No Escape from 1D

All Catherine has ever dreamed about was to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Her best friend Sue tried to get tickets to celebrate Catherine's Sweet 16 birthday, but they were sold out.
Catherine's step brother Zager, ended up getting the tickets for her. What she doesn't know , is her brother sold her, and now she is forced to live being One Direction's slave.
She hates her brother for betraying her, and will do what it takes to keep trying to escape One Direction, in order to get back home to her best friend. Or will she end up falling in love with one of who she calls her captors, and learn to accept living with them?


Author's note

Made a trailer for my fanfic! :)

10. Night Changes

Author's NOTE:

Hello Readers! Again I'm very sorry for my very late update. My life has been a roller coaster of bad, and good things. If you didn't read my last post in my comment section, here's what I been through since I haven't been on here.  A few months back, I broke my back, dislocated both my knees, twisted my right foot, and sprained my left wrist. I was in the hospital for two weeks for recovery, and rehab. I had to learn to walk all over again, and that has whats been taking my time. Being bed ridden for 5 months, was not how I planned to start my new year. Now that I'm able to walk again, I been keeping myself out and about. Spending time with family, and friends. Busy with traveling, and getting myself back into the real world.  I'm very glad you all like my story. I honestly wasn't expecting this many views, and likes. I started this story when I was bed ridden. Writing, and listening to music was all I could do for fun, while being stuck laying down. I will keep continuing my story for you all to enjoy.  I also apologize for any spelling errors. I'm doing my best fixing that.  Thank you all so much, for staying patient with me. You're awesome! Here are the next chapters you been waiting for.    



Ron parked down town, and walked us to the arena. 

With the VIP passes we get to go in at 7pm for One Direction's mic check, and get first dibs at the merchandise table. After the concert, we get to meet them for an autograph and picture.  It's 6pm, so we have an hour to wait in line.   

Ron didn't want to leave us alone, until he saw us go in the arena, so he waited in line with us.  Looks like some girls even camped out here to be in the front to see the boys as they walk in. They usually like to hangout with their fans outside, if they have time too before the show starts. There's a few girls already in the VIP line, in front of us, we're in the middle, and more people start lining up behind us. 

I been to a few concerts, but this is the first time ever I have VIP tickets for the real experience.   

For some reason I keep getting a butterfly feeling, like I don't need to be here. I'm starting to wonder why, and question myself the things that could happen, that I need to be aware of, to make it not happen.   "

You okay Catnip?". Ron snaps me back in reality.   

I look up at him, and could tell he knew, I was feeling uneasy. I just shrug this feeling off.   

"Yeah. I'm fine." I smile at him.  

The cool wind hits me, making me shiver a bit. I remembered, I accidentally left my jacket in his truck. "I forgot my jacket. It's in your truck."  

Ron takes off his jacket."Oh. Here. You can take mine."   

I try to stop him."No. It's okay. I can just go get mine." It's his expensive letterman hooded jacket, and I was afraid I would do something to ruin it.   

Ron sighs."Babe, it's fine. You can wear it. You're at an out door arena, and I don't want you to freeze. Take it." He puts the jacket on me.  

I sigh."Okay. Thank you." I put my arms through his jacket.   

Ron hugs me from behind."You're welcome." He kisses my cheek.   

His jacket is black, and the leather sleeves are light grey. All the patches on his jacket are maroon red, with white out lines. On the right top side it has his name written in cursive, and under his name, a patch of the letter B,with a few pins on it. On the right sleeve has a patch of a football, that has the number 19 in the middle, and his Captain patch. The left top side has a patch that says "Class of 2016". On the left sleeve has a basketball, with the number 03 in the middle, and baseball patch, with the number 10 on it. The back of the jacket reads "Bearden High School", and has a picture of a bulldog, (our school's mascot) on it.   

His ring tone on his phone goes off, and I feel it vibrate in his jacket pocket.   

"Oh. I will need that though, and my wallet." He reaches in his pockets, to grab his stuff. He puts his wallet in the right side pocket of his jeans.   

Ron answers his phone. "Hey we're in the middle towards the front entrance."  

That let me know his best friend Jackson was here, and looking for us. Ron turns around to wave."Jackson!" He gets his friends attention, and Jackson runs up to us.   

"Sup bro." Jackson gives Ron a fist bump. "You know how many girls were yelling at me, thinking I was that Liam dude."

Ron laughs."Sorry bro."   

Jackson chuckles."It's cool. I got to take pictures with some hot babes. One asked for my autograph, when she realized who I was. Said her little brother was a big fan."  

I smile, and look at Sue who's trying to hide her smile. Jackson really does look like Liam Payne. Only difference is that Jackson has blue eyes.  

Jackson is known well in our town for Bearden High School's best baseball pitcher. He's now captain of the baseball team, and helped them win the championship games for 3 years straight. Ron is also famous in our town for best quarter back. He helped our school's football team win the championship games since his freshman year. He was the first freshman to make the varsity team at our school. The coach was desperate to have him for the play offs.  

