No Escape from 1D

All Catherine has ever dreamed about was to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Her best friend Sue tried to get tickets to celebrate Catherine's Sweet 16 birthday, but they were sold out.
Catherine's step brother Zager, ended up getting the tickets for her. What she doesn't know , is her brother sold her, and now she is forced to live being One Direction's slave.
She hates her brother for betraying her, and will do what it takes to keep trying to escape One Direction, in order to get back home to her best friend. Or will she end up falling in love with one of who she calls her captors, and learn to accept living with them?


Author's note

Made a trailer for my fanfic! :)

12. Birthday Re-Do

When we woke up, I didn't want to get up out of bed. I wanted to stay wrapped around Ron's arms forever.

Ron had to carry me out of his bed, into Sue's room, so I could get ready to go.  


Right now I'm sitting in the front seat of Ron's truck. Sue, and Jackson are in the back seat. 

I'm wearing a coral pink peplum t-shirt, light blue faded skinny jeans, and black high top converse. I let Sue braid part of my hair into a twist wrap, and pulled it up in a side ponytail. Of course, I'm wearing Ron's necklace. As well as Sue's bracelet, and the ring she gave me. I left the One Direction charm bracelet at home. I didn't want it to get stolen, also if they're out looking for me, that would be their easy target to find me.   

Ron has on his football team's hoodie, blue jeans, and black nike sneakers.

Sue is wearing a shirt like mine, except it's a baby blue color. She's also wearing black skinny jeans, and red converse. 

Jackson is wearing a grey shirt, his varsity jacket, dark blue jeans, and black and grey nike sneakers.  


I slept during the one hour drive. It was 9:30am when we got to pigeon forge. We went horse back riding first. I was able to visit my horse Severus. 

I named him after Severus Snape from Harry Potter. I was 11 years old, and Severus was still just a pony. My Mom's horse Iris, was pregnant with Severus. Iris got pregnant from my step Father's horse, Thor.  Zager also had horse, named her Star. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted my own pony to take care of, so my Mom gave him to me. As years went by, I watched Severus grow up into a beautiful horse. After my parents passed, I was forced to give the horses away, since we had no where to put them. Mr.Malone is friend's with the owner of the horseback riding barn in pigeon forge. They took in Iris, Severus, Thor, and Star. Thor sadly died of old age last year. He was a good healthy horse my step father took care of since Thor was a pony. My step father had his horse, since he was in his late 20's, after he graduated college.

Severus grew up to be just like his Father, a beautiful black stallion horse. He definitely has part mustang in him just like his Mother Iris, because he's a very fast runner. Severus has a white streak down his nose, with some light brown spots on it, I call those his freckles. He had beautiful blue eyes just like his Mom.

Iris is a beautiful mustang. She is white with light brown spots, wavy locks of blond ginger main, and blue eyes.

Star is a beautiful white mustang with silver locks of main, and dark brown eyes. Zager has had Star since he was 13, and would share her with me, when I didn't have a horse.

When my family went horse back riding, I would either ride with Zager, my Mom, and sometimes my step Father. Thor was a rescue horse from the wild, even though he was trained he had his moments, so my Mom didn't like me to be on Thor much.     

Being able to visit my horses, brought back good memories. The owner even let me bathe them, brush them, and feed them. Just so I could have an excuse, to spend more time with them. We were there for 3 hours. I wish to stay there longer, but Jackson kept nagging on how hungry he was. So we went Flapjack's Pancake Cabin for lunch.  

The waiter took our order.  Sue ordered the Honey Drizzled Chicken and Waffle. Jackson ordered the meat lovers omelet.  Ron ordered the Fried Steak and Eggs, with the Reese's peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes.  I wasn't too hungry so I just ordered a cheese burger, with a side of hash browns.   

While we're waiting for our food, I pulled my phone out from Sue's purse to check messages. The sound has been turned off since last night, so I haven't been on it since then. I see my phone has blown up with over a hundred missed calls, and unread messages. Some of the missed calls are from Zager, and Cooper. The other missed calls are from unknown numbers. My heart sinks, knowing who those numbers belong too. I open one of the unknown number text that reads, "Catherine, this is Niall. Please pick up the phone." 

I ignore it, and click on one of Zager's texts. "Where the fuck are you!?"

