned up, and we can all go to bed. Sue, can you bring her pj's?"   

We look over confused at Sue, when she doesn't respond. She is hypnotized, still drooling over the bracelet. 

Ron snaps his fingers at his sister, to bring back into reality.  "Sue."  

She looks up."Huh? Yeah? What?"  

"Can you please bring her some bed clothes to change into?"  

Sue nods her head."Yeah. I'll be right back."    She hands me back the bracelet, and I lay it on the corner of the night stand.  

I look up at Ron, and show him my hand. "Ron, it's just my hand that's bleeding..."  

He looks at me like I'm crazy. "Ummm. No. You're leg is bleeding too." Ron points to the left side of my leg. 

Confused, I look down to examine my leg. I see my jeggings have ripped on the side of my leg, and see a lot of dry blood. I guess that mussed of happened when I fell down the hill. I never noticed the pain, because I was so focus on getting out of there. It doesn't hurt that bad, just stings a little when I move it.   

"Oh. I never noticed that, until now."  

Ron shakes his head, and chuckles. "You are one tough girl."   

His comment made me smile.  

Ron sits on the bed beside my left leg."I may need you to take your pants off, so I can see your leg better."  

"Oh. Um. Okay."  I unbutton my pants, and carefully slide them down. Ron helps me carefully pull them off, and lays them on the floor. He carefully picks up my leg, to lay a towel under it, to keep blood from getting on his bed. My pants had absorbed most of the blood.  

Ron hands me a soft blanket. "You can cover up with this, if you want."  

I lay the blanket over my waste, to cover my panties. Yes, he's seen me naked, but in case his parents walked in, we didn't want this to look bad. Also didn't want to freak out Sue, when she walks back in.   

I watch as Ron takes a wipe out of the first aid kit, and he starts to carefully clean up the dry blood, so he can get a better look at the wound on my leg.   

Sue walks back in. "Here's your bed clothes."   

She hands me a pair of navy blue shorts that have white star patterns all over it, and a red tank top, that has a picture of the gold "W" (the Wonder Woman logo) on it.  

I smile at my best friend. "Thanks." I sit the pajamas down on top of the pillow next to me.   

She smiles back.  "You're welcome. Need anything else?"  

I shake my head."Not at the moment. I think I'm okay."  

I grunt in pain, as I feel Ron try to clean up the wound.   

They both look at me worried.  

Ron sighs." I'm really sorry,"  

"It's okay." I whimper a little in pain, but do my best to stay strong.  

Ron sounds a little disgusted. "What the hell? There's something hard in your leg."  

My eyes grow wide in worry. "Wh...what?"   I start to to turn my leg to look at it, but Ron stops me.  

"No. Stay still. I will get it out." Ron grabs a some tweezers from the first aid kit.   

Part of me wants to watch, because I want to know what is stuck inside my leg. The other part of me, is freaked out by all the blood, and wants to look away.   

"This might hurt a little. Just stay relaxed." Ron says  

I nod my head."O... Okay."   

Sue takes hold of my left hand, to help comfort me.  

With one hand, Ron holds down my leg, to make sure I don't move, and kick him.  As I watch him move the tweezers closer to the wound, I shut my eyes, preparing for the pain.  I bite my lip, to hold in my scream, as I feel a shock of pain.   

"Got it." Ron says victoriously.  

I open my eyes, and sigh in relief.  I can feel some  blood drizzling down my leg.  Ron quickly puts holds part of the towel on the wound, to make the bleeding stop.  

"Oh. That's so gross." Sue gags.  

"What is that?" I point to the bloody small object in his hand.   

He cleans it off with another part of the towel.  

"You had a little rock in your leg." Ron says. He shows us the little sharp grey rock, that's stained with my blood.  

"How did that even happen?" Sue asks surprised.  

I shrug my shoulders." I guess when I fell in the woods. I slid down, and landed in a ditch."   "

We might need to take you to the ER..."   I cut Ron off."No. You can't take me there. They might find me..."  

"Cat. You need stitches..."  

"I'll be fine." I assure him.  

"There's a fucking hole in your leg...."  

"It's not like I got shot. It's just a small cut..."  

Sue sighs. "I'll get Dad to look at it. He'll know if it's necessary to go to the ER."    She leaves the room, to her parents bedroom.   

"You're stubborn. You know that?" Ron says, frustrated.  

I huff out a laugh. "So are you."  

"Yes, but not as bad as you are." He retorts.  

I roll my eyes."Not true..."  

"Is too..." Ron chuckles.  

Sue walks back in, with her Dad behind her. Mr.Malone looks very tired, you can tell he just woke up.  

"What's going on?" He yawns.  

I think of an explanation, without getting into every detail. "Um. I fell in the woods..."  

Ron speaks up."Birthday prank went wrong. Zager went a little too far on her. She had a rock stuck in her leg. I got it out, but she might need stitches."  

Mr.Malone kneels beside Ron, who is still holding the towel on my leg. "I'll take a look at it." Mr.Malone says.

Ron let's go of the towel, and Mr.Malone lifts the towel, to examine my leg.  

"The bleeding has stopped. The cut doesn't look that deep. Just needs to be properly bandaged, and you'll be fine." Mr.Malone assures me.  

