No Escape from 1D

All Catherine has ever dreamed about was to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Her best friend Sue tried to get tickets to celebrate Catherine's Sweet 16 birthday, but they were sold out.
Catherine's step brother Zager, ended up getting the tickets for her. What she doesn't know , is her brother sold her, and now she is forced to live being One Direction's slave.
She hates her brother for betraying her, and will do what it takes to keep trying to escape One Direction, in order to get back home to her best friend. Or will she end up falling in love with one of who she calls her captors, and learn to accept living with them?


Author's note

Made a trailer for my fanfic! :)

7. First Date

   My favorite breakfast food is waffles. So Ron took me to Waffle House to eat. We both ordered the All Star Breakfast. 

   After breakfast, he took me to our local state park, up in the mountains. The park is a beautiful place, and one of my favorite places to hangout at.  Being September, at the end of Summer, it's perfect weather here in Knoxville.     I don't go hiking much. Sue and I always go there to play soccer, or go swimming. The water there is perfect too. Natural mountain streams, so the lake is pretty clean. You can see the reflection of the sky beam on top of the water.  The park is a perfect place to go, and relax.      

As we were walking through the trails, Ron had his small blue tooth speaker key chain turned on, playing music through his phone.  Half way through the hike, I was starting to get tired, so Ron gave me a piggy back ride, the rest of the way up. Ron had to put me down, when the hills where getting to steep. So he put me in front of him, to make sure, I don't slide, and tumble down the mountain.    

I was confused, when Ron was taking me off the trails. 

I try to turn going back on the trail, but Ron stops me. "You're going the wrong way. It's okay. I just want to show you my favorite spot. I go here all the time."

I nod my head."Okay."    

Before we get to his spot, Ron stops me."Wait here." 

I get startled as my vision is getting dark.

I grab onto this cloth trying to block my vision.  "What are you doing?" I get nervous at Ron's action.

Ron chuckles."Relax. I'm not plotting your death. I just want to surprise you." He takes the bandanna out of my hand, and ties it around my head.  

My vision is now black, and freeze where In standing. Darkness is my worse fear. I can't help but to whimper a bit. "Ron?" 

I feel his hands on my shoulder."I'm right here. It's okay. You can trust me."

I feel Ron pick me up, and carry me in his arms. Scared to fall because I can't see, I wrap my arms around his neck, and rest my head on his chest. 

After taking a few more steps, Ron stops moving. "Alright. We're here."

I feel Ron gently put me back down on my feet. "Now you can see." He takes the blindfold off of me.   

I rub my eyes, adjusting to the sunlight. When I can finally see, I'm amazed at what is in front of me.

I see a huge beautiful waterfall, and we're standing at the bottom of it, on a little beach area. A little sand, but mostly mud. They're large rocks everywhere in the water, and I even see a cave across the river. The way the sun hits the water, makes rainbow streaks cast on the the waterfall.   

Going to this park my whole life, I never knew this beautiful place existed.

I find words to speak."Wow. It's beautiful."   

"I knew you would like it. Ron puts his arm over my shoulders. "This is my favorite spot to relax at. Not many people know about it."  "

How did you find it." I ask him.

"Remember that time I broke my arm, from hiking?" He asks me.

I nod my head."Yeah."  

"Well that day when I fell, I landed here." He points to a tree, next to a rock, that's sitting in the water of the river.

I'm surprised, because where we were at on the trail before he carried me here, it seemed like quiet the fall. He's lucky the tree stopped him from falling in the water."Oh. Well I'm glad you didn't fall in."

"Yeah. That was pretty bad. Why I made sure to guide you, so you wouldn't fall like I did. I'am glad I found this place though. You get to see a lot of amazing things here..."   

We hear a bristle noise in the bush behind us. It startles me, making me cling onto Ron. He scoots me away from the bush, and I see a doe, and her 2 baby deer walking out behind her. The walk to the edge to drink some water. I'm amazed. I never been so close to a deer before like this. I'm surprised they're not afraid of us. 

Ron whispers to not scare the deer."...Like that. It's okay.." He chuckles at my reaction.

I smile at the beauty of Mother Nature in front of me. "Wow. This is so cool."  