I roll my eyes, at his stupid question. I turn my phone off, and throw it back in Sue's purse.    I notice my friends all look at me weird.  

"Babe. Are you okay?" Ron asks concerned.  

Him and Sue already know, but Jackson has no clue what's going on. I might as well tell them.  

I sigh."Just the British trying to find me."   

"British?" Jackson asks confused.  

"Is it okay to tell him?" Ron asks me.  

I shrug my shoulders."Sure. He probably won't believe it though."  

"Try me. What's going on?" Jackson says.  

"Zager is a dick, and sold her to One Direction like she's some fucking dog." Ron says in a low volume, so no one else can here.  

Jackson smiles, and slightly chuckles."Very funny."   

Sue, Ron, and I all give him the we're serious look.  

"Believe me. I wish it was a joke." I sigh in annoyance.  

"Why we're giving her a birthday re-do. They made her sweet 16, a shit 16."  Ron can't help but the chuckle at his rhyme.  

Sue and I, both give Ron the really look, and he stops chuckling.  

"If you still don't believe me, check my phone. You'll see their messages."  I take a sip of my sprite.  

"Okay." Jackson takes my phone out of Sue's purse, and turns it on. "Geez, your phone is so slow, and old school." He laughs.  

Sue slightly giggles."I keep trying to tell her to get a new one, but she never listens to me."  

"Hey. Don't make fun of my sidekick. I don't want a new phone."   "

See." Sue points out.  

Ron puts his arm around me. "You know. If you did get a new phone, we could video chat."  

"Tried that." Sue sighs.  

"Why, when I'm already practically living with you."  

"And exactly what she told me." Sue narrates.  

I roll my eyes at Sue." Anyways, I have a laptop for that... Crap."  

I just remembered my laptop, is in my bedroom at Cooper's house.   

"What?" Sue looks at me confused.  

"My laptop is at Cooper's house, along with all my other stuff." I rest my head on my hand.  

Ron sighs." Here's what we're going to do. We will go as a group to pack all your stuff, and bring it to your real home. Then you won't have to see them again."  

I shake my head."I... I can't face them. Not after what they did to me. They made it clear, they don't want me living with them anymore. They can keep my stuff, and do whatever with it. I don't care..."  

"Cat, all your memories with your Mom is there. You can't leave that behind." Sue says.  

I sigh, knowing she's right. All my picture albums of my Mom and I. My Mom is the light in my life that always makes me happy. I never want to forget her. I at least have to go back for my photo album my Mom left me.  

I nod my head."You're right. I will also need them for senior year. I guess I will go back, to at least get my pictures."  

"If Zager, or Cooper dare puts one finger on you, then Jackson and I will kick their ass." Ron says.  

"Hell yeah we'll beat their ass." Jackson smiles.   

Their words of protection, made me smile.  

"Finally. It's on." Jackson sighs.  

I roll my eyes at him complaining about my phone.  

My smile soon faded as we hear Jackson.  "Someone is calling you. Hello?"  

My eyes grow wide in fear. "No, hang up. It's them, you idiot!"  

Jackson just looks confused.  

"Jackson, hang up the phone." Ron reaches across the table, taking the phone from Jackson. He immediately hangs up the phone.  

We didn't notice Sue's ringtone go off, and I see her picking up her phone.  

"Hello..." She says in a confused voice.  

Her eyes grow wide in shock, and she immediately hangs up her phone.  

"H... How the hell do they know my number?" Sue looks at me.  

I shrug my shoulder." I don't know. I don't even know how they have mine."  

I then remember Louis holding my phone hostage last night. He probably stole Sue's number out of my phone.  

"Did you recognize who's voice it was?"  

She nods her head. "It was Louis."  

I grit throw my teeth, trying to keep my volume down, so others can't here. "That fucking Tommo twat! He stole your number, from my phone."   

I can tell Sue is trying not to laugh at the name I gave Louis.

She starts typing in her phone."I will just save Louis' number as Tommo Twat in my phone. That way I know to ignore him."   

I smile, and shake my head at her. "That will be our nickname for him Tommo Twat." I giggle a little. I see her point, the name does sound funny.   

I look at up at Ron, and over to Jackson."If an unknown number shows up on your phone, please just ignore it. Tommo Twat stole my contact list, so he probably has your guys phone numbers too."  

They both nod, and agree not to answer.  