"Happy Birthday Catherine." Jackson pulls me into a side hug.  

I smile at him. "Thanks."   

He lets go of me. "Hey Sue." He reaches in to give Sue a hug.   

She smiles real big."Hey Jackson."  

Sue has had a major crush on Jackson since the 5th grade.   

The security staff starts putting up fences to barricade the side walk, so fans don't run out of line. That let us know, they were close to being here. Jackson squeezes in line with us, between Ron, and behind Sue.   

Jackson measures Sue's height to him."Wow. You're getting taller everyday..."  

I sigh and look up at Jackson."Don't rub it in." I look at Sue."Show off." I fold my arms across my chest.  

Sue giggles, and shrugs her shoulder at my comment.   

Jackson chuckles." Sorry McNugget." He pats my head.  

I growl at him making fun of my height. " Green Gi..." I get cut off by Ron's hand covering my mouth, to shut me up.   

Ron fake laughs. "Yes Cat, the leaves are green."  He smiles at his best friend.  


Jackson grins at me. He knows I was fixing to say some kind of sarcastic insult. His hobby is always teasing, just to get on my nerves.   

I roll my eyes, and I lick Ron's hand to make him let go.

"Eugh! Catherine!" Ron immediately pulls his off my mouth. He wipes my slobber off on his pants.   

Sue giggles."You're fault. Should know better by now not to cover her mouth. She will either lick you, drool on you, bite you, or sometimes all of the above."  

"Yeah, I still have her teeth marks on my finger to prove she bites. She's like a freakin piranha." Jackson shows the bandage covering his finger.  

"Wuss." I roll my eyes at Jackson's comment. " I only bite in self defense. You're the idiot that tried throwing me in the school's dumpster."  

Ron smacks Jackson in the back of the head."Why the hell did you do that?"  

Jackson chuckles." She started it. Not only did she stuff a bunch condoms, and lube packets in my locker, but she also put a vibrator dildo in there. She's the reason why I had detention today."   

Sue looks at me surprised."That was you?"  

I giggle at the memory."Yeah."  

Sue laughs."Where did you get condoms, and lube from? And a vibrator?"  

"I took them from Zager's, and Cooper's stash." I smile in satisfaction.  

Sue looks impressed." That's bad ass." She gives me a high five.  

Ron looks at me confused."Why?"

He knows very well, I would only plot an evil prank like that to get revenge.  

I sigh."Because he's the one who made late to class, and get detention. I would have made it in time, if he didn't trap me in the volleyball net. He's the one who started it, not me."  

Thursday at school, the gym coach made me help Jackson put the volleyball net back in the equipment room. Two of his buddies, were helping putting the basket balls up. Before I could leave the equipment room, Jackson threw the volleyball net on me, making me be trapped in, like I was his prey. I knew he did it on purpose, because him and his buddies laughed at me, and left me in there alone. The net was all tangled up in my shoes. Took me a good few minutes, to finally get out of the net by myself. The tardy bell rang, right as I was at the door to my science class. You bet I plotted my revenge on Jackson, while I was in after school detention.  Cooper and Zager are perverted freaks. They both own many sex toys, to have fun with their lady friends they hook up with. That's how I got easy access to those supplies.  

Jackson laughs."Come on. Cat in a trap... That's funny..."  

Ron gives him the, you're an idiot look.  

I mock Jackson."Jack off Jackson. That's funny."   

My insult wiped the grin right off his face. Sue covers her mouth, to hide her smile, and coughs to hide her laughter. 

Ron bites his lip, trying to hide his smile.  

Jackson bends over to meet my face."You better watch your back at school on Monday."  

I smirk at his comment."Wanna play with fire. Bring it."  

Ron steps in between Jackson and I, to separate us."No no. No playing with fire. I'm putting the fire out. Seriously, that's enough from both of you." He turns to his friend."Jackson, just let go."   J

ackson looks at me over Ron's shoulder."You're lucky you're my best friend's girl, or I would stuff that vibrator up your a..."   

Ron cuts Jackson off." Okay! Let's keep the language PG, they're children around."  He talks in lower volume to where only the four of us can hear. "Jackson, if you ever speak that way, or even think about touching my girlfriend that way. I will have to punch that pretty face of your's. Got it?"  

Jackson nods his head, and glares at me."Crystal."  

Ron pats his friend's shoulder." Sorry dude, but you know the bro code about having girlfriends. Just a fair warning."  

Jackson sighs." I know. Sorry." He mumbles.  

Ron points to Sue."So this is what it's like, when you always have to break us apart."  

Sue smiles, and nods her head." Exhausting, isn't it?" She giggles.  

A girl behind us taps on Jackson's shoulder."You look a lot like Liam Payne."  

Jackson smiles at the girl. "Yeah, I been told that a lot."  

She points at Ron." And you look a lot like a younger version of Harry Styles."  

Ron raises his eye brows, in confusion."Um. Thanks, I think."  

