No Escape from 1D

All Catherine has ever dreamed about was to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction. Her best friend Sue tried to get tickets to celebrate Catherine's Sweet 16 birthday, but they were sold out.
Catherine's step brother Zager, ended up getting the tickets for her. What she doesn't know , is her brother sold her, and now she is forced to live being One Direction's slave.
She hates her brother for betraying her, and will do what it takes to keep trying to escape One Direction, in order to get back home to her best friend. Or will she end up falling in love with one of who she calls her captors, and learn to accept living with them?


Author's note

Made a trailer for my fanfic! :)

9. Birthday Linner


Before we go home, Ron drives to Panda Express to pick up take out food, to bring home for our linner.  It will be a late lunch, and early dinner. Sue and I call it Linner. Like how brunch, is breakfast and lunch.      

When Ron pulls into the driveway, and parks the truck, we see Sue walking out of the front door, to meet us.  I get unbuckled, and open the door, and hop out of the truck.   

As I'm closing the door, Sue grabs my arm."She's mine now. Bye." She starts to walk toward the house, pulling me behind her.  

Ron quickly runs up in front of her to stop her." Not so fast there sis. You're best friend is my girlfriend now." Ron smiles at me.  

Sue looks at me, then back at her brother. "You had your time with her. Now it's my turn."  

Ron laughs." You had your time with her for 12 years. It's my turn." He grabs my other arm, and pulls me closer to him.  

Are they seriously fighting over me?  

Sue pouts like a child."You can't just take her whenever you want..."  

"Guys, I'm not a toy!" I free my arms from their hands, and back away. "It's my birthday, and it's my decision on who I hangout with.  

They both cross their arms over their chest. "Sorry." They say at the same time.  

I roll my eyes." It's okay."   

I walk back to the truck, and open the back passenger seat. I can hear Sue and Ron whisper bicker at each other. I look over at them, and when they see me, they stop bickering.   

I sigh."Children." I giggle at my joke.  

I grab my gift bag, and close the door back. I see Sue is helping her brother grab the bag of food. They walk in the house, and I fallow behind them, closing the door.  I see Sue has decorated the house while I was gone. There balloons everywhere, and I see a big birthday banner that has says "Happy Sweet 16!", and under the banner are cardboard cut outs of One Direction.   

"Whoa. A life size Niall."I stand next to the tall cardboard cut out, of my favorite One Direction member. "Even cardboard makes me feel short." I stand on my tiptoes to take selfies with it.   

"You're not short. You're fun sized." Sue corrects me. 

We giggle at her joke.  

As I'm taking another selfie, I see Ron photo bombing me. He standing behind me, eating an egg roll, watching me.   

Sue laughs."Looks like someone is jealous."   

Ron rolls his eyes."Why would I be jealous of a piece of cardboard."  

I laugh."Yeah, if this was the real Niall. He would be jealous of Ron, eating that egg roll."   

Ron talks with his mouth full."And may even be jealous of you being my girlfriend."   

Ron gives me a kiss on the cheek, while he's still chewing the egg roll.   

"Ewww! Ron!". I wipe the remains of his sloppy egg tool kiss off my cheek.   

Ron laughs, and sits down at the table to eat.   


I put my phone back in my purse, sand go sit down at the table, in between Sue and Ron. Sue turns on the tv, and we watch Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon. We look at the guide to see that iCarly will be playing after 2 more episodes of BTR.   Their parents are still at work, and won't be home until around 5pm.   

After we eat our food, Sue and I give each other our fortune cookies. We have this thing we're every time we get a fortune cookie, we give each other's our fortune.  I never like eating the cookie part, I just like reading the fortunes. I open mine and it reads,"You'll learn to like new people coming your way." I just smile at it,  not believing it. I mean I have my best friend Sue, and my amazing boyfriend Ron. I don't need to meet or like anyone else. My life is perfect the way it is. I just put the small piece of paper in my purse.   I hear Sue and Ron start singing "Happy Birthday" to me. I look up, and see Ron taking a video of me with his phone.  Sue is carefully carrying my birthday cake, that already has the candles lit on it, and gently lays it down on the table in front of me.  The cake looks amazing. It's my favorite, red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Decorated with different colors of vanilla frosting. It's decorated with things that resemble One Direction on it. On one corner there's an Ireland flag, and the bottom corner an England flag. On the other corner is a pink heart that has the word "1D" in the middle of it. Below that are the words "Happy Birthday Cat" written in purple frosting. 

