After Megan's mother passes away, she is left with only one thing in the world, her powers. But what was once's used for good is now being pulled towards darkness.

And Megan will stop at nothing to fine her mums killer, even if it means destroying the people closest to her......


2. The Beginning of an End

"Focus, Megan" His voice was all around me willing me to try harder, to try to beat him.

"I am trying," I told him, "I swear." But we both knew that wasn't true and to be honest my mind was else where.

Ever since two years ago when I found out that I was part of an experiment gone wrong, which resulted in me being able to control stuff with my mind, I've been trying to figure out who I am.

Whether I'm the girl who keeps her head down at school and tries to avoid confrontation or whether I'm the girl who has lost her world but find a new one instead.

"Okay your clearly focusing on everything but the simple task I gave you."

His voice comes again, he's never in the room with me but his voice is always here. Leaving you to wonder everything about him.

"I'm sorry, there's just a lot going on right n......"

I don't get to finish my sentence because Alec bursts into the room, panting and breathless. Painted across his face is an expression so full of worry and fear that it causes a sharp pain in my heart.

But then I realise something, that pain wasn't his face, it was someone I love leaving this world.

"What is it Alec?" The mystery man questions.

"M..eg..an it's, it's your mum."

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