 Sue and I both had to catch ourselves from laughing at them, and silently giggle.  

"Can we get a picture with you guys?" The girl asks them awkwardly.  

"Sure." Ron and and Jackson both take selfies with the group of girls behind us.  


    A few minutes have gone by, and we hear girls all the way down towards the end of the line, screaming out the boys names. I look at the time on my phone, and it reads 6:13pm. They must have gotten hear early to meet some of their fans who don't have VIP tickets.   

"Come on McNugget. You get here." Sue let's me stand in front of her, so I can see.  

I look up at her."Thanks cheese stick." We both giggle at our jokes.  

Ron stands beside me, gently holding onto my hand. Sue is standing next to Ron, and Jackson standing behind Sue, in between Ron.  

Sue already has her phone out, getting ready to take pictures.

We see Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam walking up beside the fence of the barricade. They're taking pictures with fans, and signing autographs in the non VIP line behind us.  As they walk passed us, I noticed them all looking at me. Niall, and Liam both gave me a friendly smile. Louis, and Harry were smiling, but when they saw Ron holding my hand, their expression changed. Their smile, went to a little grin. I don't know why, but it made me nervous.  Of all the girls here, why would they look at me like that? Weird.  

I cuddle in closer to Ron, and lay my head on his arm.  I watch them as the boys walk in the building.   

"You okay?"Ron asks concerned.  

I nod my head."Yeah, I just wish you could go in with me."  

"I know." Ron kisses the top of my head." I will be waiting for you."   

The line starts moving, and we start walking to the front entrance. I take my VIP passes out of my purse, and hand Sue hers. When we get up to the front, a lady scans our passes, and hands us a 1D lanyard that has a clear pouch on it to put our VIP passes in. She holds out her hand for Ron and Jackson to give her a pass.  

Ron explains."Oh. We're just here to stand in line with them."  The lady smiles, and nods her head understanding. When we're at the door Ron kisses me one last time before we depart, and he gives Sue a hug.  "Call me when it's over, and I will pick you girls up. Have fun."  

We smile at him."We will. He smiles back."Love you."

"Love you too."Sue and I say at the same time.  

We smile, and walk into the arena.   


   Sue and I first walked to use the restrooms, and then walked to the merchandise table.  The worker at the merchandise table, handed us a black One Direction draw string bag. Inside is a bracelet, a 4 x 6 poster, and their new Made in the A.M album. While we were at the table, we bought a pair of 1D sunglasses, and their On the Road Again world tour t-shirt. We put our purchases in our bag, strapped the bag on our backs, and ran to the amphitheater.     

There were only a small handful of girls already standing at the front of the stage, and we stand behind them. A few other girls come in, to stand around us. Including us, probably about 95 people who have VIP passes.   

The first song One Direction opened with sound check was Clouds.

Being there for sound check was really cool, the boys even got off stage, to have fun with their fans.They did have security on ground with us, to make sure crazy fans don't grab them or anything. It was a little weird how each of them kept coming up to me, during one of their songs to dance with me. I could feel the other girls around us, get jealous of me. So when they kept coming up to me, I would try to resist, and hide behind Sue.

During the song Kiss You, Niall kissed my hand, and towards the end Harry got a little too much in my comfort zone. He was making my heart sink, and pound rapidly. It looked like he was going to actually try and kiss me, and that made me very nervous. I didn't want that to happen, because Ron is the only guy I want to kiss me. I mean Niall kissing my hand was okay. That's polite, and charming.  Kissing a girl on the lips, you don't even know. That's weird, and uncalled for. So I quickly backed away, and shoved Sue in my place. I took her phone, and videoed them. I accidentally made Sue fall on Harry's chest, and he caught her before they could both fall to the ground. As Harry was still singing, he took hold of her hand, and then kissed her cheek. I watched my best friend's face turn bright red, she didn't expect that to happen. Sue hated and loved me at the same time for that, I found it very funny. I couldn't help but to giggle at Sue's reaction.  When Harry walked passed me, he smiled at me. It was a weird kind of smile, that made me nervous, and sent chills up my spine. Made me feel uneasy for some reason. I just shrugged it off again. Sue snatched her phone back, out of my hands, and that helped me zone back into reality.    

The next song try sang was Diana. This is one of my favorite songs by One Direction. Funny thing is, Diana is my middle name.  It did get weird when Niall would always look at me, while he was singing. It was like he knew my middle name, but how. He doesn't even know my first name. Very weird. The last song they sang for sound check was Live While We're Young.      

After sound check, they left stage to get ready for the concert. Some girls left to go to the merchandise table, before the crowd gets there, and some had to leave to use the restroom. Some even walked over to the seats to sit down, and rest their feet. That let Sue and I get access closer to the stage. We stayed to keep our spot, in front of the stage.  We decided to sit down on the floor for awhile, until the crowd starts to get in.  I wondered if Sue noticed anything strange that I saw, or if I was just over thinking, and it's all in my head.  

