The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


6. Chapter 6




10 weeks pregnant. Middle of September. 


As I was getting closer to my second trimester, Calum and I had decided on making plans on if we were going to live together or not. We weren't together so I would like to live somewhere with three bedrooms so that we can each have our own room but I really loved my apartment and didn't want to move. 

"We have plenty of time to plan this you know." He said to me and I looked at him. I was very annoyed and we had to plan this now because I needed everything to be organized so that I wasn't stressing later. 

"I need to do it now." I commented. "Should we live here? I guess we can sleep in the same bed." I mumbled. 

"I don't want to decide this right now." He answered.

"Why not?" I questioned. I was getting so annoyed with him. "You just had all of your shit stolen, you could easily come live here with me." I commented. 

"It's not you, Baby. It's Ashton. I would feel terrible moving out." 

"It's not like you were going to live with him for the rest of your life. Eventually you would move out to be with a girlfriend or something." 

"It's gonna be the same thing if I move here." He rolled his eyes annoyed with me. "Also, you understand that I don't have a job right?" 

"What happened to that job you were going to get at Ashton's job?" I questioned I was going to be so angry if he didn't get that job. 

"Why would they hire someone who's been arrested for drug related things?" 

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" I shouted and he looked alarmed by my sudden outburst. "You've got to be kidding me Calum." 

"Jayde, do you really expect somewhere as fancy as Ashton's office to hire me? I've been arrested so many times for drugs and DUI's. No one is going to hire me." He tried to defend himself. 

"You need to get your shit together! You have a kid on the way. Do you know how fucking annoying that is?" 

"Of course I do but you have to understand that I'm trained in nothing and I've been arrested." I sighed and felt like crying. 

"You need to figure something out." I rolled my eyes. "I'm so fucking angry." I shoved passed him. 

"Stop." He grabbed my wrist. "Listen, I may not be able to pay for things for this baby but I'm going to be here for the midnight feedings and the nights when it's up laughing and giggling at nothing. I can't give you money but I can give you love." He was right. Although a child is expensive I would much rather have him here with no money than to not have him here and he was spending all of his money on pointless shit. 

"You're right." I sighed. 

"I know this is hard. I know it's going to be hard. This is not what we wanted or how we wanted it. Hell I didn't think I ever wanted kids but we have to make this work." I nodded listening to everything he had to say and he was right. "If you want me to move in fine but I need to talk to Ashton." 

"Okay." I sighed sitting down. "I'm really stressed." 

"It's gonna work out." 

"How do you know that? How do you know it's going to work out?" 

"It just has to." He shrugged. "It has to someday come together." 

"I don't make enough money to support 3 people." I commented. "I'm scared to death." 

"I'm scared too. I have no idea what the future holds." He sat down across from me. "But when that baby comes, none of this shit is going to matter." He flung his arms around. "That baby is going to be the light at the end of the tunnel." 

"I'm gonna need you." 

"I know and I'm going to try my hardest to be there for you." He answered. "I'm gonna need you." I looked at him confused. "I've never even held a baby and suddenly I'm going to be a father?" He shook his head. 

"You act like I know how to be a mom." I answered. 

"The minute that baby is placed in your arms you'll know how to do it. I'm going to be stumbling around like a chicken with it's head cut off." I laughed a little. We were both going to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off. "How about we go out to dinner or something? Get our mind off of all of this baby stuff." I nodded and went to get my shoes on. 

Becoming a parent was going to be the hardest thing I've ever been through. 



Jayde dropped me back off at my place the following Sunday so she could get ready for a huge meeting at work. I wasn't exactly sure what Jayde did. I think she worked in a law office or something but I wasn't sure. I knew she worked hard. 

I knocked on Ashton's room door knowing that if I didn't tell him about moving out now, I would never do it. 

"Come in." I sighed before I opened the door. "What's up?" He questioned. 

"I gotta talk to you." I commented. "It's kinda important." 

"What happened?" 

"Um, I've decided to move in with Jayde. We just both figured it would be best if we were living together to help prepare for the baby." I talked as fast as I could. 

"Oh." He seemed a little shocked by my words. "I figured this would eventually come I just didn't realize it would be this fast into her pregnancy." He commented. 

"She wants everything to be prepared before the baby comes. I don't blame her. I wouldn't want to be totally stressed a month before the baby comes trying to get everything in place." I sighed sitting on his bed and he turned in the chair to look at me. 

"How are you doing?" He asked and I shrugged. 

"I wish I was more careful." I answered truthfully. "I just wish I had more to give her." 

"Well I think it would be best for you to move in with her. I was thinking of getting a place closer to my work anyway." I nodded as he talked. "You're not alone in this, Cal. I'm here. Jayde is here." 

"I know but it's still like 'holy shit I'm having a kid.'" He nodded. 

"They have classes you can take." I shrugged. I had no money there wasn't a way for me to pay for it. 

"I think we're just gonna take it day by day and see what happens." 

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