A girl who had everything but love

Hello my name is Alexandria , Alexa for short and this is my story
P . s this is not one of those stories whereby the geek falls for the bad boy
Cause in this scenario bad boy vs bad girl . . . evil laugh ... Hah any way please read this story okay


2. The competition

 Today was probably the worst day of my life first of I ignored my alarm then there was no hot water and finally I was an hour late for school missing two and a half periods TD included and now I was having a lecture on punctuality  . currently sitting in the over size chair under the principals threatening gaze ,Alexandria Isidora Martino how dare you come an hour late to school I just can't believe what you have become you used to be such a good gir! and know I don't even know what you have become the principal spoke bitterly but it was not my fault I repeated for the umpteenth time all she did was growl at me in annoyance,  lies she spat but it is the truthiness again no it is not you dress like a thug and you still expect me to believe (well excuse you ) " well you can't say am lying just because of my dressing"  i said out raged, now how can she be soon stupid i thought humans would have evolved further than this the shame! i thought grimly,  so you better stop your ludicrous thought and stop tucking dictating my life bitch i said but just right after i said that i realised that this was my fing  principal i then looked at yesterday to apologise when I was a tick in her head ohh! God i thought I've done it now meh i thought i was already used to this .

*Time Skip*

after a super boring lecture on language and respect it was time for lunch i don't really eat their food but I couldn't stay without food so I managed ,when I reached the lunch lady she gave me a sandwich they don't really sell sandwich the lady is my friend so she gives me good food, after collecting my brunch (since I didn't eat breakfast) hasn't to my usual table i see some jerks and some kid i did not recognise he was probably the new kid i was showing around on i forgot to say as punishment for my disobedience i am showing the new kid around  you might think that is not punishment but for a girl who most of her friends are abroad and one is also a secluded bad ass  i think you would know I don't like company now back to jerk patrol just as I was about to gently kick their asses  was my friend Mia she had  tears in her eyes i looked between her and the jerks and I just realised that they my family no one hurts my family i thought angrily i picked my water bottle and opened the cap and did the one thing I could think of i doused water on the middle one their leader i poured it all over his and just as I did that  and got an immediate response what the fuck he roared,  i looked at him with distant emotion one looked bored and with a  threatening  tone i asked him this what did you do to her i asked silently pointing to Mia what did you mean her then he looked at her oh he said in recognition that slut i just said she was a worthless and pathetic  whore he said in confidence i looked at him disgusted then did the one thing that to my mind i punched him straight in the new about eight time until I felt some one grab my waist and pulled me off i struggled raining thousand of curses on him you hitch how dare you say that to her what had she ever freaking done to you the i started struggling more until I heard a sweet baritone voice say calm down he said in a soothing tone  how can I call down he just hurt my family isaid outrageous sheesh he didn't actually hurt her he said annoyed but an is that is called verbal assault please you making a scene  then I realised people where with their phones and standings i quickly and calmed stopped shouting then I felt my feet touch the ground the I looked to see my mysterious saviour he had black hair and green eyes approximately 6" 11and had broad shoulders i just stood their point at him until I felt some one behind i didn't need to look back to know it was Mia she held her hand and introduced  her and me i just looked at her in awe as this girl fell down and went back up again i watched they where talking and being the silent third wheel until I heard i looked up to see who wasn't was Mia i looked at her giving her the hint to talk can be join us for lunch she begged i say sure then we go back to her they were talking and she just kept quiet thinking of the  change he would bring




A/ N  :Hey guys how you doing so hoped you liked this chapter i made it as long as I could do see you again loyal friends bye




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