"Did you noticed that?"  

Sue looks at me confused."Notice what?"  

"The way the guys kept constantly coming up to me, and the way Harry looked at me during Kiss You. Oh, and they way Niall kept looking at me during Diana, as if he knew my middle name..."  

Sue shrugs her shoulder. "Maybe they have the hots for you?"  

I chuckle."Yeah, right. They're plenty of girls here that are way hotter then me."   

Sue smacks my arm."Shut up."  

"Ow."I rub my arm.  

She sighs."Don't talk about yourself like that. You seen my brother, and the girls he dated before. Yet, he chose you..."  

I sigh."The nerd, with the hot jock..."  

She smacks me again."Stop that."  

"Ow! Okay."I scoot my arm away from her reach.  

Sue corrects me."The hot nerd, with the jock... I'm not calling my brother hot. That's just weird. But you know what I mean."   

I smile and roll my eyes at her comment. "If I'm so hot, then why has no other guys at school asked me out."

 "Because after the way you rejected Jackson, they're afraid of you." Sue chuckles.   

I silently laugh remembering the time I kicked Jackson in the groins, for trying to kiss me.  "Oh. Yeah, I guess that put a bad image on me."  

Sue shrugs."Not really. It showed you're not afraid to kick ass when you need to. You have the courage to stand up for yourself, and the bravery to fight your own battles. I think that's what made Ron find you more attractive. He didn't see you as a little kid anymore, helped him see you as a young woman."   

"Except I didn't officially become a woman until last month." I remind her.   

I didn't start my period until last month,the day after Sue's birthday. Most girls in my grade, started their's in middle school. I'm a late bloomer in puberty.   

She sighs."Cat, that's only part of it. The maturity of a woman is what matters most, and that's what you have."   I smile at her good compliment.

"Ok. I guess you're right."

Sue corrects me."I'm always right." 

We both smile, and giggle.      


   The crowd starts coming in,so we stand back up, to claim our spots. Within a few minutes, the amphitheater was full of screaming girls.  The opening act was Icona Pop, and then One Direction came back out. The concert was really cool to see up front. The songs they sang for the concert was One Way or Another, Clouds, Steal My Girl, Midnight Memories, Kiss You, Ready To Run, Happily, Strong, Don't Forget Where You Belong, Little Things, Night Changes, Alive, Diana, One Thing, What Makes You Beautiful, Through The Dark, Girl Almighty, Story of My Life, You & I, Little White Lies, Drag Me Down, and they closed with Best Song Ever.    

As One Direction was leaving the stage, Sue and I quickly ran to the restroom, trying to beat the crowd, so we can get to the Meet and greet line. Sue being on shark week, had to pee really bad, and freshen herself up. Since we were already there, I went ahead to take care of my business. After we washed, then dried our hands, we ran to where the VIP's line up to meet One Direction.       

We sighed in disappointment, because as we feared, we were the last in line. After an hour wait, we finally made it to the front, and showed the security guard our VIP passes.

The girls that were in front of us walked out, and I started to walk in with Sue, but the security guard blocks us "One at a time please."  

That was weird, they let other group of girls go in, why can't we go in together. Maybe now the line has died down, they just want one on one time with their fans.  

I gently push Sue in front of me. "You can go first. I'm too nervous." 

Sue nods her head."Okay."  

The security guard opens the door to let Sue in.       

Knowing Sue is in there, means I'm next. I keep feeling butterflies in my stomach. I feel like I could throw up. I need to calm down. I hug myself to try and keep calm, and not over think. This is a one time chance I will ever get, to meet my favorite boy band. If I screw this up, I will regret it for the rest of my life. My train of thoughts get interrupted by an Irish accent.  

"It's okay. She can come now."   

I look up to meet the beautiful blue eyes of Niall Horan. 

He smiles at me. "Come on in."  

He offers his hand out to guide me, and I gently put my hand into his. I can't believe it. Niall Horan is holding my hand. I need to stop thinking this way, I have Ron. I need to cool it. Ron is my boyfriend. I love Ron.  

Niall's Irish accent snaps me back into reality. "What's your name love?"  

I find the words to speak."Cat. It's short for Catherine."  

"That's a beautiful name. Very nice to meet you Miss Catherine."  Niall kiss my hand for the second time, and gently let's it go.  

That made me smile real big."Thanks. Nice to meet you too."  

I couldn't help but to fan girl inside my head. OMG! Niall freakin Horan just kissed my hand again. I could feel my cheeks getting hot, and I try to hide that I'm blushing by covering my cheeks with my hands.      

I see Louis Tomlinson sitting on a three seated couch, and Liam Payne sitting in a comfy chair next to a two seated couch. That's where I see Sue sitting next to Harry Styles, with Liam on the other side of her. Niall goes to sit on the other edge of the three seated couch, leaving a seat for me in the middle. 

