Aggressive Incident

3 interviews with 3 little girls.


3. Larissa


OK Rissa, tell me what happened in there.

“Becca and Alba were fighting.”

They were fighting weren’t they.


Yeah. Why were they fighting Rissa?

“Because Alba was laughing at Becca.”

Were you laughing at Becca as well?


Are you sure?


A little bit?

“A little bit.”


And did that make Becca angry?

“Becca is always angry when we have games.”

Becca is always angry when you play games. Why is that?

“Alba laughs at her.”

When did that start to you think?




Can you remember the first time you played this game?


What happened the first time?

“Alba was winning with Becca but she hit the post four times and again because she hit too hard.”

Ooh no. That’s unlucky.


Did you laugh when it happened?

“Hmm a little bit.”

A little bit. Did Alba laugh?

“Yes Alba was happy.”

And did Becca think it was funny?

“No Becca wanted to win.”

She wanted to win against Alba?


Speak clearly please Larissa


But she lost.

“Yes she lost because she was angry.”

She lost because she was angry. Can you explain that to me Larissa?

“When Becca is angry she always loses.”

She always loses.

“Sometimes yes.”

Sometimes. Ok.

What about when Alba is angry


Does Alba get angry in game time?


The same like Becca?

“No Becca is more angry.”


What was the first game you remember when Becca was angry?

“It was the game with the tails.”

The game with the tails.


What happened with the game with the tails?

“She fell over.”

She fell over.

“Yes but it was an accident.”

It was an accident.

What happened?

“She was running away from Alba when she was going to win but she stood on my tail and she fell and she lost because of that and Alba won.”

Oh. And then what happened?

“Alba was horrible.”

Alba was horrible to her.

“Yes and she was laughing at her because she said it was funny how she fell.”

Did you think it was funny?

“Hmmm yes.”


“Because Becca was going to win and then Alba was really happy because she took the tail from Becca and so she was laughing a lot at Becca and she was more angry.”



So Becca won the game that day?

“Yeah Becca won the games.”

When was this?

“A long time.”

A long time ago?

“Yes a long time.”

But you remember it?

“Yes I can remember.”


Do you think Alba and Becca are both horrible to each other when they are winning?

“When they are winning yes.”

Ok. And are they both angry when they are losing?


Are you angry when you’re losing?

“Hmm yes sometimes.”


And sometimes do you laugh at your sisters? And make them angry?


Do you sometimes call Becca a loser?

“Hmmm sometimes.”

And Alba as well?

“No. I say to Alba different things.”

Different things?

“To make her angry.”

You say different things to Alba and Becca to make them angry?

Yes sometimes.

Can you give me an example?



Larissa? What type of thing do you say to Alba that’s different to Becca? What’s an example?

“I don’t know. It can be different.”

Like what?



Please think Larissa.


Stop that. Larissa can you please answer the question.

“I’m thinking!”





Tell me something you say if you want to make Alba angry.

“Hmmmm that she’s stupid.”

And do you call Becca stupid?


But more Alba.



Ok, Larissa-

“We’re different.”

What do you mean?

“We look the same and we eat everything the same and live in here but were different.”

Yes that right you and your sisters are quite different aren’t you.



What do you think?

“Hmmmm I don’t know.

"Do you know?"


“Is that what you’re writing down? And you ask us questions?


"Because you don't know why we're different?"


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