Ron takes his phone out to take pictures of the deer, and of me watching the deer. He then turns me around to take a selfie, and capture a photo of the waterfall, and deer behind us,   When he's done taking pictures of us, I walk over to a big rock. I climb on it, and sit down, to get a better view of watching the waterfall, and the deer. Where I'm at, I can even see the river flow into the lake in the distance. All of this, is so beautiful.  I hear Ron climb on the rock I'm sitting on to join me. 

Ron takes hold of my hand."Catherine." He gets my attention.

I look up at him smiling."Yeah?"  

He stares out looking at the view in front of us."I know we just started dating, but I have known you for a very long time. We grew up together... I hope it's okay to tell you that...I love you."  

I was a little surprised him telling me that he loved me, and not in the brotherly sister way, more then that."

I find the words to speak."I..I love you too."

"Really?" He asks smiling.

I nod my head."Yes."

He looks into my eyes."You're not just saying that because I said it first?" 

I explain."Ron, I'm saying it, because that's how I truly feel about you. I really do love you."

Ron smiles at me."That's a relief to hear, I love you Catherine." He kisses me on my lips.

I smile, kissing him back."I love you too Ron."   

He rests his arms over my shoulders. I scoot in closer to him, and rest my head on his chest.  I love the sound of his heartbeat, it relaxes me. I'm so happy Ron is my first boyfriend.     

   After we stayed there for a few more minutes, we started to head back to the hiking trail, and go back to the park.

Once we're back in the park, Ron has me to sit on a picnic table, and wait for him. He went back to his truck to get his portable charger, phone charger, and my purse.       

A few feet behind me I see a group of boys playing soccer. The park just put soccer goals up, instead of making an actual field. I just stare out into the view of the lake in front of me. 

My day dreaming is distracted when I hear a thud, and feel something hit the table I'm sitting on. I look down, and see a soccer ball roll in front of me.  

"Hey! Can you please give us our football?",I hear a voice yell at me.  

I'm surprised that the voice is British, we don't hear that much in Tennessee.

hop of the table, onto me feet, and pick up the ball. I look and see the 4 boys looking at me. I kick the ball hard, and it flies to where the boys are. I hear them sound impressed at my kick, and that makes me smile.  

I hear the same British accent yell at me."Thanks!"

I wave and smile at them."You're welcome!"    

They kind of look familiar, but I can't tell who they are because they're wearing zip up hoodies, and sunglasses. I'm pretty sure if they did know me, they would have said something. I just shrug it off, and sit back on top of the table.    

 I hear footsteps walking towards me, and see Ron behind me. He has his guitar case strapped to his back, and my purse strapped on his shoulder. I see he's also carrying an orange gift bag that has "Happy Birthday!" written on it in different colors.  I smile shaking my head at him spoiling me.

"Did you bring a cake too?"I giggle at my joke.

He sighs." No. Sue made me not get one, she said that was her job."   

I giggle."Yeah, that sounds like Sue. Ron, you really didn't have to get me anything..."  

Ron interrupts me." I know, but I wanted too. This was my back up gift, if you didn't accept my kiss.  

I was honestly expecting you to slap me after that." He sits the stuff down behind me on the table, and he puts my purse next to me.

I smile."Well the kiss was the best birthday present ever."

He smiles."That makes me very happy to hear." He kisses me.

 Ron hops up on the table to sit next to me. He hands me the gift bag."Open it."

"Okay." I take the gift bag from him.      

I take the blue wrapping paper out, and feel something very soft. I pull it out, and see a 12" Stitch plush doll. I see he is wearing a heart shape silver locket. On the locket it had leaves from flowers forming a frame of a heart, and inside the hears is a little red rose. The print on the locket, reminds me of the enchanted rose in Beauty and the Beast. It's a very beautiful locket.   

I hug my boyfriend."Thank you Ron, I love it." 

He smiles."There should be one more thing in the bag. It goes with your necklace."   

I'm confused thinking I got everything out. I look in the bag again, and do see something else at the very bottom of the bag. It's wrapped in blue tissue paper. I open it up, and see a red leather diary. The diary has a heart shape lock on the front side of it, to open it. I'm confused at how to open it, because I don't see a key. I was expecting to find a key with a heart shape key port on it. 

  "The locket opens your diary." Ron hands me my necklace.   

That's so cool. It reminds me of Mia's diary that her grandmother gave her, from the movie Princess Diaries. It's just different color, and design.  

I open the diary with my locket."This is so cool. I love it. Thank you so much Ron." I kiss him on the lips, and hug him. 