As I'm walking closer to the couch, I look at my best friend. I notice something is wrong with her. Sue's eyes are red and puffy. It looks like she's been crying. She looks like a nervous wreck sitting next to Harry. I see his arms are around her shoulders, and he's rubbing her back to comfort her. She looks at me with worried expression. That let me know something is wrong. They either did, or said something to hurt her.  

I run up to her."Sue are you okay?"   

I look over at Harry."What did you you do to her? You.. You arse!"  

Harry looks at me wide eyed, at what I just called him. He smiles, chuckling at me.  I start to shove him away from Sue, but I feel hands quickly grab my writs pulling me back away from Harry.   

"Whoa! Calm down love. He was just comforting her."  I turn my head back, and see Louis.  

Harry holds his hands out in a low surrender. "I didn't do anything. She got emotional, and I was helping her calm down. That's all."  

I look over at Sue, and she nods, letting me know he's telling the truth. Now I kind of feel stupid for judging Harry like that.   

"Oh. Sorry."  I apologize to Harry.  

He smiles. "It's okay. Just a miss understanding. I get it." 

He leans back in the couch, to get comfortable.  

I try to move my hands, but remember, Louis is holding me back. I struggling away from his grip.  

"Don't touch me!" I bark at him, smacking his hands away from me.  

I hear the boys chuckle at my reactions.  

"Then don't be rude towards us." Louis orders me.  

I fold my arms across my chest, and look down embarrassed.  "I'm really sorry."  

"It's okay."  Louis pats my shoulder.   

I smile, and look up at Louis. He's very tall. Heck, all of them are tall to me. I'm the shortest one in this room.

Louis smiles at me. "Since you're both the lasts ones. We thought you would like to spend some time with us, before we go. After all it's your birthday, right?"   

I'm confused. How does he know it's my birthday. Did Sue tell them. 

"Oh okay. And yes. How did you know that?"  

Harry points to Sue. "Your friend told us."   

Sue shrugs her shoulder, and smiles at me.  "You're welcome?"  

I sigh, and roll my eyes at Sue. "You really have got to stop spoiling me."  

"That's a promise I will never make."Sue giggles.  

I just shake my head at her comment. I hear the boys silently laugh at our conversation.  

"You're welcome to have a seat, if you'd like." Niall kindly offers me. He points to the empty space on the couch next to him.   

I smile at him. "Thanks." 

I walk to the couch, and sit down next to Niall.  

Louis sits down next to me. "Turning 16, is a big deal. Did you get your license?"   

"Uh. No. I...can't drive."  I embarrassingly answer his question.  

They all look at me like I'm weird, or something.   

"Why not?" Liam asks me, giving me a weird look.  

I shrug my shoulder.  Before I could answer, Sue answers for me.

" When she says she can't drive, she really means she can't drive. My Dad tried to teach her, and she about gave him a heart attack."   

I give Sue the please stop talking look. "Gee. Thanks."    

Sue gets my sarcasm, and silently laughs. "Nothing to be embarrassed about Cat. Not everyone is meant to drive."  

"Yeah. Just like Louis."  Niall laughs at his joke.  

Louis tries to correct Niall. "Hey, I'm a good driver..."  

Harry laughs. "Lou, fast and furry is not good driving."  

Liam gets in on the jokes. "Neither is driving like a Grandma."  

That made them all laugh.  

"Hey, I only got the ticket, because I was driving slow for our music video, and it was worth it."  Louis laughs.  

I honestly admit to him. "You probably drive way better then me."  

Louis chuckles at my compliment.  "It just takes practice. You'll get it eventually."  

Liam points to me, and Sue. "So how did you two become friends?"   

We both smile at each other.

Sue answers the question. "We met in Pre-K, and we been best friends ever since."  

"She's more like my sister, then just a friend." I add.   

"That's really cool." Liam smile at us.  

"What's your favorite song of ours?" Harry asks us.  

Sue speaks up first."You and I, is my favorite."  

They all look at me.  

I smile." I have two favorites. Diana, and You and I."  

They smile at our answers.

"Why Diana?"Louis asks me."A lot of girls don't answer with that one."  

"Because, Diana is my middle name. My Mom actually named me after Wonder Woman, her favorite superhero. I know it's not what the song is about, but I see the lyrics of your song being about the love between Trevor, and Diana."  

The all smile looking surprised at my answer.   

Louis nods his head. "That's cool. I never even thought of that, does make sense though. I honestly thought you were going to say, that you feel like we sing to you or something."  

I shake me head. "I'm not that naive."   

They all look like I just slapped their smile, off their face.  

"Oh. I didn't mean it that way. I just meant that, I'm not desperate like some of your other fans are... I'll stop talking now."  I bite my lip a little embarrassed at my words, and sink into the couch.  

Niall chuckles. "It's okay. We understand what you mean."  

Liam smiles. "Yeah. We love all of our fans, but some can be a bit too much, and be too creepy. Fans who are cool, and calm like you girls, we enjoy hanging out with. We don't get many opportunities like this, to meet and hangout with new people."   

