The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


7. Chapter 7



CALUM P.O.V  Jayde is 12 weeks pregnant. Beginning of October 


Leaving Ashton was going to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my entire life. We had been living together ever since we graduated high school. I had most of my stuff packed and ready to move into Jayde's car. 

"Jayde's here." Ashton commented as she came into my room smiling. 

"It's moving day!" She clapped. "I'm excited. And Ashton! There's an apartment near us that's for rent if you wanna check it out. It's closer to your job." 

"How much is it though? I was kinda looking for something small, one bedroom." He answered as I boxed the last few things I needed. 

"Oh, I'm not sure but I can check it out!" She smiled. 

"Thanks." He answered with a little smile. "How's baby doing?" 

"Good. Really good. Don't have another appointment for a few more weeks. Hoping to hear the heartbeat next time we go." It was still so strange to me that there was life growing inside of her body that I put there. I got her pregnant. It was wild. 

"I know nothing about babies." 

"Neither does Calum." 

"Hey! I read a baby book." She smiled and followed me out to the living room where Ashton was going to help me bring the boxes down to her car since she couldn't lift anything. "You're sure you're gonna be okay man?" I questioned and he nodded. 

"This is just something you have to do." He shrugged. If I had a choice on what to do I would stay here with Ashton but eventually Ashton would want to move in with someone and get married and have kids and I would be left on the street. Jayde getting pregnant would be good for me. I would finally take some responsibility for myself. It would easier to live with her once the baby came anyway. 

"I'll always be here for you." I reminded him. "Fridays are still for the bros." I smiled and he hugged me. "Saturdays are for my baby." 

"Which I hope is a boy by the way." 

"No. We want a girl." Jayde commented as she looked through the fridge. Lately her cravings had been crazy and the other day I saw her putting peanut butter on pickles. "Let's go out to eat." 

"It's 10 in the morning." Ashton commented. 

"Ashton, honey, you've clearly never been to IHOP." She commented. "So?" 

"Seriously? Right now?" I questioned. 

"Yes right now. I'm hungry!" She whined. 

"Why don't I cook for you then?" I questioned. I really didn't want to go out to eat. I was not in the mood and I didn't have any money. I always felt so bad when we went out to eat now she always had to pay since I literally had 4 dollars. "Pancakes?" I questioned and she nodded. 

"You're the best." She smiled and I smiled back at her. 

"And you're cute." I commented as I got everything I needed. "Ash? Want some?" I asked. 

"Sure." They both sat down at the table while I cooked. 

"Hey! My parents are having a dinner party next weekend, you should come!" Jayde commented to Ashton. "I'm assuming Calum is going." 

"What? Why didn't you tell me about that?" I asked turning to look at her and she shrugged making me sigh. "Is this like black tie?" 

"Yeah." She commented. "You'll look amazing." She smiled. I made breakfast for all of us and we all ate in silence before finally carrying my things down to her car. 

"When are you gonna get a belly?" 

"I don't know." She shrugged. I so badly wanted to touch her stomach and feel our baby kick. "I'm 12 weeks so maybe any day now. I'm not sure. It takes time." She helped organize everything into her car before I got in and we drove back to her place. 

I carried as much as I could inside but it would be hard to get the dresser up the stairs by myself. She was giving me the hall closet for my clothes and she made room for my dresser right next to hers. 

"We look like a married couple." She giggled which of course, freaking me out. 


Getting to my family's party was nerve wracking. I had no idea if my family knew that I was even pregnant. I'm sure my grandparents would have something to say. I wasn't a child, I knew better than to be sleeping around. I knew that I should have been protecting myself. 

"I don't wanna do this." Calum said before we even got to the door. Ashton was carrying the wine that we were bringing and he was walking ahead of us. 

"Calum, it's going to be fine. I promise." I answered grabbing his hand. "I don't have to tell anyone that you're the father if you don't want me to. I'll say that he's not involved." 

"No. It's not that. I just don't want anyone to think that we're terrible people." 

"We're doing the best we can in this situation. It's going to be fine." I answered going to the door with his hand in mine and Ashton on my other side. I made sure they were both good before I walked inside and was right away greeted with classical music and a serving handing out champagne which I politely declined but both Ashton and Calum took a glass. 

"Jayde!" My mom called coming over and hugging me and then both the boys. "How are you, Ashton? I haven't seen you in forever!" She smiled thanking him when he handed her the wine bottle. 

"Been super busy with work lately." He smiled before we finally stepped away from her and found the food table where no one was. I stayed as close as possible to both of them until Ashton broke off to mingle with people. Ashton was never afraid to talk to anyone and he was friends with some of my cousins from college. 

At some point I had to leave Calum to go the bathroom and when I came back he was talking with my grandfather and he had a hand holding Calum's shoulder. I quickly walked over to them and wrapped my arms around Calum. 

"Hello, Jayde." 

"Hi, Grandpa." I smiled. "What are you talking about?" 

"Oh just how this one knocked up my granddaughter." My eyes widened. 

"It's not like that." I hated when people said that he knocked me up. Emily had said the same thing and it truly broke my heart that she wasn't responding to my calls or my texts. She hasn't talked to me since she found out I was pregnant and I had no idea why. 

"I know it's not like that. Just like to mess with you. I think it's great." He smiled. "Even if no one else does. It's a baby. How can you be mad at a baby?" He smiled. "Very excited about my first great grandchild." 

"We're excited too. A little freaked out but excited." Calum answered smiling at me. I felt like Calum was holding his breath the entire conversation and when my grandfather left he let out a sigh of relief and chugged the rest of his whiskey. "How long do we have to stay?" 

"Whenever." I shrugged. "Just ask Ashton." Calum raced through the house trying to find Ashton while I walked around saying bye to everyone and answering any questions they had about my pregnancy. I met the guys by the door before leaving. 

Ashton had me drop him off at some girls house that was close to my parents and then I drove back to our apartment. Calum went to the bathroom while I searched for lingerie to put on for him and sat on the bed waiting. 

"Wow." He smirked coming over to me and kissing me. I reached for his pants yanking them down as fast as I could and pumping him in my hand to get him hard. "Suck it." He groaned being impatient as he usually is. I smirked taking him in my mouth for a few minutes before he got bored of that and pulled back helping me stand to my feet. "Turn around." He slapped my butt as I did before grabbing it and pulling me into him. "Bend over." 

I laid half on the bed with my feet touching the floor and my butt exposed to him that he slapped a few more times before pulling my thong down. He fingered me with two fingers before pulling away to get completely undressed. 

"God you're sexy like that." I giggled and felt his hand come down on my cheek again. He grabbed me by the hips to position me to me and thrusted into me making me moan and grab a pillow to bite into. I moaned gripping the sheet as he got me closer to my orgasm. 

"Faster." I moaned before he finally hit my g-spot pushing me over the edge and making me clench around him. "Oh fuck, Cal." He pulled out and jacked himself off onto my back. He kissed my shoulder a few times before going to get a towel and left me trying to catch my breathe on the bed. "You're amazing." I whispered as he wiped his cum off my butt. 

"Yeah?" He asked and I nodded giggling before climbing into bed. "Always know how to please a women." 

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