"You're very welcome Catnip."He kisses me back.  

I put Stitch back in the bag for now, but kept my diary out. I took my lead pencil, and start writing everything about Ron and I from our first kiss last night, and our first date today.  

Ron puts his chin on his shoulder to look."So whatch ya writing?" 

I giggle and hide my diary." My personal thoughts."

He sighs."Okay. I get it." He kisses my cheek. I smile at him.       


After writing in my diary, on a different page, I draw the spot where Ron showed me the waterfall, and the deer walked up. 

Ron gets his guitar out, and starts strumming some music.  

In my drawing I have the layout completed, just need to finish the details. I decide to finish that later. I flip to the next clean page, and start drawing Ron playing his guitar.  

As I'm drawing, I hear him start to play "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain.   

Ron sings along with his guitar music.

"The strands in her eyes, that color them wonderful. Stop me, and steal my breath."

Ron's voice captured my attention. I knew when he put "her" in the song he was talking about me. That made me smile.

Ron continues singing as he's starring into my eyes.

"Emeralds from mountains, and thrust towards the sky. Never, revealing their depth.   

Tell me, that we belong together. Dress it up, with the trappings of love.

 I'll be captivated, I'll hang from her lips. Instead of the gallows, of heartache that hang from above.


I'll be, her cryin' shoulder. I'll be, love suicide. 

I'll be, better when I'm older. I'll be, the greatest fan of her life.  


And rain falls, angry on the tin roof. As we lie awake in my bed. 

She's my survival, my living proof. My love is alive, and not dead.  


Tell me, that we belong together. Dress it up, with the trappings of love.

I'll be captivated, I'll hang from her lips Instead of the gallows of heartache, that hang from above.  


I'll be, her cryin' shoulder. I'll be, love suicide. 

I'll be, better when I'm older. I'll be, the greatest fan of her life.  


And I've dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead. Tuned in, turned on, remembered the thing she said.  


I'll be, your cryin' shoulder. I'll be, love suicide.

I'll be, better when I'm older. I'll be, the greatest fan of your life."  


Ron kisses me."Now it's your turn to sing."  

"Uh. No. I'm not singing." I continue drawing in my diary.   

Ron sighs." Come on Cat. Please, for me?" He gives me puppy dog eyes. 

I giggle at his childishness. I whine back at him." No, I don't wanna."   

He starts poking me to annoy me."Please... Please... Please..." 

I playfully smack his hand away from poking me. I sigh annoyed."But whyyy?"  

Ron laughs." Because, you have the most beautiful voice in the world. It should be a crime that you hide it."

Him saying that made me smile real big.

I try making an excuse."But I'm not done drawing..." 

Ron takes the diary from me."You can finish later."

I try reaching back for it."Ron, come on. Give that back." 

Ron raises it high out of my reach."I will give it back after you sing." 

"I don't want too. You know I hate singing solo." I stand up on the bench of the picnic table to catch his hand, and try pulling my diary out of his hand.  

Ron laughs at me."Why don't we make this more interesting." With his free hand, he takes the diary, and puts it on the table.    

Before I could reach over to get it, he grabs my hand, and my leg, tossing me on his back, like how Shepard carry their sheep. 

With my free hand I cling onto his hoodie."Whoa! Hey! Ronald put me down!"  

Ron walks over on the grass. He laughs."Okay baby."

He tosses me over his shoulder, and grabs onto both of my legs, making me dangle upside down. He's making me do a handstand. 

Ron is really making me mad. I squeal in frustration."Ron! This isn't funny. Stop!"   

Ron carefully puts me down, making me lay down on my stomach, and let's go of my legs.

I roll on my back, and before I could get up, he sits on top of me. "Ronald, If you don't get off of me. I will make you get of....."

Ron kisses me to shut me up."You're so adorable Catherine." He sits back up."Now here's what I want to do. I want to make a bet."  

I look at him confused."A bet? What kind of bet?"

He smiles."You don't want to sing, but I want you to. So we're going to wrestle for that. If I win, you have to sing. If you win, you don't have too, and I will give you the diary back. Deal?" He puts his hand in front of me for a handshake.

I smile at him."Deal."  I take his hand. I pull it, making him flip over, and get off of me.I sit up to watch him.

 "Woah! Hey. No cheating!" He gets up on his knees to crawl.