Harry looks at his watch. "We do have to go soon though. The arena is getting ready to close up."  

Niall taps on the string of my bag."Want us to sign your poster?"   

"Yes, please."  I sit up to take off my bag.  I open it, and hand Niall my poster.   

Niall takes out a silver sharpie from his pants pocket, and I watch him write on my poster.  

I feel a hand touch the sleeve of Ron's jacket.   

"You play American football?"Louis looks at me confused.   

I can't help but to giggle at his question. "Oh, no. Definitely not. This is my boyfriend's jacket."  

I noticed Louis and Harry both looked surprised as I said the word boyfriend.   

"You have a boyfriend?"  Harry asks.  

I feel a very uneasy vibe between Harry and Louis.   

I nod my head. "Um. Yes. He's captain of our school's football team."   

There's a bit of an awkward silence. I find this a little weird. Why would they care that I have a boyfriend.  

I try to bring up a different conversation. "I do play soccer though."  

Liam thankfully breaks the awkward silence. "That's cool. What position do you play?"  

"Goal keeper. I use to switch out to defender, but I enjoy being goal keeper more."  

"Very cool. Have a favorite team?"  Niall asks me.  He hands my poster to Louis, for him to sign.  

I nod my head. " Yes. Republic of Ireland, and Women's U.S national soccer team.   

Niall smiles at my answers. "Good choices."  

I hear Louis mumble. "Doncaster is better."   

Niall chuckles."He's just jealous."  

I smile at Louis. "I like the Doncaster Rovers too."  

I notice Harry now has my poster, and he passes it to Liam. I look over at Sue, who looks like she wants to break down in tears, but she's strongly holding it in. I can tell, because her face is a light pink color, and she is holding on nervously to her left arm. She makes eye contact with me, and looks at her hand resting on her knee. I see her trace her index finger in morose code for "SOS". I smile at her, and scratch my nose to let her know I got her message.  I'm wondering what's going on with her, maybe her anxiety is getting to her.    

I see Liam is finishing up signing my poster. Before he could give it to me, I stand up, and walk over to him. He smiles at me, and kindly hands me my poster.  

"Would you like a group picture?" Liam asks me.  

I nod my head."Yes, please."   I put the poster back in my bag, as everyone stands up.  

"You okay?" I hear Harry's voice. I turn around confused, and see he was talking to Sue.  

She nods her head."Yes, I'm fine."   

I could tell by the sound of her voice, she was lying. Sue digs through her purse that's laying on the floor, to get her cell phone out.  My phone is just an old Sidekick, I had since I was 13. My Mom gave it to me, when I started traveling with Girl Scouts. That's why I let Sue take the pictures on her phone, and have her send them to me, or tag me on Facebook. 

I walk over to where Niall is, stand beside him, and he gently puts his arm around me. Liam stands on the other side, also putting his arm around me, above Niall's near my shoulders. Harry, stands behind me, next to Niall, and puts one hand on my shoulder. Louis does the same as Harry, but stands next to Liam, behind me.   

The uneasy feeling comes back to me again. I feel Harry circle his thumb on the back of my neck, and makes me jump a little. I try to nudge his hand off, but he just grips on tighter, making me stand still. He's really starting to get on my nerves. I look back at him, and he makes a Cheshire Cat smile at me, that freaks me out a bit.  

"You're very tense darling. Relax."  Harry continues rubbing his thumb on my neck.   

Strangely it does help me loosen up, and relax.   

I look up at Harry. "Thanks. I feel better now."  

He smiles at me. "No problem kitten."  

"Kitten? My name is Catherine." I giggle.  

Harry chuckles."I know. But you're cute, and adorable just like a kitten."  

Okay that made made me blush, and smile real big.  

"Hey Harry, stop flirting with the girl, and let's take the picture." Louis chuckles.  

I roll my eyes at Louis, for calling Harry out like that.  

I look up at Louis, and make a sassy comment."That's mature. Jealous much?"  

My comment smacked Louis' smile right off his face. I look at Harry, who is smiling at me, trying not to laugh at Louis.  

"Hey. I'm the sass master around here kid..."  

I start to make another sassy comment back to Louis, but Liam cuts me off.  

"Okay children that's enough. Now let's smile for the camera." Liam points to Sue.   

I just playfully stick my tongue out at Louis, and he rolls his eyes at me.   

Sue playfully gets onto me. "Cat, keep sassing Louis, and you'll get corner time. Now face the camera."   

"Sorry Mom." I giggle, and smile at her.  

She just sighs, and rolls her eyes at my sarcasm.  

We all smile, and Sue takes our picture. Liam gently pulls Sue in, to take a group selfie.  

I turn to smile at the boy "Thank you guys. This has been the best birthday, I will always remember."  

They all smile at me.  

"You're very welcome sweetheart." Liam gives me a hug.   

"Happy Birthday Catherine!" Niall hugs me from behind.  