Once they're done singing, I blow out my candles, and take my phone out, to take a picture of my cake.   

I hug my best friend."Thank you guys. This has been the best birthday ever." I hug Ron, and give him a kiss on his cheek.    

Sue smiles."You're welcome." She pulls out a big gift bag from behind the counter.  

"Oh my gosh. Sue, you really didn't to get me all of this."  

Sue picks up the gift bag, and puts it on the table."Yes. I did. You're my best fiend. So you deserve the best birthday ever. Now open it."  

I smile shaking my head at her."Fine."  

I walk in front of the gift bag. It's a big purple gift bag, with pink, and orange ribbons tied on the handles of the gift bag. I'm wondering what's making the bag so heavy. I untie the ribbons, and pull out the orange tissues paper. 

I first pull out a tan bunny from Build-A-Bear that Sue made me. I see a certificate with it. It says her name is Susan McKeegan. I smile knowing Sue made me a build-a-bear, because I made her one for her birthday.   

Sue smiles."Press her hand twice."   

I press the bunny's left hand, and hear Sue's voice speak"My name is Susan." I press it again."You're not just my best friend, you're my sister." I press it a third time. "To infinity and beyond."   

That made my heart melt." Awww. I love her. Thank you Sue." I hug my best friend.  

Sue giggles."There's more in there..."  

I pull out a new sketch book, and a drawing and sketching pencil set container.   

I see more in there."What, is this Mary Poppin's bag?"   

Sue giggles."Marry Poppin's addition birthday gift bag."

I giggle at her joke.   

I pull out a beach towel. I fold it open, and see it has One Direction on it. I fold it back up, and air it on the table.  I pull out a black t-shirt, and unfold it. I see it says "One Direction" on the top. Below the words is a picture of Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam. I fold the t-shirt, and lay it next to the towel. I pull out a bag of M&M, Hershy  caramel Kisses, and Starburst. I'm finally at the bottom, and see cans of frosting. I see that she filled the bottom with each vanilla, and chocolate cans of Betty Crocker's frosting.   

I pull one out."You really do know me well."   

Sue giggles."When you're on shark week, you'll thank me."  

I laugh knowing she's right.  Might sound weird, but I love frosting. Being a teenager, frosting is like my vodka. Whenever I'm on my period, that's the thing I crave for most.   

I put the gifts back in the bag, best I could. I have no idea how Sue got all of that to fit in there. I just sit the bag in an empty chair, so the stuff on top leans against something, and doesn't fall.   

I see Sue has already cut the cake, and got the cookie dough ice cream out. Since I'm half Irish, she cut out the entire flag for me to eat. She cut out a piece for Ron, herself, and made sure to leave some for her parents. 

As I'm enjoying my slice of cake, out of nowhere, I feel cold ice cream, getting smeared all over my face.   

The coldness takes my breath away."WHAT THE HELL!?"  

I hear Ron laughing." That's payback, for what you did this morning."  

I wipe the ice cream out of my eyes, so I can see. 

Ron is still sitting down next to me. I stand up to meet Ron's face, and shove what's left of my piece of cake on the side of his face.  I hear Sue trying to hide her laughter.   

I smile in satisfaction."There. Now we're even."  

"Even? That's 2, against one..."Ron stands up from his chair.   

Now that he's taller then me, I back away. I notice Sue has been recording us on her phone.  Before I could walk any farther, Ron grabs my wrist, and pulls me towards him.  

"No, Ron! Let go!" I keep struggling from his grip.   

Ron takes his piece of cake and smashes it against my head, making it all get in my hair.   

He laughs, and let's me go."There we go. Now we're even." He walks off into the kitchen.  

I growl, annoyed at him. Great now I have cake all in my hair. I'm so getting him back for that. I walk over to my gift bag, and randomly pull out one of the frosting cans, that happens to be chocolate. 

I grin getting an idea. I give Sue the look, that I'm plotting my revenge, and she slightly giggles turning her camera back on.  I quietly open the can, and scoop up a hand full chocolate frosting in one of my hands. I see Ron at the sink cleaning off the cake I smeared off his face.  I sit the can of frosting on the kitchen counter.  I quietly sneak up behind him. With my clean hand, I pull on the belt loop of his pants, and drop the frosting in his pants,  By his movements I can tell Ron is shocked at what he just felt go down his pants. I lick the left over frosting of my hands.  

Ron sighs."Baby?"  

