Aggressive Incident

3 interviews with 3 little girls.


2. Alba

Ok Alba. What happed there?

“I don’t know.”

You don’t know?




Right, why were you fighting with Rebecca?

“I didn’t do anything first to her, not touch her or push her even when she pushed me before and she came to me first and said she was going to punch me.”

Punch you?

“Yes punch me because she was angry and said we were laughing at her.”

Were you laughing at her?


Did you call her a loser?

“Only because she was pushing me every time I tried to go past and she kept pushing me and bumping me like that.”



How do you feel Alba?”


Are you angry?

“Mmmm yes.”


“Yes a little bit because I didn’t do anything wrong I was just laughing because Rissa said something so I laughed and Becca was trying to punch me.”

What did Rissa say?

“How she lost before in this game.”

That Rebecca lost before.

“Yes but it was only a joke. She was just joking.“

And then what happened

“And then Becca was trying to win the game and pushing me but she missed the ball when I had it always so she was more angry and it was funny.”


How did you feel when that was happening?

“I don’t know. Funny. “


So Rebecca was more and more angry and it was a little bit funny for you and Larissa. And then you won the game.



And then Larissa played with Rebecca. And she was winning wasn’t she?

“Becca was winning in the beginning but then Rissa scored two and in this game they need five.“

Oh. So who do you think was going to win the game?

“I think Rissa because Becca was angry and when she is angry she is not as good.”

And then Larissa scored two points didn’t she.


And then I think you said to Rebecca that she is going to lose.


Ok. What about you. Do you get angry when you’re losing?

“Yes sometimes.”

Why do you think you have won this game more than Rebecca?

“I don’t know.”

Do you think Rebecca is good at games?

“Yes she is good.”

Are you better than her?

“Hmmm I don’t know.”

But you win more than her.

“Yes I am good at the games.”



Do you think Rebecca is pretty?

“Hmmm yes I think she is.”

Do you think she looks the same as you?

“Yes I think we look the same.”

Thank you.



Ok, thank you very much Alba. You can go back now. Game time is nearly finished so prepare for Movie time.

“I know. And we have to have our snack.”

That’s right.





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