Louis, and Harry get on each side of me, and I end up in a One Direction group hug. I look up to see my best friend, still taking pictures on her phone. Liam breaks the hug, just to pull Sue in the middle with me, for her to be in the group hug.   

"We actually do have a present for you." Harry chirps out in excitement.  

He breaks off the group hug, and walks off to the corner beside one of the couches.   

"Thanks, but you guys really don't have to give me anything. This is really all I ever wanted."  

Louis rests his hands on my shoulders. "We insist. We actually need to talk to you about this gift."  

I look at them confused, wondering what kind of present they're giving me. I'm getting that bad uneasy feeling again.  

Louis walked me over to the couch. "You might want to sit down for this." He gently pushes my shoulders to sit me down, and sits next to me.   

Harry walks in front of me, to hand me something that I clearly recognize.

It's my Mom's pink 1 inch binder. It has my birth certificate, and all my other important stuff in it. Why, and how the hell did he get this?   

I take it from him."This is my Mom's...this is mine. How the hell did you get this?"  

Louis points to the folder. "Actually. It's ours now..."   

I look at Louis like he's stupid. They're starting to piss me off.  

Harry yanks the folder out of my hand.  "To be more specific. you are our's now."   

Harry flips open the binder, showing me my birth certificate, and next to it an adoption certificate. My eyes grow wide at the words I'm reading on the paper. What kind of sick joke is this.

I then put the puzzle piece together. Cooper is Ed Sherran's cousin, and Ed is a song writer for One Direction. Cooper put them up to this as a prank. Of course he would ruin the best day of my life somehow. He always ruins my life. I'm so kicking Cooper's ass when I get home.  

"Okay." I stand up, and grab my purse. "I know Cooper put you up to this, as some kind of joke, and this isn't funny. Give that back, I want to go home now."  

I hold out my hand for Harry to put the binder back in my hand, but he just closes it and keeps hold of it.  

Harry shrugs his shoulders. "No one is laughing Kitten. This isn't a joke."   

I grit through my teeth. "Harry. If you don't give it to me right now, then I will kick your little pretty boy ass!"   

He smiles and chuckles at me. "Would love to see you try, Tinkerbell."  

I could feel my face turn red from anger, and Harry teasing about my height, just pissed me off even more.  

I growl at him. "You've asked for it, Chewbaca."  

I hear a few snorts of laughter, from the guys trying not to laugh at Harry.  

I start to grab at the folder, but Harry quickly backs away, and raises it in the air, so I can't reach it. I was fixing to jump, and tackle him to the ground, but feel a pair of hands grab my waist.  

"Whoa. Hold on there."  I could tell by the Irish accent, that it was Niall. He puts me down, to face him. "Why don't you and I just talk about this for a moment. Just you and I. Alright?"  

I fold my arms across my chest."Fine."  

Niall puts his hand on my shoulder, and guides me to the other side of the room, away from the rest of the group.  

"Alright. I know this is a lot for you to take in, but just keep calm, and listen to me. It looks like, you don't have a good life at home. You're brother said he can't afford you to take care of you anymore, so he sold you to us. We legally adopted you, so you will be living with us now...."  

"You guys are insane, to keep this sick twisted joke going on! Yes, my brother, and his friend are fucking alcohol drug addict idiots, and I hate their guts even more now! I live with my best friend, and I'm apart of her family. So for your fucking information, I'm actually happy here. Now fuck off!"  I made sure I was loud enough, for everyone in the room could here me.   

I knew they were all staring at us, when there was an awkward silence. I try to stomp away, but Niall holds on to my arm.  

"Let me go!"  I keep try to struggle from Niall.  

"No. Now just listen to me. We are not joking about this. Those adoption papers, are real. We are your legal guardians now. You're coming home with us."  

Now I understand what Sue's "SOS" message meant. I could tell by looking in Niall's eyes, and by the sound of his voice, that he was serious about everything he just said. Sure they can adopt me, but they're insane if they think I will be living with them. Maybe if I play along, Sue, and I can just run out of here.   

I look down at the ground in disappointment.  "Fine. Can I just say goodbye to my best friend first?"  

Niall lets go of my arm. "Sure. Go ahead."   

I calmly walk over to Sue, who is with Liam. She already has her stuff together, and ready to leave. I can tell she's been trying to hold in her tears, while watching all of that.  

I look up at Liam. "Can we please have a minute alone?"  

Liam smiles. "Yeah, sure."   He walks off to where Niall is.  

I hug my best friend. I silently whisper in her ear. "On a count of three, we will run for it."  

"Okay. I love you." She whispers.  

" I love you too." I whisper to her." If I don't make it, tell Ron I love him."  

Sue nods her head. "I will."   "One... Two.. Three..."   

We release our hug, and make a run for the door.   

I hear Niall yell. "No! Catherine, stop!"   

We hear their foot steps, running behind us.   

Sue is trying to open the door, but it's locked. I quickly turn the lock, to unlock the door, and open it.  

"Stop them!"  Harry yells out.   As we're running out the door, I feel a powerful smack, that knocks me down to the ground.  