Ron hands me my phone. I turn it off, take the battery out of my phone, and put the pieces back in Sue's purse.   

"I'm still confused. I thought you girls were crazy about them..." Jackson says.  

"We like them, but don't freakishly worship them like other fans do. We know boundaries." Sue tries to explain.  

"So you like hate them now?" Jackson asks.    

I shake my head."I don't hate them. I just don't want to live with them."  

Jackson slightly smiles."I find that a little surprising. Most girls would say yes in a heart beat, to live with a famous boy band."  

"I thought you would know by now, that I'm not most girls." I remind Jackson.  

"Right." He fakes a smile, and tightens his legs together.   

I smile in satisfaction, knowing he remembers that I even said those words "I'm not most girls" right after I kicked him in his groins.  

"I been wanting to ask you this. What were they like? Where they mean, or nice to you?" Sue asks me.  

I shrug my shoulder." Louis can be kind of an ass sometimes, like you." I point to Jackson. "Harry is annoying. Reminds me of how you can be." I point to Ron. "Niall, and Liam are cool. Only thing mean they did was tie me up, because I was trying to fight them off to go home. They were nice by trying to welcome me in. They gave me a cake, and a bunch of presents for my birthday..."  

"Wait. They tied you?" Ron asks angry.   

I shrug my shoulders." I might have flipped Harry, and bit him. Oh, and sing kicked Tommo Twat's ass."   

Sue, and Ron both smile knowing what I mean by "Sing".

One thing I learned from watching the movie Miss Congeniality, is the self defense move called Sing. It's for a women's self defense technique, if a man is trying to attack them. Aiming for solar plex (stomach), in step on foot, punch the nose, and aim for the groin.   

"I might have kicked Louis in the groins harder, then I meant too." I smile, giggling a little at the memory.  

"That's my girl." Ron smiles proudly. He kisses my cheek.  

"Your girlfriend scares me sometimes." Jackson says to Ron.  

I give Jackson an evil grin."Good."  

Ron chuckles."What I love about her. I know she can take care of herself, if I'm not there."  

The waiter finally comes with our food, and hands us our plates.  

Wanting to forget about One Direction, and my brother, I change the subject.  

"So what are we going after this?" I ask.  

Ron shrugs his shoulder."Whatever you want. It's your day."  

"Okay. I want Sue to pick next." I smile at my best friend.  

Sue smiles at me."Okay. How about we go do a rope course challenge?"  

"That sounds fun." I smile in excitement.  

"I thought you're afraid of heights." Jackson looked at me confused.  

I shake my head."I'm afraid of airplanes, other flying air crafts, and upside down rollercoasters. Never said I'm afraid of heights."   

"Oh." Jackson says in an almost disappointing tone.  

I study Jackson's movements, and can tell he is nervous. "Jackson we don't have to do that, if you don't...."  

He cuts me off."No. I want to go. I was just worried about you, that's all."  

Ron, Sue, and I look weirdly at Jackson. Who is stuffing his mouth with his omelette. We know that he is afraid of heights, but is being stubborn, not wanting to show his fear.  

Sue speaks up."To make this interesting. How about we team up? Girls against guys? Whoever wins, gets to pick the losers Halloween costumes for Homecoming."  

Jackson smirks at Sue. He knows very well she is plotting that, so she can win, and claim her revenge, on what he made her wear last year.  

"It's on, Strawberry Shortcake." He chuckles. He happily takes a bite of his Omelet.  

Sue smiles wickedly at Jackson, not saying nothing, just taking a bite out of her waffle. That lets me know she is already thinking of something embarrassing for Jackson to wear.  

I try to hide my wicked smile towards stubborn Jackson. "Should be fun."  

Meaning will be fun to watch Jackson, trying to disprove us wrong. It annoys me so much, when he tries to be right about everything all the time.   

Ron whispers to me. "Babe. I know I was a little harsh on you last year, but that was before we were a couple. You forgive me?" He smiles innocently.  

I smile at Ron's apology. He knows very well he's going to lose, because of Jackson being so stubborn.  

"Yes, I forgive you. Don't worry, I won't be too harsh." I whisper to him.  

He sighs in relief. "No matter who loses, we're doing a couples costume, right?"  

I nod my head."Of course."  

We both smile at each other, and continue eating our food.  

