The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


18. Chapter 18





I was finally feeling like myself and thank god because my parents were having a BBQ today. Violet did great at her appointment even though she lost a pound, but the doctor said that it was normal for that to happen. 

Calum was worried about going to my parents house. They knew everything that happened between us besides him going to rehab. I didn't want them to know about that. If he wanted to tell people he was more than welcome but at this point I don't see why they need to know. 

"You look so cute!" I gushed to him. He was wearing a pair of shorts with a black t-shirt. His hair looked perfect and was curly at the top. He was beautiful. 

"Thank you." He smiled kissing me. "You looked absolutely perfect." He smiled making me smile. I was in a simple sun dress that hid my belly and a put a jean jacket over it. Violet was dressed in a cute onesie with a pair of matching pants. 

"Should we get going?" I asked making sure we had everything we would need. I made sure to pack extra clothes and formula just incase. 

"I'm ready when you are." He smiled picking up her seat while I grabbed my keys and headed down to the car with her diaper bag. I got in the drivers seat and started the car while Calum got her in. "Are you sure you're okay to drive?" He questioned. 

"Yes. I'm perfect." I smiled as he got in the car and buckled himself. "Should we stop for a coffee?" I asked. 

"Sure." He commented as I pulled out of the spot and headed towards my parents house. We stopped for coffees which was a bad idea because after having a baby I peed like every 30 minutes and I was dying to go to the bathroom. 

Once we got to my parents house I rushed inside to use the bathroom and then went back out to help Calum who looked so nervous to go inside. 

"It's okay." I smiled holding his free hand. "They're not going to say anything." I smiled. Whatever problems that we had, was between him and I. It was no one else's business what was going on in our lives. They were going to be more interested in the baby anyway. 

"How many people are here?" He questioned. "How many people are going to want to hold her?" He asked. 

"A lot probably. It's gonna be okay." We walked around the back of the house where the grill was going, kids were swimming, and everyone chatting and drinking. 

"My grand baby is here!" My mom announced coming over to us. 

"Your daughter is here too." I commented as she rushed away with Violet's seat. Calum followed after her telling her to wash her hands before touching the baby. Calum was very protective over Violet. It was so cute. I greeted a few people before getting a drink and sitting down close to where Calum was sitting with Violet still in her seat in the shade. "Do you want anything to drink?" I asked Calum. "I think I saw gingerale." I smiled. It was his favorite. 

"Sure." He smiled. I got up to get him a drink and handed it to him before sitting back down. 

"You gonna keep her trapped in her seat all day?" I asked joking with him. I knew it was hard for him to be in crowds and I knew he hated having Violet in crowds. I just wanted to make this a little easier on him. 

"I'll take her out I just don't want people to go crazy over her." He commented setting his drink out and carefully taking her out of the seat and laying her on his chest. I took a few pictures before some people came over to look at her. To Calum's surprise they didn't ask to hold her. 

"I'm gonna go get us some food." I rubbed his thigh before standing up. I loaded up two plates with food before going back to him. He was making a bottle for Violet who was not very happy. I set the food down before taking her from him so I could calm her down. 

"Wanna feed her?" He asked. 

"Yeah." I took the bottle from him and rocked her as I fed her. I fed her and burped her before she was content and I was able to lay her on a blanket on the grass right in front of us. Some of my cousins came over to sit with us as they ate. 

"Can Violet have pasta salad?" 

"No." I right away answered. "She doesn't have any teeth. She can only have formula." Calum right away became nervous with the conversation and moved so that if someone tried to give her food, he could stop them. "Honey, it's okay." I rubbed his back. "They understand that she can't eat food." 

"I know." He sighed. The kids eventually ran off to go back in the pool and Calum finally relaxed with Violet in his arms sleeping. 

"So," my mother started sitting down next to us. "Are you two back together?" 

"We were never together but we are now." I commented. We never really made it officially that we were dating, it was just a mutual thing now. I never really told my parents what my relationship with Calum was. I had always suspected that they kinda just knew what we were doing. I mean for my 18th birthday my parents paid for me and a friend to go to Aruba, I took Calum. 

"I see." She commented drinking the rest of her wine. "So you were just having sex." She said. 

"Yeah." I answered. I was never one to be embarrassed about talking about my sex life. And sex with Calum was good. He was by far the best I've ever had. "We really don't care what you have to say about our relationship, we're happy." I commented looking over at him and he was looking at me. 

"I wasn't gonna say anything." She said. "It's your life." She added. "And we got Violet Mae out of it." She smiled. I had no idea why she called her by her full name but whatever made her happy. 


It was getting dark and we were one of the last people at Jayde's parents house. Jayde looked exhausted so I stood up and put Violet in her seat. 

"Ready to head home?" I questioned. She nodded her head and stood. We walked around saying bye to everyone before heading to the car. I got in the driver's seat while she got Violet in and then got in herself. "So, we're in a relationship?" I asked looking over at her. 

"Well, I thought we were. Aren't we?" She asked looking at me. "We sleep in the same bed, we kiss each other." She commented. 

"I would love to make it official though." I smiled grabbing her hand. 

"I would love that." She smiled leaning over to the center console to kiss my cheek. She was everything I had ever hoped for. I had been in love with her for so long and I was so afraid to tell her. I didn't want her to think that I was crazy. Of course I knew she loved me back but I never knew if it was the same love that I felt for her. 

The next few weeks flew by and it was crazy that we already have a month old baby. I was in love with her. 

"Can I talk to you?" Jayde asked coming into the living room where I was playing video games. I had officially moved all of my things in over the last few weeks and Ashton was kind enough to buy me a PS4. 

"Yeah of course." I paused the game looking at her. She looked nervous as she played with the nail polish on her finger nails and tried to pick it off. "What's wrong?" 

"Well, are you willing to stay home with Violet when I got back to work? It'll save me a lot of money on child care." She said. 

"Of course I will. I was going to look for a job but if that's easier for you." She nodded. 

"It is." She commented. "I feel safer if she's with you. And we'll have more money to spend on food or something." She giggled sitting next to me and laying her feet in my lap. 

"Of course I'll stay here with her. Maybe when she goes to school I can get a job? Or if we wanna buy a house in the next year or so." I looked at her. 

"We can talk about that when it happens." She closed her eyes and set the baby monitor on her chest. I went back to my video games while she rested. 

I was growing up. Having a child really knocked me into shape and I'm so glad that she's here, in the world, changing my life for the better. 

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