"Yes." I giggle.  

"What the hell did you just put in my pants?" Ron turns around to face me.  

I giggle, smiling in satisfaction." Betty Crocker."   

I walk backwards to the other side of the counter, and show him the can of frosting.  

Ron growls at me. I watch him open the cabinet door, and pull out a jar of Nutella. Knowing what he has in mind, I start to run off.  

I feel Ron grab my arm." Oh. No. You're not going anywhere."   

I try to pull away."Ron, let me go!"   

He drags me, barricading me against the kitchen counter, pressing his body against mine.  He opens the jar, tossing the lid on the counter. I watch him scoop a lot of Nutella in his hand, and he sits the jar down on the counter. I start to scoop more frosting in my hand, but with his clean hand, he grabs my hand to stop me.  He sticks his hand down my shirt, smearing the Nutella all over my cleavage.   

My mouth drops in disgust,"EWWW! RON,YOU'RE SO DEAD!"  

Ron grins."But you love me." He chuckles.   

I get loose from his grip, grab my jar of frosting, scoop some in my hand, and throw some on his face.  

Ron growls at me."You're on it hazel nut."  

I giggle."Bring it, chocolate butt."   

We both end up in a frosting food fight.   

I then hear their Mom's voice."Hey kids! We're hommme."   

I hear their Dad's voice."Quick, let's leave before they notice we're here."   

Mrs.Malone sighs."Alan, stay. Sue, why?"  

I hear Sue laughing at us."Ron started it. He shoved ice cream all over Cat's face, so she shoved her cake in his face, and then this happened. Been going on for 2 minute now. I got evidence."   

"Ron, let me go!" I push Ron off of me.   

I run into the kitchen, and hide behind Sue. Ron laughs, and chases me around the table.   

"Ron, nock it off!".Mr.Malone gets onto his Son.  

Ron stops running."She's the one who started it. I'm just getting even."  

I run up to Ron and smear frosting all over his arm." I started it? You're the one who..." I start to say him teasing me, but stop myself, because I didn't want his parents, or Sue knowing we made out in the shower.  I huff. "Well, you know what you did."  

Ron grins at my comment."What was it again, Cat? Hmmm? Remind me. Was it this?" 

He starts to lean in to kiss me, I quickly scoop up a handful of frosting, and smear it all over his lips. 

I laugh at him.  

Sue laughs."Cat 11 points. Ron, 10."  

I giggle looking at her."You been keeping score?"  

She shrugs her shoulder.."I have to have fun in this somehow."  

I feel Ron grabbing the back of my neck, and smearing Nutella everywhere, even down the back of my shirt.   

I throw frosting at his face."I loathe you!"  

Ron grins at me."Well I loathe you!"  

I roll my eyes at him."You don't even know what that mean..." I get cut off by Ron kissing me.  

"Huh. Didn't see that coming. Wonder what happens when they like each other." I hear their Dad make a joke.   

I forgot his parents doesn't know that Ron and I are dating. I stop kissing him, and gently push him off of me.  I look over at his parents, and his Mom looks in shock at what she just saw us do, yet happy. I bite my lip, and look down in embarrassment.  

Ron chuckles. " Um. I guess now would be a good time to tell you, we're dating."   

Mrs. Malone smiles real big. She jumps a little in excitement like a 5 year old, and pats her husband's arm.. "See. I told you they would make a perfect couple someday."  

Ron gets embarrassed."Mom, please stop."  

She starts to cry a little."I'm sorry, I'm just so happy for you too." She starts to hug me, but then backs away remembering the Nutella all over me. "Oh. You two wash up. Then we hug."   

I giggle at their reaction.   

Alan sighs."I will hose them off. You two, outside."   


   His Dad really did clean us off with the hose in the back yard. Not the first time he had too. There was one time when I was 12 we had an argument, and wrestled each other in the mud. Mr.Malone had to hose us off, before we stepped foot in the house.   

At least this time, it was just from the chest up, and just had to get the cake crumbs off of us, before we got in the shower. For me, anyways.  I couldn't help but to laugh, when Ron had to take his jeans off, to get the goop of frosting off of him. That's when Ron took the hose from his Dad, and sprayed me with it. I started to try and take it from him, to spray him, but Alan broke us up.   

"Hey! Hey! I'm the one in charge of the hose!" He grabs it out of our hands, and finish rinsing us off.   