I smile, and sigh in relief. Ron does the same thing. Mr.Malone takes a wipe from the kit, and cleans up the blood off my leg. He puts a gauge over the wound, and wraps it securely with a bandage.    

"There ya go." Mr.Malone says.  

I smile."Thank you."    

He smiles at me." You're welcome. If you need anything else, just let me know."  

"Thanks Dad." Ron says.  

"Alright. I'm going back to bed. Good night kids."  

We say our good nights., and their Dad leaves the room, to go back to bed.   

I yawn."I'm so tired."  

"You can sleep in my bed tonight, if you want." Ron offers.   

I smile and nod my head."Thank you."  

"Anything for my lady," Ron smiles.  

"Okay. I'm going back to bed now. Cat, if you need anything, just let me know." Sue's says.  

I smile at my best friend." Thank you. Could you actually charge my phone?" I hand her my cell phone.  

Sue nods her head."Yeah sure."  She happily takes my phone.  

"Thank you. Good night." I smile.  

"Good night." Sue smiles. She leaves the room, walks through the bathroom to go back to her room, and closes the bathroom door behind her.    

"I'm going to go change." I carefully stand up.

I take off Ron's jacket, and hand it to him. "I might of gotten a little blood in one of the pockets." I embarrassingly say.  

Ron smiles."It's okay. It will wash out."  

I smile."Okay. Um. I will be right back."  

I grab my pajamas, and walk in to the bathroom. I slide on the shorts. I take off my shirt, and bra, tossing them on the floor. I put on my red tank top. I grab a rag to wash my face, and wipe of the makeup on my neck. I brush my teeth, and then brush my hair, putting my long hair in a side ponytail.    

I walk back into Ron's room, and see he's sitting on his bed, eating a piece of birthday cake.  

"Want some cake? I promise not to smash it in your face this time." Ron smiles.  

I roll my eyes at his comment, and smile at the memory of our food fight. I'am actually a little hungry.  

"Sure. I also promise not to put frosting in your pants." I giggle.  

Ron chuckles. "So not cool by the way. Dad, thought I shit my pants."   

I snort out a little laugh. " Well, you shouldn't have started the food fight in the first place."  

I go to sit next to Ron on his bed.  

Ron shrugs his shoulder. "Yeah. Well, it was worth the fun."   

I shake my head at his comment. "You're such a big goof."  

"I'm a lovable goof though." Ron smiles.  

"Yeah. You are." I giggle.  

We playfully nudge each other in the arm.   

"I left you most the frosting." Ron says.  

He hands me the plate. Ron already ate most of the bread, and left me the top slice. I happily eat what's left of the slice of cake, while I watch Ron play Dream League on his phone. After I'm finished eating the cake, I start to get up to throw the plate away. 

Ron puts his arm in my way, to keep me from moving. "I got that." He happily says. He takes the plate from me, and gets up off the bed. 

He grabs something from his nightstand. " Here is some ibuprofen, and I got your allergy pills."

He hands me a small bottle of Benadryl, and a bottle of Ibuprofen.  

I smile at my boyfriend. "Thanks"  

"No problem." He kisses my cheek.  

I take the medicine, sipping it down with my water, and lay the bottle of pills on the nightstand, next to my side of the bed. I lay down in the bed, getting comfortable. Ron walks over to his trash can, to throw the paper plate, and plastic spork away. He closes his bedroom door, and turns off the light.  Only the lamp next to his bed, is giving us a little light to see. He walks over to his bed, and plops down next to me.   

Ron pulls me in close to him, and he passionately kisses me.  Oh god, how much I missed that. I love the way he kisses me. He pulls back so we can catch our breath. 

"You know what?" He asks.  

I look up at him confused, wondering what's on his mind. "What?"  

"I think, you need a birthday re-do. How about we spend all day in Pigeon Forge tomorrow? Me, you, Sue, and Jackson. We can go horse back riding, play lazer tag, anything you want to do."  

I smile, and nod my head."Sounds like fun."  

Ron smiles." Maybe before we go, you and I can start out with a little birthday sex..."   

I roll my eyes, and playfully smack his arm.  

He chuckles at my reaction. "Take that as a no. Okay then."  He whispers. "How about just oral sex?"  

I smile at his question. "Maybe. Only if you don't tease me again."  

He silently laughs."That's a deal."   

Ron kisses me, and traces his lips to the side of my lower neck, and sucks on my collarbone. His warm hand, slides up my shirt, to find my breast, and he massages it firmly. The feeling of electric waves hits through my body, and makes me breath heavily, in pleasure. That was the first night I have ever done anything sexual, more then just kissing. I gave my first blow job to Ron. It was awkward for me at first, but Ron guided me through, and made sure I was comfortable. In return Ron gave me my first orgasm, by fingering me, and massaging my clit. It felt amazing.

The way Ron made me feel, was this magical feeling, that's hard to describe. Only word I can think of for it, is perfect.  While laying down in his bed, I loved the way his warm arms wrapped around me. Being held in his arms for the first time like that, I never felt more protected. His breathing in my ear is my lullaby. I had no trouble falling fast asleep. I wish, and hope for every night to be like this. 






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