The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


5. Chapter 5




8 weeks pregnant ending of August beginning of September


I was woken up by the sound of my phone ringing over and over and over around 6 am on a Saturday. I was going to kill whoever was calling me. When I got pregnant I found that I needed to sleep a lot longer than I usually do. 

I lifted up the phone and saw Calum's name flash across the screen. He wouldn't be calling me right now if everything was okay. 

"Calum." I groaned into the phone. "It's 6am." 

"I've been robbed." He said into the phone and I paused slowly sitting up to not get dizzy. 


"All of the drugs, all of the money, our t.vs, gone." 

"Are you serious?" I asked. "Did you call the police?" 

"Oh yeah "Hey, copper I got my drug and drug money stolen. That would blow over well. I'm sure they would arrested me as soon as they got here." He commented and I rolled my eyes. 

"Well what am I suppose to do if you won't call the cops?" I questioned. 

"I don't know but I don't have any money for anything. I won't be able to buy a train ticket to get to you for your doctors appointment." He said and I sighed. 

"I will pick you up later today and you can stay with me until Monday and after work and our appointment on Monday I will drive you home." 

"Thank you." He commented. "I have a job interview at Ashton's work for a security job at 9." 

"Okay, I'll pick you up after lunch. I'm going back to bed." I answered before hanging up and rolling over onto my stomach to try and get back to sleep. 


I slept for a few more hours before finally getting up to shower and make myself some breakfast. Driving into the city to get Calum was going to be terrible and I knew I was going to be stuck in a ton of traffic. 

On top of that, today I wasn't feeling good at all. I felt bloated, I felt like I was going to vomit at any minute and my boobs were hurting. I wasn't sure if all of those things were related to being pregnant but I was gonna blame it on the pregnancy. 

I quickly showered and ate some toast before heading off to Calum's. I knew I was going to be a little early but maybe I could stop at the book store to pick up some baby books for me to read. Of course I knew what any first time mom knew about pregnancy. It took 9 months and then it hurts like hell when you give birth. It was everything else that I wasn't sure about. 

I called Calum over the car speaker system. 

"Hi, hot stuff." I rolled my eyes when he answered. 

"Hey, are you home yet?" I asked. "I'm almost there." 

"Yeah I'm home." He answered. "You can get me whenever." 

"Well, do you wanna go to the book store with me?" 

"Sure." He answered. "But only because you're carrying precious cargo and I don't want anyone to get close to you." I laughed a little pulling up to his building. 

"I'm here." I commented before he hung up and he came out a few minutes later. "Hi." 

"Hi, baby." He commented. 

"How did the interview go?" I questioned as I pulled onto the street to head to the bookstore. I really needed Calum to get this job. I could easily afford to support this baby but it would be so much better if there were two of us who would be able to provide for this baby because that's what it deserved. It deserved two parents who would be able to both contribute to it's life. 

I had no idea what the future held with Calum. Of course I wanted to raise this baby with him but I didn't want to be with him. We were two very very different people. I had parents who were laid back and allowed me and my sister to do anything we pleased. We never had a curfew, we could sleepover our friends house whenever we wanted, they let us take their cars whenever we wanted. 

Calum's parents were strict. They were always on him about grades and other things and maybe that was just because he was never good at school. I knew that Calum's parents cared a lot about his education and Calum didn't really care. 

My parents were strict when it came to relationships and I think that's why I have been sleeping with Calum for so long. In high school, they told me to never date him. They knew we were close friends and have been since we were little but they didn't want me to date him. They were always preaching about how he would just use me for sex and throw me away. Little did they know. 

"Interview went good. They said they're going to give me a call." He smiled and I smiled. 

"That's good. This is an awesome opportunity and if it doesn't work out, then come to my office." I smiled pulling into a spot, grabbing my purse and keys and getting out. He got out as I locked the car and ran around to stand on the sidewalk with me. 

"What type of books do you need?" He questioned. 

"I'm just getting a few baby books. I think I should read up on what is happening to my body." I smiled. "I'm also getting the name book." I know it was very very early on in my pregnancy but I was still thinking about baby names. What person doesn't? I don't know about other's but I've had some names picked out for years now even though I had no intention of getting pregnant. 

"I like the name Calum." I shook my head as I walked to the store. Thankfully there was a Starbucks inside so I went and ordered something for me and Cal, paid for it, and then made him stand in line while I went to try and find the books I wanted. I was somewhat close to where I needed to be and when I found a pregnant women I asked her if she knew. 