   After I was done, Sue was already waiting on the porch, holding out my new One Direction towel for me. I wrap up in it, and walk back into the  house. I go to the bathroom to take a quick shower, and get ready for the concert. 

For my outfit to wear there, I chose dark blue jeggings, a black spaghetti strap shirt, and a neon orange tank top. The top has a peace sign on it, and has tiny black hearts around and inside the peace sign. 

I'm now done with my shower, I quickly dried off my body, and dried my hair. After I was dried off, I changed into my clothes, and went back into Sue's room.

Sue was already dressed, and waiting on me, to do my hair.  Sue's wearing a purple cold shoulder long sleeve top, faded blue jeans, and her One Direction converse. Her shoes are the same as mine, except hers are white.  Her nails are painted black, and she has her hair half up in a twist braid ponytail. I sit down at her desk, and she  dutch braids my hair in a side ponytail.   

"Uh. Cat, is that a hickey I see?" Sue asks.  

My eyes grow wide in embarrassment."What!? Where?"  

Sue points to the back corner of my neck."Right here."   

I try to see if I can look at it in the mirror, but it's where I can't see it.  

I start to panic a little."Sue, how do I get rid of it? I don't want people to see it, especially your parents."  

Sue calms me down." Relax. I will cover it with some makeup, and no one will notice it."  

I sigh in relief."Okay."   

It took Sue a few minutes to cover the hickey spots up with foundation. She had to make it perfectly match my skin tone. Me having pale Irish skin, well that can be hard to do. Thank God I have a best friend who knows a lot about makeup. I never wear any, because it's too expensive, and takes too much time to put it on. I only wear it for theatre performances, or cosplay. That's where Sue comes in to help me.   

After she was done, I put my jewelry on. While I was in the shower, Sue helped me, by cleaning the frosting off my jewelry, so I can wear it.       

We're finally ready to go, grab our purses, and go to the living room.   

"Mom! We're ready to go!", Sue announces.  

We see her Mom and Dad string on the couch, relaxing, and watching tv.   

"I don't mind giving them a ride." Ron speaks up.   

hear his voice come from the kitchen. His Mom looks back surprised. Usually he complains about driving Sue and I around.  

"Are you sure hun?" Mrs. Malone asks.   

"Yeah. I mean it's you're anniversary. I'm meeting up with Jackson to hangout in town anyways." Ron assures his Mom.  

She smiles."Okay. Thank you sweetheart. You kids have fun."  

Sue and I smile."We will."  

Alan points to Ron and I."You two. Not too much fun. And you." He points to Sue."Keep an eye out on them."

Sue giggles at her Dad's joke. She playfully salutes her hand."Will do."  

Ron rolls his eyes, and sighs. "Bye." He walks out the door.   

I run out of the house behind him, and Sue fallows, closing the door. Ron opens the front passenger seat for me.   

"Shot gun!"Sue shouts out.

She tries getting up front, but Ron stops her. "Nah eh eh. Birthday girl gets to ride in the front."   

Sue sticks her tongue out at her brother, and he does the same thing to her.  

Sue smiles at me."You're lucky it's you're birthday. You two, just don't turn it into make our city with me in the car." She hops in the back seat.  

Ron laughs."No promises." He winks at me.   

I roll my eyes, laughing at them. I hop in the car, put my purse down in the floor board of the truck, and Ron closes the door for me.  He gets in, and starts the car.   

Before we drive off, Sue leans over the middle arm rest in the front, and plugs in the aux cord to her iPod nano.    She hands me her iPod."Cat put my 1D playlist on shuffle please."  

"Okay."I take the iPod from her.  

"No! None of that crap playing in my car, while I'm driving." Ron tries to snatch it from me. I back my hand away, so he can't grab it.   

I give him my puppy dog eyes."Please. For me?"  

Ron sighs."Damn it. Fine."  

I smile, and turn to look at Sue."Always works."  

She giggles, and gives me a high five.  

Ron pulls on my ponytail, making my head lay on his lap. "Only because it's your birthday. So I'll let you be in charge of the music."   

"Hey. Hands off the hair." I pull his hand off of me and sit back up in my seat. "And thank you." I kiss his cheek.

He smiles."Anything for my princess." He pecks his lips on mine.  

Sue giggles."Weird.You two being a couple now, is gonna take time for me to get use too."   

I smile at her, turn on her iPod on shuffle, sitting it down on the arm rest, and buckle up.  

Ron pulls out off the driveway, and we're finally on our way to the concert.   

The moment I been waiting for.


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