"Cat! Are you okay?" Sue helps me up.  

I grunt in pain. "I feel like I just ran into a fucking boulder. I thought we opened the door..."  

I hear a deep growl. "Everything okay boys?"  

I see a very tall muscular built guy standing in front of the door way. He had to be about 7ft, he had to bend his head to get in the door. Sue and I both gulp in fear at this dude.    

"We did. There's just another door behind it."  Sue points at the body guard.  

We both back away from him.  

Louis grips onto my arm tightly. "Everything is fine now. Thanks Patrick."   

Liam gently takes hold of Sue's left hand. "Actually. Could you please escort me, to walk this lovely lady out? I want to make sure she makes it to her ride safe."   

The body guard smiles. "Of course."   

He walks out the door, and holds it open for Liam. Sue still has a tight grip on my left hand, making me walk behind with her. Harry takes hold of my arm, making Sue let go. Hearing Sue let out whimpers, was making me want to cry, but I feel too angry to make any tears stream out.  

I keep trying to struggle out of Louis, and Harry's grip. "No! Please, just let me go!"  

I keep trying to walk out the door, pulling Harry, and Louis behind me. The body guard, quickly closes the door behind him, and Niall steps in front of the door to block me.   

I finally feel the tears start streaming down. Being taken away from two people I love, just crushed my heart. I pray Ron will forgive me, and not hate me.  

"Please! Just let me go! I don't want to go anywhere with you! This is my home!"  

With all the adrenalin I have, from the anger. I managed to flip Harry, and make him let me go.  Harry almost kicked Niall in the face, but he quickly ran out of the way.  

Harry landed flat on his back, and grunts in pain. "What the hell!?"  

Niall leans over to expect Harry. "You okay Haz?"   

"Peachy. Just go get the stuff, so we can finally leave." Harry points to the same bag, he had my Mom's binder in.  

Louis grips his other hand, tightly around my free arm. He talks in my ear. "Listen. You can either leave with us the easy way, or the hard way. Just a tip. You already pissed off Harry, you definitely won't like the hard way."

  My mind isn't thinking clearly. This can't be seriously happening. I have to get back home.  

I look up at Louis. "Get this through your dumb British head. I'm not going anywhere with you fucking dicktwats!"  

Louis rolls his eyes, and tightens his grip. "Hard way it is then."  

Louis starts trying to pick me up, but I don't let him. I elbow his stomach. I hear him grunt in pain, and my feet are back on the ground. He still has hold of me though, so I instep on his left foot, making him let go of one of my arms, and smack his nose. He grunts in pain more, still not letting go of my other arm, so I kick him in the groins, and he finally lets go of me. Louis is on the floor holding his crotch in pain.  

I run to the door, but before I could reach the door knob, I feel a hands tightly gripping my waist.  

I look up, and see Harry's eyes glaring into mine.  I keep trying to struggle, but he just tightens his grip, that makes me wince a little in pain. I stay still in fear he could snap my rib cage.  

"You're in a whole lot of trouble Kitten."  

bite down hard on Harry's arm, drawing out some blood, and I spit it out. Harry drops me, yelling out in pain. "FUCK! She just fucking bit me! Niall! Get her now!"  

Before I could stand up to run, I get tackled down on the floor.  "Catherine, stop it!" I hear Niall yell in my ear.

He's laying on top of me. I see he is holding the back book bag, lays it next to us, and pulls out a rag, and some kind of bottle with clear liquid in it.   

Putting the pieces together, I knew it was chloroform in the bottle, and he was going to use it to knock me out.  With the strength I have left, I keep squirming under Niall, and try to kick him off of me.   

"Dam it. Catherine, hold still!"  Niall locks his legs onto mine, so I can't kick him.  

I scream at the top of my lungs. "NO! GET OFF!"  

I throw my hands up, swinging back at him, trying to punch him. I feel someone pin down my arms. I look up to my left, and meet Harry's angry eyes.  I look to my right, and see Louis glaring at me. He looked more pissed off then Harry, and that did scare me a little, but I refuse to show my fear.  

"Give me the rag."  Harry holds out his free hand to Niall, while he kept my arm pinned down, with his other hand.  

I try to struggle my arms, but Louis quickly tightens, digging his nails into my skin, and making me whimper in pain.   

Louis growls at me. "If you don't stay fucking still, I swear you will only be digging yourself in a deeper hole."    

Before I could make words to insult him, Harry clamps the rag over my mouth. I hold in the air I had left in my lungs, refusing to breath in the chemicals. I try moving my head around to make him drop the rag, but I feel one of their hands grip my head, forcing me to stay still.   

"Come on love, just breath." I hear Niall's voice talk into my ear, and I feel him pet my head.  

Not being able to hold it in any longer, I finally breath, and can smell the chemicals, that makes me want to gag.  I'm feeling very tired, and weak. I unwillingly shut my eyes, everything is now black, and I've fallen into a deep sleep.

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