The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


19. Chapter 19





We took Violet to get newborn pictures done and I had never seen Calum look so in love with someone in my entire life. I hope that the photographer captured at least a few pictures of Calum looking at her because it was pure love. 

I had never seen Calum be so loving to anyone in my entire life. He was gentle and kind and hated seeing Violet cry. 

"Hey, um, I was thinking about something." I commented as he drove home from our photoshoot. Violet was sleeping peacefully in the back with a pacifier hanging out of her mouth. 


"I was thinking of changing Violets name to Hood-Mills. Instead of just Mills." I commented sipping on my coffee and looking over at him to see his reaction. 

"Really?" He asked smiling. I knew that it would mean a lot to him if Violet also had his last name. He earned his spot as her father. Throughout my pregnancy was a struggle. We had our ups and our downs and now that she was here, none of that mattered. What mattered was that he was here and he would never abandon her. "I would love that." He smiled. 

"Good." I reached into my purse and pulled out the papers of her name change. "Cause I already did it." I smiled. 

"I'm gonna cry." He commented getting choked up. I rubbed his arm and leaned into him a little. 

"It's me and you, Calum. We are that little girls mommy and daddy and no matter what we go through, we have to do this together for her sake." I commented letting a few tears slip passed my eyes. He held my hand tight in his. 

"Let take you on a date." He blurted making me giggle. 

"I don't feel comfortable leaving with Violet with anyone yet." I had no idea how I was going to leave her when I went back to work and have to leave her with him. Calum was the only person I trust with her. Once Ashton came over while Calum was at the store and I needed to pee and he offered to stay with her and even though it was less than five minutes, I didn't want to leave her. 

"She can come." He commented. I wasn't sure about it. It wasn't that I didn't trust Calum, I just wasn't sure that he wanted that. "Do you not want to?" He asked. 

"I don't know, Calum. We should take it slow." 

"That's right after having a baby we should take it slow." I giggled a little because he was right, it didn't make sense. "What are you afraid of?" He asked. 

"What if we break up?" I asked looking at him. Violet came before our feelings and if things weren't working out, I wasn't going to stick around so that she could have her parents together. No. I would rather her see me happy co-parenting then fighting with her father. 

"We won't." 

"Have you ever been in a relationship where you didn't break up?" I questioned. 

"It's different with you." He commented as he pulled into a spot at the apartment. "I love you. I never truly loved those other women." I smiled at him. 

"But you can't just run away as soon as the going gets tough." I commented. "There's going to be times when I'm difficult and on your ass about things and you can't just run off." 

"I won't. I want this. I want you. I want a life with you. I want a family."


I had been meaning to ask Jayde to date me for a very long time. Not just because we had a child together but I had liked her for years and finally she was mine. She agreed to go but not until she was done bleeding so that she could dress up all nice and be fancy. 

"Can I borrow your car?" I asked her. 

"Sure. For what?" 

"Just have some stuff to do." I smiled. "I'll put gas in it." I smiled. 

"Sure." She commented handing me the keys. I kissed her cheek before heading down to her car and driving further into the city. I was in a terrible area but I needed to do something. 

I pulled up to the address and got out. I knocked on the door and it opened. The house was perfectly clean. Nothing was out of place, there was nothing on the floors, there was not a single piece of trash in sight. 

"It'll be 100$." I commented. I needed to get out of here and back to Jayde before she knew anything was happening. He searched around for the money making me sigh. "Listen man if you don't have it you don't have it. Call me when you do." I turned to walk away. 

"I have it. What's got your panties in a bunch?" 

"I got a girl and a baby at home. She thinks I'm out running errands." But I wasn't. I shouldn't have been doing this. I was so so so stupid to be doing this but this was easy money. He handed me the money and I handed him over the baggie with the white substance. There was so much in there I had no idea what he was gonna do with it. "Have a good day." I commented before leaving out the front door. 

I stopped on the way home for dinner, dessert, and flowers. Jayde had been really into flowers lately since she got so many from people when Violet was born. 

She was resting on the couch when I walked in and Violet was asleep in the swing. They both looked beautiful. I smiled and set the flowers on the table before leaning over and kissing her. 


"Are those for me?" She giggled. 

"Of course." I smiled sitting next to her and pulling her into me. 

"They're beautiful." She picked them up to admire them. "You're the best." She kissed me. She was everything I had ever wanted in a person. She was amazing and I knew that this was my last chance to prove to her that I was here for her and Violet and I wasn't going anywhere. 


Violet had been up all night. It wasn't that she was screaming crying or anything, just pretty much making small noises but since having her I have been a very light sleeper and any noise she makes, wakes me up. 

I was on my forth cup of coffee when Calum had told me that Mali was coming over with lunch and as grateful as I was for that, the apartment was a mess and there was no way that I would be able to get it all cleaned. 

I was still pretty sore from the birth and was still bleeding rather heavy. No one ever told me about the gross part of having a baby. I couldn't even put a tampon in for another 2 weeks. The amount of blood that was in my pants when I first went to the bathroom after having her scared me to death. 

Calum let Mali into the apartment that was covered in dirty clothes and bottles and bowls and tons of other things. I felt terrible that she was walking into this. 

"Hi! Where is my niece?" She questioned. 

"In the swing. Feel free to get her to sleep." I grumbled. 

"I can watch her for a few hours while you guys rest. I don't mind." She smiled. I was hesitant but I knew that I needed the sleep and I also knew that Mali would keep her eyes on her the whole time. She probably wouldn't even set her down. 

"Are you sure?" I questioned. 

"Of course! I would love to spend some time alone with her." She smiled as she picked her up. 

"You're amazing." I commented. "There's formula in the kitchen with bottles that already have water in them. Just add two scoops of the formula. Um there's diapers in her room along with wipes. There's some butt lotion in there as well, she kinda has a diaper rash. There's extra clothes in her room too." I flung a burp cloth over her shoulder and with that I headed to the bedroom with Calum behind me. 

I turned the fan on and got into bed with Calum behind me. He rubbed my back helping me fall asleep. 

I woke up around dinner time and Calum was missing. I walked into the living room where Mali was sitting on the couch with Violet in her lap and Calum was in the kitchen cooking. 

"He's making steak." Mali smiled. I sat down beside her and kissed Violet on the head. It was crazy how different our lives are. 

If you asked me five years where I saw myself I would say no clue. I had no idea that I would be a mom. Let alone with Calum's baby. We made bets in high school to see who get pregnant first and it was never me that was picked and here I was out of all of my high school friends, I was a mom. 

"How's the mom life? Are you doing okay?" She asked and I nodded. Sometimes it was hard. Sometimes I felt like I was stuck in the house but I loved being a mom. There was nothing like having a child fall asleep on you or to have them grab your finger. It was the greatest feeling in the world and I would never forget that feeling. 

I made this small little person who would someday grow into a wonderful women and I couldn't wait for that day. 


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