Juliette’s story

Juliette’s parents die when she’s young and is sent to live with her grandparents. After finding her mothers diaries she takes a trip to Australia leaving her life behind. It’s there she find love, passion and danger. It’s in Australia where Juliette’s story begins...
#love #romance #sex #Australia #danger #passion #rediscovery#teen


5. F O U R

I splash them with water and scream at them.

“I hate u!” I laugh.

“That was the best thing” Zac gasps.

“Oh really” I say smirking.

“Oh my god.” Zac goes white in the face.

“What?” Panic rises in my voice.

“I’ve just upset the devil” he erupts in even more laughter.

I swim towards him and piggy back him and pull him down. Elijah and Brandon just stay there laughing. When Zac resurfaces he’s gasping for air.

“How about that!” I say getting back on my board.

“Okay let the war begin” he says shaking my hand. I lie back on my board,feet dangling in the water, and enjoy the morning sun.

“Don’t u dare tip my board over Zac” I say calmly closing my eyes.

“Wouldn’t dream of it” he replies, I look up and we’re all in a circle, eyes closed lying back.

“So this is Australia” I say under my breath.

“Yep” Elijah says with a huff. There’s a sense of complete calm between us four. I can tell I’ve made great friends.

“Are you from England?” Brandon asks.

“How did you guess?” I chuckle lightly.

“I think the accent” he says lightly.

“Gosh and I thought I was being careful”I smirk.

“How long are you here?”

“6 whole months” I smile.

“Well we have 6 whole months to make you stay in Australia” Elijah perks up. We all laugh.

“Right I’m starving” I say siting up.

“Same, shall we go to Betsy’s?” Zac asks.

“Yeah okay, come to mine in ten” and with that I paddle off.

When I reach the beach I run back to mine. I leave my board on the front porch and dart inside. I put on a pair of denim shorts and a white cropped tank top. I shove my feet in converse and run up stairs. I put my spray on and wash my face, I put my normal make up on and grab my sun glasses. My hairs still wet so I scrape it into another tight pony tail and put a small flower at the top of the tail. There’s a knock on the door, so I grab a twenty out my purse and answer it.

“Sup dudes” I say stepping out onto the porch.

“Hey, you ready to go?” They say in unison.

“Yep, but if it turns out one of you are gonna kill me I’m gonna be pissed” I laugh.

“Shit, Zac what are we gonna do now” he smirks.

“Oh hardy har har” I smile. I’m walking between Zac and Elijah with Brandon next to Zac.

We arrive at Betsey’s in no time. Turns out it’s across the road. We sit down and I order my self a grilled cheese and coffee. It’s now 10:30 so I was rather stuck on what to order.

“So, what’s your three story?”I say taking a bite of grilled cheese.

“What do u mean?” Brandon says taking a massive bite of waffle.

“Like how did u guys meet, stuff like that”

“Ah well funny story, Brandon is my older brother and Elijah is my younger brother” Zac says. My mouth drops literally and just stare at them.

“No freaking way!” I gasp, “Wait so how old are u lot” I take a sip of coffee.

“Well I’m 18” Elijah says.

“I’m 19” Zac begins.

“I’m 20” Brandon lifts his glass of coke up.

“Jesus christ u all look 18! I’m 18 by the way.” I laugh.

After we finish lunch I depart from them and go back home. I sit on my porch for a bit reading my book until I decide to go for a walk.


On my walk I met 3 new people: Jessica who runs a smoothie shop, Sadie who walks dogs for money and then I met Sam. I have made my mind up that I dislike Sam a lot. He’s stubborn and thinks so highly of himself. I was ordering a smoothie ( at Jessica’s) and he spilt his drink all over himself by walking into ME. He said it was all the “Stupid tourist” fault and demanded I pay for a refill for him but thankfully Jessica saw what happened. Talk about a total ass hole.

It was 4 o’clock by the time I got back home though, and it had started to get quite breezy. I pulled on my wet suit, I’d just brought and grab my board. I’ve actually really started liking surf boarding and I think if I keep practicing I could get pretty good.

When I get to the water it’s actually really warm but the waves are quite strong. I decide to only go in for an hour or so because I didn’t wanted to injure my self. Surprisingly no one was out, like no one was on the beach or in the water. It’s was like a waste land. It was sort of freaky.


I was in the water for 2 hours. The original plan was only an hour but it was just so much fun I lost track of time. At 6 o’clock I decided to go back. I drag my board up to the house and jump in the shower. When I’m done I put on my Pjs and go down stairs.

For tea I decide I missed my TakeAways. I put my trainers on and grab an overdose hoodie. I walk down the road until I find Rose’s house.

“Hello?” I knock at the door. I’m welcomed by Rose.

“Hey Hun what’s up?” She asks.

“I’m wondering if u have any takeaways places here?” I laugh. She laughs handing me a pizza take out leaflet and I walk beck home.

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