I smile in satisfaction. "It's not cheating. It's called skills." I playfully stick my tongue at him. 

He crosses his arms over his chest. "It's cheating, because I didn't say when to start."

I sarcastically shrug my shoulder." Ooops." I stand up.

Ron chuckles at me."It's not over yet." He stands up.  

I start to run back over to the table, but he grabs my arm, making me turn to him. Ron stares into my eyes, and starts kissing me, making me forget what we were even doing. As he is still kissing me, I feel him scoop me in his arms, and gently lay me back down on the grass. I realized what he was doing, and try to get up, but he's already sitting on top of me.  

I turn my head to make him stop kissing me."No fair! That's cheating."

Ron chuckles."It's not cheating, Cat. It's called skills."

He smiles at me, mocked me from what I told him before. 

I roll my eyes."Very cute." I push him off of me. Its a tie. Two out of three."

Ron stands back up."Fine. Whatever floats your boat, princess." 

I stand back up." This time no one cheats."  

I hold out my hand, and he shakes it. I try to flip him again, but somehow he's too strong for me this time. 

I give him an innocent smile."Just joking?"  

I try to pull my hand away from him, but he has a tight grip on me.

He chuckles, smirking at me."Mmmhm. I know you better by now. Little miss ninja"   

I roll my eyes at him, ignoring his comment, and still trying to struggle from his grip. 

Ron laughs at me."Watching this is pretty amusing."

"So is watching this." I swing my leg to lock it behind his knee, and make him fall down.  

Next thing I know, I'm on the ground with him, because he is still holding onto my hand, and pulled me down with him. I try to crawl away from him, but before I could get on my knees, Ron sits on top of my back, pinning me down. I keep trying to push him off of me, but it's no use.  

Ron chuckles." Hmmm. Looks like you could use more ninja training."

I complain. "Not fair! You're a wrestler, I know nothing about that."

Ron talks close to my ear. "Well,I can always teach you. Right now though, you have to sing." 

He gets up off of me, and helps me up to my feet.  

I try making an excuse to not sing." I can't sing... My throat hurts."

Ron smirks at me."Well, if that's the truth, and if you're sick, then I'm sure my parents won't let you go to the concert tonight. I could always take your ticket...."

I give in." Never mind. I'm feeling better."I walk back over to the table. 

Ron smiles."Uh huh. That's what I thought."   

Before I could get my diary, Ron beats me too it, snatches it away from me, and puts it in his guitar case.

"Nice try. You're singing first, then I'll give back your diary." Ron sits down on top of the table, and picks up his guitar. 

I cross my arms over my chest in frustration." But Ron, I hate singing by myself."

Ron sighs. "Alright. Well, what if I sing with you? I never said you had to sing by yourself."

I sigh in annoyance." Fine. But you start first."

"Okay." He smiles, and starts playing his guitar, to the song "Two is Better then One" by Boys Like Girls.  

Ron starts singing,

" I remember what you wore on our first date,

You came into my life. And I thought hey,You know this could be something.  


'Cause everything you do, and words you say.

You know that it all takes my breath away,And now I'm left with nothing.    


So maybe it's true, that I can't live without you.

Well maybe two, is better than one.

There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life.

And you've already got me coming undone.

And I'm thinking two, is better than one."  


He playfully nudges me to start singing.

Not wanting too, I nervously sing the next lyrics. "I remember every look upon your face..."  

Ron sings the next line. "The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste. You make it hard for breathing."

He stares into my eyes to help me only focus on us, and not others around us.   

I'm not afraid to sing anymore, and I continue the next verse.

"Cause when I close my eyes and drift away.

think of you, and everything's okay. I'm finally now believin'.   


And maybe it's true, that I can't live without you.

Well maybe two, is better than one.

There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life.

And you've already got me coming undone.

And I'm thinking two, is better than one."  

I didn't realize I was singing solo, until I heard Ron's voice singing the next verse.

"I remember what you wore on the first date. You came into my life, And I thought hey."  

I sing the chorus with Ron.

"Maybe it's true, that I can't live without you.

Maybe two, is better than one.

There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life.

And you've already got me coming undone.

And I'm thinking, Oooh, I can't live without you.  

'Cause baby two, is better than one.

There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life.

And I've figured out with all that's said and done. 

Two, is better than one

Two is better than one."  


