Juliette’s story

Juliette’s parents die when she’s young and is sent to live with her grandparents. After finding her mothers diaries she takes a trip to Australia leaving her life behind. It’s there she find love, passion and danger. It’s in Australia where Juliette’s story begins...
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1. O N E

The plane ride to Australia was horrendous. There was a toddler kicking my seat and I was sat next to the stereotypical goth. Adding the fact I hate flying when we landed I wave of relief washed over me.

As I stepped out the plane the hot Australian sun hit me and I smiled. I’d saved up for 3 years to get here. Original it was just a dream then it became a possibility and now, now it’s become apart of my story. A buzz of excitement was spinning around me as I collected my luggage. It was 12:45 and I had such bad jet lag, so I ordered a star bucks to attempt to wake my self up more.

As I walked out of the airport juggling my phone, coffee, handbag and suit case I ended up bumping into a couple of girls.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry” I laugh awkwardly.

“Ah no worries!” A cheerily blonde laughs back. I smile and leave them there, heading out of the air port.

The idea of coming to Australia originated when I was looking through my mother’s old diaries. My parents both died when I was 10 in a car accident and ever since I had been leaving with my grandparents. I was meant to be getting Christmas decorations out of the loft when I found a box of her old things. It consisted of her favourite books, old clothes and her diaries. After that I read all the books and cling to her clothes. I didn’t read the diaries until I was 15 because my grandparents believed I was too younge when I found them. I was 13 when I found them and two years later the possibility of going to Australia came up. In her diaries she said she had gone to Australia back packing and it was there she had rediscovered herself and found her true love- my father.


I get into a taxi and head of to my new home for 6 months. Yep I’m going to be living in Australia for 6 months! I’m renting a beach house that’s directly on the beach. My front garden is going to be white sand and blue oceans! After an hour or so drive I arrive at my new home. I pay the taxi man and walk to my new home. The person who owns it lives down the road to it so I leave my suit case under the little table on the porch and walk down.

But first I stare and my new home. It’s two stories and there’s a balcony that runs around the whole house on the second floor. The windows and massive and the building is painted a watery white. It’s so rustic and beautiful. I. Love. It!

My legs are boiling in my ripped jeans and wearing a knitted jumper was the wrong idea. It may be good for England but for this weather it’s hell. Anyway I stroll down the path way that’s hidden green trees and eventually stop in front of the house. I take my sun glasses off and sort my hair out. I know the door twice and am met with a girl about my age.

“Hi mate!” She says in a thick Australian accent.

“Hiya” I say in my thick english accent.

“Don’t just stand there come in” She smiles warmly, “Mamma will be down in a second, my names Rose”

“Ah my names Juliette but my friends call me Jewel”

“Well I hope we can be friends, Jewel” she stresses the Jewel. I smile and then a plump women waddles out the kitchen.

“Ah welcome to Australia!” The woman pulls me into a tight embrace.

“Thank u!” I say.

“Now I’ll get right to it. Here’s your keys. And the rules are simple if ya break it ya pay for et and keep it semi tidy” she laughs.

I take the keys and say my goodbyes. I stroll back to my new house and open the door ditching my suit case by the door. I take a picture of the outside of the house to send back to my grand parents and leave the caption “All ready to start my adventure!” I walk into my house and scream with excitement. As you walk in your instantly in the living room which is spread out across nearly the entire front house. Then if you carry on walking you open to massive French patio doors and step into a huge kitchen that has a small round 4 seated table in the corner with us directly by the window and oh the view! The view is like something out of the movies. I run up the spiral stair case and burst the rough one of the doors. I’m standing in the bath room. There’s a singular tub on four little stands by the massive window, which takes up nearly the entire wall. And there’s a toilet, obviously, a vintage sink and then on one wall is a huge vanity with an even bigger mirror. I almost faint this house is amazing! I dice into the next room. It’s the bedroom. A massive double bed and a walk in wardrobe. I jump on the bed and laugh. This has exceeded my expectations. The other two rooms are storage rooms.

After a while I empty my suit case and slip into something more appropriate. I’ve got a short red play suit of and a pair of sandles. I put my hair in a messy bun and put my sunnies on. Jet lag is tempting me to sleep but I’m to excited. I decide I’m going to rent a surf board. If I live so close to a beach I might as well learn to “shred the waves”I put my phone, money and key in a smaller side bag and leave the house.


I hope u like this so far!! I’ll update more later on today!! Enjoy!

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