No Escape from 1D

All Catherine has ever dreamed about was to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Her best friend Sue tried to get tickets to celebrate Catherine's Sweet 16 birthday, but they were sold out.
Catherine's step brother Zager, ended up getting the tickets for her. What she doesn't know , is her brother sold her, and now she is forced to live being One Direction's slave.
She hates her brother for betraying her, and will do what it takes to keep trying to escape One Direction, in order to get back home to her best friend. Or will she end up falling in love with one of who she calls her captors, and learn to accept living with them?


Author's note

Made a trailer for my fanfic! :)

13. Getting Her Back


Niall's POV:  


Since the night Catherine ran away from us, I haven't gotten any sleep. Just a 1 or 3 hour naps, when the guys made me lay down.  

We're all very pissed off at her for running away like that. Louis already has her punishment planned out. She definitely won't like it, but she has to learn her place.  

We're doing everything we can to find her, without causing a chaotic scene. 

We tried to trace her phone all day yesterday to locate her. We almost had her, but whoever picked up her phone, immediately hung up when they heard our voice. She out smarted us, by turning her phone completely off. We knew that, once our calls went straight to voicemail. Louis did get Sue's number from Catherine's phone, but she also hung up once she heard his voice. That didn't help us any.

We do know she goes to Bearden High School, so our plan is to just pick her up from school. We need to talk to her school principal about her new living arrangement anyways, that she will no longer be attending school there.  

It's 2pm, and Catherine gets out at 3:30pm. We're all dressed in hoodies, and wearing sunglasses, to not be so recognizable.   

We're now in the main office of the school. 

Liam walks up to the front desk."Hey I need to speak to Principal about Catherine McKeegan. I'm her legal guardian."  

"Yes Sir, just sign in here, and she will be right with you." She points to the clipboard.

 "Thank you." Liam signs the paper on the clipboard.  

When the lady looks at Liam's name on the clipboard, her eyes light up. She looks at him, the clipboard, then looks at all of us. We can tell she put the puzzle piece together that, we're One Direction. We all kindly smile at her, hoping she doesn't blurt out who we are. We watch as she quickly walks back through the hallway, in one of the office rooms.   

We see a tall middle aged woman, who is nicely dressed. I assume she is the Principal. She is walking quickly behind the lady, who works at the front desk.  

"Hello, how may I help you gentlemen?" She smiles.  

I speak up. "We need to talk about Catherine McKeegan..."  

"She's one of my best students here. What's this about?" She asks confused.  

Liam takes off his sunglasses."I'm her new legal guardian. I have the papers to prove it. I wanted to inform you, that she will no longer be attending school here, since she will be moving to London."  

She looks at us in disbelief. She nods her head."You may come to my office, so we can discuss this in private."  

We didn't notice a teenage girl standing behind us, til we followed the Principal's eyes. Obviously the girl is one of our fans. We see she's wearing a I heart Styles t-shirt. Her mouth is hanging wide open.  


"Hello love." Louis kindly greets her.

We watch as Louis takes a sharpie out of his jeans pocket. He signs the top of the girl's binder that she's holding. I take the sharpie from Louis, and do the same thing, signing next to his name. Liam takes the sharpie doing the same thing, and then Harry.  

The Principal smiles at the girl."Please take a seat Olivia, I'll be right with you."  

The girl not being able to find words to speak, just nods. She looks up at Harry, who is signing her binder.  

"Well I heart you too Olivia." Harry smiles, and winks at her.  

Olivia's face lights up like a Christmas tree.   

As Harry walks off he sings. "Oh I love you, I love you I love, I love, I love Olivia!"   

"Hey! That's my line!" I playfully get onto Harry.  

We all silently laugh at the joke. Before we enter the office, I turn to smile, and wave at Olivia. She smiles very big, and awkwardly waves back at me. Knowing we made her day, makes us all feel good. We love when our fans our happy.  


Inside the Principle's office, we explained to her the situation. That Catherine isn't in good care with her alcoholic brother, so we legally adopted her to give her the care she needs. Catherine is having a hard time accepting it, because she doesn't want to leave her best friend behind. 

The Principle went over our adoption papers, in order to know we're speaking the truth. Thankfully she understood.  


Catherine still had one more class to attend, and then we could leave with her. We waited in the office, while she went to another room, to take care of the students waiting on her. Before the dismissal bell rang, the Principal called in Catherine to the office.

We all smile, knowing we successfully got her.

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