Last year we made a bet against Jackson and Ron in a game of basketball. Jackson picked out Sue's Halloween costume, and she was so pissed at what he made her wear in front of our classmates. She was Strawberry Shortcake, and Ron had my costume be R2D2 from Star Wars.  Jackson was Ash from Pokemon, Ron was Han Solo, and bitchy Alexa (the girl he dated before me), was Princess Leia. 

I kind of cheated out of my costume though. Ron had originally made my R2D2 costume out of an old tin trash can. I didn't care what the penalty of cheating out of the bet was. I was not going to wear a trash can in front of my classmates. So I dressed all cute in black. Black converse, black leggings, black skater skirt, and a black long sleeve top. I had my hair in low pigtails, and a black beanie. I saved up the money, to buy one of those remote control R2D2's off of eBay. The reason of wearing all black, was to be invisible behind R2D2, showing that the droid was my costume. My punishment for cheating, I had to be Ron's little service slave for a month. At the dance, he made me wear a cardboard sign that said "I lost a bet", as part of my humiliation, since I tried to sneak past it. Was worth it. 

I felt bad for Sue though. She got the nickname Strawberry Shortcake for life. 

Jackson is pretty stupid for taking a bet, he know he will lose. Especially against Sue, who's artistic talent is fashion. She has the skill, to make any kind of costume she wants. I can't wait to see what she picks for him.   


After we got done eating we went to a small rope course. The bigger ones take up most of the day to complete, and we wanted time to do more things in Pigeon Forge before we leave. Also the bigger courses, you have to have a parent, to sign release forms. The one we went to requires to have someone 18 and up to be with you. Jackson is 18 (his birthday in May), so we were accepted. 

There were a few other people besides us there, mainly little kids with their parents.

At one point Jackson was getting to exhausted to continue, and he was already in the middle of the bridge. Sue and I kept going, while Ron was impatiently waiting on his best friend.  Since we were already ahead, we stopped to just watch Jackson in amusement, and let people behind us go ahead.  A little girl was getting impatient waiting behind Jackson, and the instructor below told her to carefully go right past him.  When the little girl made it past Jackson, Ron kindly helped her on to the post.   

"Jackson, come on! The girls are ahead of us. And a 5 year old just beat you!" Ron laughs at his best friend.  

He purposely said that to make Jackson annoyed, and get him more competitive to finish the course.   


"Give me a minute! I think I feel my omelette coming up." Jackson holds onto his stomach.  

The adults below, quickly moved out of his way, invade he vomits. He really wasn't going to, just made that as an excuse to be less humiliated.  

"Excuse me! I'm 7, not 5!"The little girl yells at Ron in a cute sassy tone.  

Ron looks back at her."Oh. Sorry." He smiles, trying to hide his laugh.  

Sue and I couldn't help but to laugh at Jackson, and Ron.

That little girl was adorable. We kindly let her go past us, when she reached our course.

Once we saw Ron, and Jackson were catching up, we continued the course. The exit is a zip line. Sue and I went down, and waited for Jackson and Ron. As Jackson was going down the zip line, he somehow managed to get stuck, and one of the staff members had to help him get down. That was pretty hilarious to watch. When he made it down the zip line, Ron finally made it down.

Sue and I won the bet.  

I felt a little bad for Jackson, so I let him pick what he wanted to do next, and he chose go karts. 

After go karts, I chose for us to go play lazer tag. I let Ron choose our last activity for the day, and he chose for us to have fun at an Arcade. My boy friend won me a soft plush black bear, named Mr.Rocky. Jackson won me a small plush orange hanging monkey, and Sue won me a small Pikachu plush.  

We went to go eat dinner at Chili's. When Ron said he was going to the restroom, I learned he told the waiters it's my birthday. They all sang Happy Birthday to me, and they gave me a free molten chocolate lava cake. I was a little embarrassed at first, but the cake made it better.  


After dinner we decided to just go home, and worry about getting my stuff tomorrow, after school. I was worried that One Direction might be waiting with Zager, trying to find me. I don't want to deal with that drama right now.  


Spending time with my friends was the best way to celebrate my birthday. I can say that the birthday re-do, was a success. I'm very thankful to have friends, who made my sweet 16 a memory I will never forget.   

Falling asleep in Ron's arms again, was the perfect way, to end this perfect day.

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