"Next aisle over." She smiled. "I love how you asked me and not someone who worked here." I laughed a little. 

"I felt that you would be nicer to me about it." I smiled. "Thank you." 

"You're welcome." She smiled back before I went to find the books and Calum met me there. 

"Here you go." He handed me my drink with a kiss. I searched for the books that I thought I might need. I bought the books of names and What to Expect When You're Expecting but I wasn't sure if I would need anything else. "You should start with these. I'll also give you the book I have. That one is about what you'll need for baby, how much things usually cost, and labor and delivery." I nodded feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. I carried the books to check out and paid before getting back into the car. 

As soon as we got into the car, my phone began ringing over the bluetooth speakers. 

"Hi, Julia." I smiled as she huffed on the other end. 

"I don't know what the hell is wrong with some people!" She shouted into the phone making me chuckle a little. "Joy Hood and mom hung out today and all of a sudden I get a call and mom is angry at me that I didn't tell her I was pregnant! Joy Hood told mom I was pregnant when I'm not!" 

"Oh. That's weird." I commented looking over at Calum who was beat red despite his tan skin tone.

"And then that got me to thinking. How would Joy know if I was pregnant? Why would I ever tell Joy that I'm pregnant before my own mother. That's when it came to me. Joy was talking about you. Because you're sleeping with Calum Hood." I was silent as I drove having no idea what to say to her. "Oh my god, Jay. Please tell me you're not pregnant." 

"I can't." I answered. 

"Jayde! How did this happen?" She questioned. 

"The old fashion way. And just so you know, you're on speaker and I'm with Calum." 

"Calum! I'm going to kick your ass! How could you get my sister pregnant?!" 

"You act like I did it on purpose." He rolled his eyes.

"Oh my god. I'm coming over for dinner." She answered before hanging up and I knew I should invite my parents too because eventually, I would be getting a call from them. 

Julia came first and thank god because if my parents got here first, I think I would have passed out on the floor. I had the pregnancy test and the ultrasound picture ready to show her when she got here. I was so thankful that when she actually saw us she wasn't mad because if she was I think I would have passed out. 

"I'm gonna be an aunt!" She shouted hugging me. "Holy crap. She held the test and the ultrasound picture. "How far along are you?" 

"I'm 8 weeks. I wanted to wait a little longer to tell you, mom, and dad but apparently someone's mom can't keep their mouth shut." I glared at Calum who just shrugged as there was a knock on the door and he went to answer it. 

"Oh, Calum, Honey, nice to see you." My mom said giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek before letting him go and coming over to me and Julia. "Hi girls." She smiled hugging us both. Calum shook hands with my dad before we all went into the rather small dining room area I had and sat down to eat. 

"So um..." I started but wasn't sure how to get this out. "I have some news." I commented. 

"About what?" My mom questioned. 

"About what Joy said to you today." 

"About me becoming a grandmother." She said and I nodded. My father looked rather alarmed at the conversation. 

"I was going to wait to tell you but Calum and I are expecting a baby in March." I commented laying out the ultrasound pictures. 

"Oh. Oh wow." My mother answered picking up the pictures. "How far along are you?" 

"Eight weeks." I answered softly. I was an adult, who had a home and a job, I graduated from college, I wasn't sure why I was so afraid to tell my parents that I was pregnant. Of course I always thought that my married sister would have a baby before me but that's beside the point. 

"Oh my gosh, Honey! Congratulations! I'm gonna be a grandmother!" She smiled hugging me. "You're gonna have a beautiful child." She smiled as we all sat back down and I was awaiting my father to speak his mind. 

"When's the wedding?" He asked. 

"What? There's not going to be a wedding." I answered. You didn't need to be married to have a baby. He should know that. He got my mother pregnant before their wedding. 

"You think I'm going to allow you to have a child out of wedlock?" He asked trying to be stern making me wonder if he was only saying this because that's what other fathers would say to their daughter who got "knocked up" as Emily put it. 

"You act like you can control me. I'm an adult who made a mistake and now I'm taking responsibility for it. I'm not going to get married because you think that will make my life easier. It won't." I commented. I sure as hell wasn't going to allow him to start treating me like a child now that I was grown and moved out. I was my own person and I could make my own decisions. "I didn't want it to happen this way. No one does. But it happened and I want this baby and you can decide if you want to be apart of its life but I'm going to be and I don't care what you say." I was stern getting my point across that no matter what anyone says, I'm going to be able to do this. 

Whether Calum was here to support us or not. 

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