Night mare of daydream

Beautiful drangerous violet eyes. Smirking and purple hair.Artemis fowl can't get her out of his head but at the same time waking up sweating from his dream about her.


3. Holly short

heaven :

Holly saw then Screen Artemis clutch a purple helmet. A girl had given it. She was a little jealous." Jealous that he's just got a phone number? From a girl!" Folly asked." Nope maybe she can teach him a some manners!" She her arms stubbornly." Right that's why your throwing popcorn at her face in the screen." Foaly chuckled.


Fowl manor:

Artemis twirled his cell phone on his desk. Typing the phone number in his computer. It sat loading then the light  link green and the report came out.

Connie Macbeth

Age 16

hobby raceing

sweet and kind

25586 cloudy crk (Ireland)


he sighed and told Butler were he wanted to go.  They stopped outside her house he rang the doorbell. The girl opened the door a raised an eyebrow." I think this is yours...." he said giving her her helmet. She gave it back." I left it for a reason." She said." Why?" " so you ccould have an excuse to talk to me." She said


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