Not My Type (frerard)

a silly little chatfic i wrote on wattpad in 2017; in which gerard and frank work out their problems from the past while pete and mikey sit back in harmony. TWs for attempted suicide, mentions of child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, self harm, and implied sexual content. the cover here is not my image; nor is it the original cover, for that would not fit the cover dimensions for movellas. this story contains crude humor that may not be suitable for all audiences. some photos may be missing from this story; in that case, i have tried my best to write around those parts or describe the photos to the best of my ability. for the best reading experience available, i suggest reading this story on wattpad instead. the themes written here do not reflect my own personal thoughts, opinions, and experiences. any similarities to real occurrences and real people (besides the people the characters are based off of, of course) are unintentional. all rights reserved.


3. 3

chat with .diluted. and milkfriend.


milkfriend: add me back you filthy ho


.diluted.: new phone who dis


milkfriend: I'll fucking text mikey then


.diluted.: I kicked him and readded him so I could be the only admin lol


milkfriend: dickface


.diluted.: i've only had one dick in my face in my lifetime


milkfriend: I didn't ask


.diluted.: funny cus it was yours if im remembering correctly


milkfriend: please stop talking about that, id like to keep my lunch down thanks


.diluted.: remember when you were madly in love with me


.diluted.: and you were all like 'we're gonna be together forever' blah blah


.diluted.: 'you're the only one for me, frank'


.diluted.: 'i'll love you forever'


milkfriend: please stop


milkfriend: it's not my fault you know that


.diluted.: i made a simple mistake


.diluted.: and my apparent soulmate left me


.diluted.: step out of your own head for a second


.diluted.: go out of your little comfort bubble


.diluted.: and think about how all of that made me feel.

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