Ron kisses me." You have a beautiful voice. I love you."

I kiss Ron."I love you too."  

I hear my phone's ring tone go off, then Ron's phone buzzes in his back pocket. I grab my phone out of my purse, and see Sue sent me a text. 

I open it."Cat where are you???"

I text her back,"We're at the park."  


Ron laughs, and shows me his phone. He also got a text from Sue.

Except his says,"Give me my best friend back you greedy hog!

I watch him text her back. "She's mine now. Muahaha."   


I smile and giggle at the text."I guess we should go back now."

Ron chuckles."No way. I just got you. The third wheel can be patient."    

I playfully smack his arm."Hey! That's my best friend, you're talking about. If I remember right, you were the third wheel first."  

Ron puts his guitar I back in his case, and zips it up. He scoots in to sit closer to me. "My point exactly. Now you're mine." He kisses my cheek.

I giggle."Sue's right, you are greedy."   

Ron puts his arm around my shoulders."I'm just greedy for your love. Is that such a crime?" He jokes.   

I play along with his joke. "Maaaybe. Good thing I'm okay with that, or I would arrests you." I smile at him.

Ron chuckles."Well aren't I just a lucky guy." He leans in, and kisses me passionately.  

I gently pull away for a sec to speak." I can honestly say that I'm very greedy for your kisses." I giggle.

Ron whispers in my ear."Mmm. Then let's continue this in the truck." He kisses me again. 

I nod my head."Okay."   

We stop kissing, and pack up our stuff. Ron helps me put on the necklace he gave me.  

We grab our stuff, and walk to the truck. Ron puts everything in the back seat, and I hop in the front passenger seat, closing the door beside me. I hear Ron close the back passenger door behind me, and he walks in front of the truck to his side. He opens the door to the driver's seat, and hops in, closing the door beside him. He pushes up the arm rest in the middle, to scoot in closer towards me.   

Ron smiles at me."Now. Where were we?" He smiles, making me smile.

He puts one hand gently on the back of my hand, and the other around my waist. He gently pulls me in, and we start making out.  Ron gently grabs my hand, and pulls it to touch his manhood. It already feels hard. It kind of feels a bit weird touching it. Ron's truck does have tinted windows, but I just don't feel comfortable doing anything else but kissing in here.   

I slide my hand off of him, and wrap my arms around his neck. I feel one of his hands slide up my shirt and touches my breast, over my bra.   It's like I could feel electric sparks all over my body. I couldn't help but to let out soft moans.  

He stops kissing me."Could you try something for me?"

I look at him confused."I don't know. Try what?"

"Could you give me a blow job?" He asks me.

I'm nervous. I've never done that before, but I've heard about them. I'm not sure how to answer him. "I... I don't know." I look away embarrassed.

"What's wrong?"Ron gently grabs my chin, and turns my face to make me look at him.

I shrug my shoulders."I don't know. I.... Don't know how."

Ron smiles."It's okay. Nothing to be embarrassed about. I could always teach you. If you want me too."

I shyly smile."Okay. I do. But not here."

"It's okay. I understand." He kisses my cheek.  

Ron traces his lips down to my neck. He makes me lean my body forward onto him. I just relax, and rest my head on his left shoulder. I feel his lips kiss the back left side of my neck, and starts sucking onto my sweet spot. Trying not to moan, I just breath in and out very heavily. I loved the way his tongue was massaging my neck. A little rough, yet gentle. He was making me feel very good, and I didn't want it to stop. I felt myself crave for more. Ron stops kissing my neck, and kisses my lips. We continue kissing for a few minutes until we keep hearing our phones ring from text messages.   

Ron sighs in annoyance. I couldn't help but to giggle a little, knowing that's Sue texting us.  

He pulls his phone out first, and I pull mine back out of my purse.

I read Sue's text."When are you guys coming back home? I'm fixing to eat your birthday cake, if you two don't hurry up, and get back with the food. I'm starving."

I reply to her text."We're leaving the park now.  

I look at the clock, and it reads 2:15pm. Wow. I didn't realize we spent all day here. We really do need to get back.   

"We better go, before Sue eats all my cake, and then regrets it later." I giggle. 

Ron sighs."Okay. Hopefully we can finish where we left off later tonight." He winks at me, and makes me smile. Ron starts the truck, and drives out of the park. 


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