Aggressive Incident

3 interviews with 3 little girls.


1. Rebecca

OK Rebecca, explain to me what just happened.

“I was fighting with Alba.”

Why were you fighting with Alba?

“She was being horrible to me.”

And that’s why you were hitting her?

“She was hitting me, too.”

Yes she was. Why were you hitting each other? What happened?

“She’s an idiot.”

What do you mean ‘she’s an idiot’?

“She was being horrible to me.”

Ok. Do you think that makes her an idiot?


It’s good, keep talking. You’re being very helpful.

Do you think she was wrong to be horrible to you?


Do you think you were horrible to her?


Do you think it was horrible to hit her?



Are you ever horrible to your sisters when you are playing games?


No? Never?

“Not like Alba.”

What about Larissa? Is she horrible when you play games?




How was Alba being horrible to you?

“She was calling me a loser.”

She was calling you a loser. Why do you think she called you a loser?

“She’s ugly. I hate her.”

She’s ugly? But you look the same.

What did you mean by that, Rebecca?

“Everybody just calls me Becca now.”

I thought you didn’t like to be called Becca?


“It’s ok now.”


What did you mean when you called Alba ugly? Can you explain that?

“I don’t know. She’s disgusting.”


Can you tell me some ways you and her look different?


“I don’t know.”





What was happening when she called you a loser?

“We were playing with the goals for game time;”

Just you and Alba?

“With Rissa.”

Ok. And you were playing the game with the goalkeeper?

“No it was a different game. It’s a new one we invented it.”

A new game? Who invented it?

We did. All together.

All together. Ok, Rebecca. Just a moment.


How does this name game work?

“We all have to play together so it’s for three people when we are in the game time. And we have the ball and we have the red goal but just one because we only need one with this game- it’s called two out and in because one person is in the goal and they have to stay in the red circle but they can use their hands and they have to stop you from scoring but it’s just you and the other person you’re playing with isn’t on your team so you have to try to take the ball from them when they have they ball or they try to take it from you if you have it and then you have to score five.”



And were you losing the game when you started fighting? Losing to Alba?

“Alba was in goal, it was her turn because I was in goal first and then Larissa was second.”

So. Ok. So Alba was in goal and you were playing with Larissa.

Were you losing the game?

“Larissa just scored two but I was winning three-none before and we were still playing.”

So the score was three-two to you when you started fighting.

“And Alba was begin horrible and calling me a loser and said I am always bad and I’m stupid and I was going to lose.”

When did she say that?

“Since the beginning.”

So even when you were beating Larissa three-nothing, Alba was calling you a loser?

“And before that because she was laughing at me and pushing me sometimes when it was my turn to play against her after Larissa.”


Rebecca. Can you tell me what you feel when Alba calls you a loser?


Why do you think Alba calls you a loser? Do you think you’re a loser?


No. Who usually wins this game?

“Alba won the first time and yesterday.”

And you only played it three times.

“Four times.”

Who won the other time?

“Rissa won one.”


Do you think Alba is better at this game than you?


Rebecca? Why do you think Alba wins this game more than you win this game?

“I don’t know. She always wins the games.”

Ok. Is Alba always horrible to you when you play in game time?

“Yes she always is and sometimes Rissa like today but Alba more”

What did Alba say the other times?

“She was laughing at me and saying bad things about me.”

She was laughing at you. Was Larissa laughing at you too?


And how did you feel?





How do you feel about Alba right now?


Do you think Alba is angry?


Why do you think Alba is angry?

“Because I hit her.”

She hit you back. Do you think she’s still angry after she hit you back?

“I don’t know. Yes.”

I don’t know, too.


Thank you Rebecca, you can go back now.









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